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July 24, 2021


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Just for tonight 2 Episode 1 & 2

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Genres: Romance💕 College🏚️ Hatred

# Season2 Episode 1

By: Kebby. NG




It been weeks, everything has changed I struggle with my study so much especially the fact my test was almost ruined by my emotion.
We walk pass each other every time but we are now a stranger to each other.

I don’t want to talk, see or feel him around me again but there is no way I fight the feelings off me especially when I see him laugh and do all kind of thing with Jennifer.

She won, she took everything from me. My friends, possession, love and everything I cherish since I enter Petraka.
The only person I talk to for now is Leo and that is when he come over to Sean place but we are strangers to each other in school.

I enter the cafeteria and find them in the usual table we do sit together but I don’t have a sit there anymore. Bryan had tried apologising a lot of time but I avoid him more than I avoid my cramps.

I queued for my food and after I got what I want I went to sit at a place really far away from them and all through this I can feel their eye on me. I plug in my earpiece because student won’t stop saying negative things about me that is starting to bore my ear.

I eat quietly but anytime I raise my head up I see him staring at me with those emotional face.
I miss him, I miss his touch, when he laughs at me, when he kiss me and whisper to me that I am all his and I should trust him always.

Jennifer feed him and my clenched round the fork.
“Stop looking Mare”I muttered to myself but when I couldn’t take it, I drop the fork aggressively and stand up walking away from the cafeteria with eye burying on me.

I head straight to the restroom, luckily for me there is no one there at that point probably because everyone is in the cafeteria or hanging around.
I enter an empty slot and drop the WC cover then sit on it and the tears had been holding in fall freely.

I can only hope for the best now especially when the test result is coming out very soon. I am off my lane right now and loosing Bryan was never in my plan.

I have left the house for weeks and it feels like they all didn’t even need me in the first place and I was forcing myself over them. When I had cry to my satisfaction I open the door and find and find Cynthia standing there and she was holding that weird face when I walk out.

“Did you just……”
“What do you want”I move away and walk to the mirror to reapply my ruined make up. I have been wearing makeup since I left the house because my eye bag are so unbearable due to the fact I can’t stop crying.

Sean try to console me and do all that but non of it is working out for me even if I try.
“Where you crying?”She asks walking up to me and lean on the wall watched me as I re- adjust my makeup.

“It non of your business”I replied.
“I can’t believe you guys are really done for real. You are the best amazing couples we ever heard in Petraka”
“If you are trying to mock me too it definitely not going to work because I got over it”I replied confidently trying to act strong.

“If you still like him why don’t you even hear him out”
“Can you just stop talking because you aren’t different from that bitch you also use the video against him and if it wasn’t for you my life won’t be ruined”I yelled angrily at her.
“But I deleted it”She yelled back.

“Oh, so it suddenly reappear and enter Jennifer phone and what the hell I wasn’t even in .y right sense in the video but I remember vividly that nothing like that happened”I yelled back.
“I don’t know how that get to her but I think you are making the biggest mistake of your life right now”She replied with her voice a bit calm.

“No! the biggest mistake of my life is coming to Petraka”I try the tissue into the can and walk away leaving her in the bathroom and I met John outside again.

Not again, I don’t want to talk to any of them.
“Don’t say a word”I shun him before he can even begin and walk away.


The sweet girl goes running out of the library doors. The girl who would never hurt anyone. The girl who gets happiness from other people’s happiness. The selfless, stubborn, overthinking, broken girl runs from the boy she put her trust in.

“Mare! Please stop!” John runs after her, a short brunette girl appearing behind him.


I find myself rushing after him, watching him as he tries to catch up with Mare.
If he touches her I will fucking-

He grabs her shoulder, spinning her around.


I grab the dickhead, slamming him against the wall, my hand around his neck.

“What the fuck did you do!” I yell, my voice louder and more vicious than i’ve ever heard it before.

John struggles for air under my grip as he pulls my hand, trying to loosen it. “Bry… an… I… Ca… Nt,” he can’t even speak. The dick could try harder.

“Bryan, stop it!” Marnie shouts, making me immediately let go of John and look at her.
Fuck, it’s like i’m a dog and she’s my fucking master.

Her eyes are glistening, and I can see how hard she’s trying to hold back her tears. Let it out, baby. You don’t need to be so strong.

“Mare,” John holds his throat, his voice is rough, “Please let me talk to you.”

“I don’t want to talk,” she says with her shaky voice trying hard to avoid my glare.
“Mare please….”he begged but before he could finish his words I punch him and he staggered and fell to the ground.

“Stop hurting him”Mare gushes, breathing heavily.
I look around and see that the student are gathering to watch what is happening again, she notice that and quickly walk away.

I stop her from walking any further, making her look at me.
“We need to talk”I said to her.
“There is nothing to talk about I am done with this bullshit”She shove my hand away and walk away from the scene and I notice her eye a bit fluffy, had she been crying?.

I miss her😭. My hand rake my hair as I look around and saw people staring.
“What the hell are you all staring at?”I yelled and they all went their way.

I look at John who is holding his face to the ground before walking away. He always does that just to make me look stupid after doing anything to him.

MARE POV contd

I’m pathetic. I’m so pathetic. I can’t believe I cried like that in front of Bryan. He probably thinks I was overreacting.

I was surprised he even reacted the way he did after he’d been ignoring me all week. He even cared enough to hurt John for me, but I don’t want him to get into trouble with his brother again. Especially not for me.
I finally got home after a stressful day at school, Sean won’t be back until six o’clock in the evening and it just four now. I walk over to the fridge and pour myself a bottle of vodka and chug it in.

