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July 24, 2021


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Just for tonight 2 Episode 11 & 12

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Genres: Romance💕 College🏚️ Hatred

#Season2 Episode11

By: Kebby. NG




I lean on my locker trying to get things out if my mind and arrange the difficult puzzle.
“Hi”Nina greets as she grab her book from her locker which is right beside me.
“Hey”I muttered lowly.
“Is everything okay?”She asks closing her locker.

“Yeah just bothered about..”I hit my head on the locker as I talk.
“It going to be fine”She Interrupt me.
“I think I will just go talk to him again”
“John of course”I shrug.

“Mare? I am very sure you don’t know want what happened last night repeat itself so just leave the guy alone he will get over it very soon”She advise.
“What if…’
“If what? Mare just forget him and focus on your relationship so you won’t ruin it, John is throwing a tantrum over nothing”She shushed me.

“Thanks”I smile.
“You haven’t telling me things lately and you promise to move in”She arched her brows.
“With what happened last night no way”I clap my hands together.
“Really? anyway his mom left this morning again and she didn’t talk about Jennifer again”

“How is that my business?”I asks.
“Mare!”I heard my name and it Leo walking towards our direction.
“Gosh I can believe a cute guy like him was able to get someone cuter”Nina whisper giggling and I hit her.

“Don’t say anything”I warned.
“Hi girls”he wave at Nina.
“Hmmn…”he look at Mare face. “Can I talk to you for a sec?”he asks, I exchange glance with Nina and she gave me a go ahead.

“I will just excuse you two”She put on a smile before walking away.
“Thanks”Leo mouthed to her.
“So why do you want to see me” I asks

“I think you aren’t save here anymore”he sigh heavily and at that moment I know he isn’t joking.

🎶 FRED 🎶

I was sitting in the living room watching TV after dressing up in the cloth Sean gave me to wear. I am not comfortable staying here but at least I am free from that evil man that only send us on a death sentence and call it a work.

“I can see you are feeling comfortable in my house”Sean voice interrupt my thoughts.
“Not really”I replied honestly.
“What were you discussing with Mare this morning”he throw the question to me directly.

“Aren’t you late for work?”I ignore his question.
“Do you actually think I will leave you alone in my house? a criminal?”he responds, Shrugs.
“I thought you guys trust me and if I actually want to harm you it isn’t an hard task for me”I scoff.

“I won’t repeat myself again, what were you doing with my sister and what did you discuss”he scowled.
“Point of correction, she isn’t your blood sister and whatever we discuss isn’t your business”I pick the remote and change the channel.

“Oh! I can’t believe Mare open up to a criminal like you but not me!”
“That because she isn’t sure if you aren’t after what that evil man is after too”I scoff.
“See guy if you need an information from me you don’t yell at me you talk to me with respect and cool voice”I replied.

“I heard what she discuss with you and what I want to know is if the memory card is with her”he said and I shift on the couch.
“Seriously? I am suspecting you dude, are you really her cousin because everyone surrounding her are fake except from that jerk I don’t want close to her”I replied and he laugh.

“What funny?!”
“Can you just quit it already because we both know Bryan father is behind all this but we don’t have a proof”he said and my body froze.
He knows the truth!.
“You better don’t tell this to her”I warned.
“If you want me to keep it a secret them you better starts talking already now!”

“And what if I don’t?”
“Then we are all going to die including you”he threatened.
“What’s your plan?”I asks.
“Firstly, Mare must get justice but we need to do it in a way it won’t affect her relationship I don’t want her broken again”he explained.

This is going to be tough because there is no way she will know Bryan father murdered her father and let things slide.
“Aren’t you Bryan friend?”I request.
“We are buddies but how does that have to do with it”he questioned.
“Because, the first attack will happen soon and they will come just to threaten you guys”

“What are you saying?”
“Bryan must be here on the attack day that the only way we can escape death”
“How are we going to know the specific date”he asks.
“That something I don’t know”I sigh.

“What if Mare move back to their house”he suggested and my gaze land on him. Is he for real?.


“What?”I yelled, but Leo pull me back to the sit and shushed me.
“You mean they said that!?”I repeated and he nod.
“I don’t really know what that means but I know Bryan’s Mom work for her husband and that why she is more close to him than his mistress which my mother is part of it”he muttered lowly.

“Are you saying, you all have difficult mother’s?”
“Yes and now I think Jenny knows something about you”
“What do you mean? I am just me and there is nothing attached to me”

“I think there is more attached to you and that why you are sent here, your mother must have a plan to have send you here before Nina mom came in picture”he said with a serious face.
I don’t really want to dig deep into this matter but the more I try to run away from it the more I get attached to it.

“Can I trust you with something?”I asks.
“I….”I pause for a while, doubting if I can trust Leo but I don’t even know who is my enemy and who isn’t.
“My father didn’t have an accident he was murdered by someone who Jenny currently walk for and the only way I can know my father killer is through Jenny”I said and his jaws were down.

“Jenny works for….”he stopped.
“You know who Jenny works for?”I asks in amusement.
“No”he replied quick but my instinct tells me he is lying.

What is he hiding from me?.
I walk out of the restroom after doing my business, I was startled a bit when I saw Jenny in the front of the mirror. Why is everywhere?.
“You scared me”I scold.
“That because you probably did something bad to me”She replied stealing a glance at me then back at the mirror.

I scoff as I wash my hand and dry it up before walking out but I stopped at the doorway.
“I actually have something to say”I turn wrapping my hand round my chest.
“And I am very sure whatever you are about to say won’t interest me”

“Actually it will”I smirk.
“The only thing that will interest my at this moment is if you tell me you are going to leave Bryan alone and I can make babies for him”She said and I laugh.
“Seriously? why are you so good at pretending”I scorn.

“Because I take classes”She replied abruptly,
“Wow, we both know you don’t like Bryan and your mission in the house is to spy on me”I smirk getting the kind of reaction I want from her.
“Why would I waste my time on someone like you”She defended awkwardly though.

“Because I say so, come to think of it since I left the house if you actually have interest in Bryan why haven’t you force yourself on him and let him get you pregnant huh?”
“I know what you are doing and it not going to work on me”She replied.

“Really? why don’t we make a deal?”
“What deal?”
“I will break up with Bryan and move back to my home town you can have him as long as you want”
“No!”She yelled immediately and I smile.

“Why? you still want me here to complete your mission and elope with all the money”I asks,
“If you know what is good for you, don’t dig your grave yourself”She warned.
“Oh what about if Bryan mom does that to you before me?”I smile.

“Where you…..”She stopped talking and hit her hand on the table.
“You know what I am talking about so quit the foul play”I yelled angrily.
“Mare you are chewing more than you can bite you don’t know this man”She yelled.

“Who is he”I torment her and she hit her hand on the table again, her fist clenched into balls.
“Guilty conscience?”I chuckled.
“Mare!”She yelled.
“Don’t dare call my name!”
“Your mother is still alive”She replied and all my body tensed down Immediately.

“What?”I yelled.

#Season2 Episode12


Who is real, who is fake, who can I trust, who is the real survivor. I can’t believe what I am hearing right now or am I day dreaming or something else?.

The last person I want to see in my dream is Jennifer that the quantity of the hatred I have for her. “What?!”I yelled.
“I know you hear me right, see I don’t know why I am telling you this but you are…”
“What are you girls doing here?”Nina walk in interrupting our conversation.

I turn my gaze back at Jennifer but she isn’t ready to say anything again because Nina is Interrupting.
“Can you excuse us for a minute”I remove Nina hand from mine.
“What?”She seems surprised by my actions.

“Come with me”I pull Jennifer hand and drag her out of the place, Nina stomping her feet on the ground angrily didn’t move me we will definitely sought things out later instead I pull Jenny out of the place and into an empty class.
“Do you have a death wish”She yelled angrily.

“No, I don’t know who is real and fake for now so I am definitely going to treat everyone equally”I replied.
“Seems you know alot now”She smirk.
“No I know everything but one thing left is who is the evil doer that you all work for?”I questioned.

“Wow! you think I am after you? and since the house is all yours shouldn’t’ you know who is behind this already and how do I get to him?”

“Bryan father!!!”I shouted.
“Chill girl, I know you don’t trust anyone because you seems to be getting information and wait when you know who you are already and have all proof to claim all your father asset why aren’t you don’t anything but instead you just….”She pause for a while and gave me a weird look.

“Because of Bryan”She shout in surprise.
“It non of your business”I muttered lowly,
“Wow, you sure do love him and even consider loosing everything for him”
“I said it not your business”I scowled.
“For your information incase you want to lose everything as planned hope you know your life is included and your mom’s too”She replied.

“Where is she?”I asks.
“Still in his custody and I don’t think there is nothing you can do about it”She smirk.
“What the hell, so all the hospital stuff, the nurse, Nina mom, Petraka, Sean, Fred,Nina are all planned?”
“Yeah and it a script written by him but wait who is Fred?”She asks and I raise my head up.

“Mare?”She called.
“I don’t need your help, you can continue to work for him but in this case I need my mother”I scoff,
“Why don’t you just tell him now, the man didn’t involve any of his son in the case do you think he doesn’t know what he is doing?”

“What do you mean?”
“Tell Bryan probably he is the solution”she advise.
“I don’t want to lose him”I said, sniffing back my tears.
“See Mare I don’t have anything to say to you again but incase you know I can quit my job because of a saint like you and I can’t lose my life for you. I hope no one knows about this and Nina too, she is clueless but she sure knows something is wrong too”She stated.

“Nevermind”my head was done as I drag my feet out of the class room but I bumped into someone.
“I am sorry”I rub my head.
“Oh geez, Mare where have you been? I search the whole school for you”Bryan pull me close to him.

“I…”I got Interrupted by Jennifer who walk out of the class and pause when her eye met us but she walk away afterwards.
“Is everything okay?”Bryan asks trying to get my attention away from Jennifer.
“Oh yeah…. totally….Just..”I fake a laugh which didn’t help.

“Anytime you do that it obvious you are lying about something”he arched his brows.
“Actually there is something I need from you”I smirk.
“What that?”
“You”I smirk.
He arched his eyebrow. “You want romance?” He asked, hiding his smirk.

The position we were in was very compromising considering that he had me trapped me in his arms. I was mocking him but internally I was elated.

“God, Yes”I grimaced,
In a response to my comment, he simply gathered my hands and pinned them behind me as he leaned to capture my lips with his.

“I still can’t get enough of you and that’s something you know”He admitted, nibbling my lower lip.

Just like that, my nerve endings spanned into attention.

Hiding how his kiss affected me, I decided to tease him. “Hmm, so what happens when you do get enough?”

“Never.” He twisted his lips into a smirk as he shifted closer, invading more than just my personal space. I felt the unmistakable presence of his erection digging just under my belly.

The heat in his eyes intensified as he studied my lips. “You gotta stop doing that?”

“Doing what?” I feigned innocence.

He groaned, releasing my hands only to take my face by one hand while his other arm snaked across my waist. His fingers pulled my chin so that I released my lower lip.

He kissed me briefly, teasingly. I smiled against his lips. I knew exactly how to make him tick and biting my lips was one of those actions that did the trick.

He stopped abruptly; leaving me protesting as I reluctantly opened my eyes.

“You didn’t answer my question?” His eyes were serious.

I was usually left disoriented after he kissed me so it took a while to understand what he was talking about.
“Oh! can we not talk about it right now?”
He gave me a long meaningful look. “Stop don’t do that”I wave my hand in his face.

“Bryan I am serious when I said I need you…”I sighed, rolling my eyes inwardly.

He kissed me before I could finish my sentence.

“Good.” He grinned.


“Good.” He repeated, leaning down to kiss the line of my jaw until he reached the base of my ear. At the same time, his hands reached under my thighs, grabbing me back to the class and sit me down on one of the table.

I melted under him, my back hitting the cold wooden table. Bryan hovered on top of me, kissing my neck while his hands pulled the hem of my t-shirt until I was completely stripped bare.

He studied every inch of my body with his heated eyes while playing with the line of my jeans shorts, his fingers leaving a burning sensation as they brushed ever-so-lightly under abdomen.

“Bryan.” I trashed, bringing him between my legs so that I could feel his insistent erection pressing right where I wanted.

In response, he slowly glided his hands upwards until they moulded upon the swells of my breasts. I arched my back, pressing them even more unto his hands.

I didn’t know how long he watched me writhe under his hands but he seemed to enjoy it. He increased the torture when he rocked his hips with mine so that his unmistakable hardness rubbed me the right way.

“I can’t take this.” I groaned, my hands reaching to grab his t-shirt but ended up grabbing the air when he moved away from me.

“I can’t take this.” I groaned, my hands reaching to grab his t-shirt but ended up grabbing the air when he moved away from me.

I hissed in protest, sitting up quickly to find him hiding his laughter by smirking.

I pouted. To be honest, I felt like crying. He’s never teased me like this. Whenever he tried, he always lost control and we both ended up in heap on the ground, or bed, or couch—any surface basically.

Right now to be so turned on by someone who was only playing with my emotions, well it was overwhelming.

Since when did master his control?

“Why?” My voice was a mixture of deprivation and longing.

He ignored me as he continued backing away, his smirk now stretched into a full blown grin.

“What are you doing?”I arched my brows.
“I have a class and someone hasn’t check her results yet”

It took a while to process what he said, since I was temporary dazed. However, when I snapped out of it, I jump out of the corner and lunged for him.

He ran out of the class and I chase after him revenge motivated in me. I am so going to kill him.
Wait, I haven’t checked my results truly 😀.


The conversation between Jennifer and Mare was intense but will that help anything

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