I am finally developing in drinking and I hope I don’t blame myself for having this just when I need to go study
My throat burned.

This is not happening.

Telling myself I shouldn’t care didn’t seem to make a difference.

I stumbled toward the stairs and raced up them. Jerked the door of my room closed behind me and collapsed on my bed.

Tears rose behind my eyes, but I refused to cry. I had always cried since my dad left me and my mom . I wasn’t about to start for some guy who’d cut and run months ago at the first sign of trouble.

He wasn’t worth it.
Still, seeing Bryan and the Jennifer had sent my body into panic mode even as my head was telling me it would be OK. I tried to talk myself down.

Deep breaths, Lex. In and out.

A knock sounded at my door. It was followed by a deep voice, rough and tinged with concern.

“Mare? It’s Sean. Is everything OK?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” My voice almost matched my words. Why is he back do soon?.

I was about to ask him to leave when the door handle turned. His lean face appeared, silhouetted by the light in the hallway.
He leaned his frame against the wall and crossed his arms over his chest.

“I saw you take off up the stairs like something was on fire. What happened?”

“Nothing. Really, Sean, it’s fine.”

He didn’t move, just waited me out. From ten feet away, those brown eyes probed mine as if Sean was reading everything I was feeling but didn’t want to voice.

Instead of asking him to leave, I found myself sighing.

“It’s stupid,” I muttered. It was embarrassing being exposed this way in front of Sean. But he’d been kind enough to come up.
“Someone is here to see you”he blurted out and I arched my brow.

“Someone?, no one know I stay here except from Leo”I replied.
“I hope you don’t hate me for this and I cannot watch you sit here and cry all night”
“What do you mean?”he sounds so serious at that moment until he open the door and my jaws dropped at who walk.

“What is he doing here?”I yelled.
Do you really think all this is Bryan fault? or does it actually work a break up ⁉️
Remember to drop your comments as an opinion.

#Season_2 Episode2



“Tell him to leave”I yelled angrily, I can’t believe I trusted that idiot Leo, I asks him not to tell anyone where I live now yet he invited right to my house and Sean let him in?.

“You need calm down Mare”Sean try calming down.
“No tell him to leave how did he even know this place”I yelled angrily making sure my gaze doesn’t land on Bryan because my anger will vanish immediately I set my eye on him definitely.

“Mare, can we talk”Bryan Interrupted with his stupid cool voice he knows I can resist but that isn’t going to work on me this time again.

“Tell him to leave”I wear my slippers and head out of the room ignoring the both of them.
“It up to you man”I h heard Sean tells him. How did they even know each other in the first place.

“Mare I am sorry okay”he pull me back by my wrist and I push him off me.

“What’s your problem”I question but he pull me back and I tried even harder to get out of his grasp but he just pulled me tighter. “Let me go Bryan-”
“Are you gonna listen to me, Mare if I do?”he asks.

“I said I don’t want to talk to you”I yelled angrily
“Why are you even mad at me?”he asks in midst of me still yelling at him, I stop yelling immediately he throw his question at me.

“I am mad because my friends kept a big secret from me and let the enemy use it against me. You guys ruin my reputation, you made me feel less privilege, you made me remember I have no one left, you guys are driving me crazy and I don’t even know who I am for the past few days”
I said whilst trying even harder to get away from him. I don’t like where this is going.

“It doesn’t even look like you guys need me, everyone moved on and it been weeks why are you just apologise when you are doing do fine with Jennifer”I sniffed back my tears, I’ve been trying my best not to break down in tears in the front of him because that will be so stupid of me.

“Mare, these are your assumption home doesn’t feel like home against since you left. I have tried my best trying to get rid of Jennifer but it just seems like her games is on the hardest level”
“I don’t care”
“Mare I just need a good reason of why this is my fault and why you hate me”

“Because I don’t like you”I lied, that the only thing that I feel it the best to get rid of him so I can go to my room and cry freely.

“Why do you say that?” He stepped back to look at me.

“For obvious reasons”

“Like what?” He looked like he was getting angry.

“Don’t turn this whole thing on me, this is you”

“How?!” He yelled.
“For keeping the truth from me, you lied to me Bryan even after I confronted you”I snapped.
“I never told you all this for a reason” he shouted.

“Why? what reason huh? I want to know….”

He clenched his jaw and forced himself to stop speaking. “Stop”I put my hands on his face.
“Stop hiding things from me speak to me, please”

“I need to make sense of this. Your making this really hard to trust you, since you keep biting your tongue”

I could see he wasn’t going to say anything so removed my hands and turned away from him. “Why won’t you say anything?” I sighed. “What are you hiding?” He didn’t speak, when I looked at him he was looking at me with the saddest eyes someone ever could see.

“Leave if you aren’t going to say anything to me”I ordered as walk into the kitchen and grab a bottle of water on the table.. If he’s not gonna speak to me, I’m not gonna speak to him. I gulped my water as I made my way back to my room.

He’s such a jerk head, a cute jerk head. He is apologising when he won’t tell me why. I don’t even know what to think. It’s like I can’t even argue with him because he looks at me so intently, like it pains him to speak to me.

“Mare you need to listen to me okay”he follow me into the room and I ignore him like he doesn’t exist.
“Jennifer is my ex but are case is different”he starts.
“Oh it different because you still love her right?”I scoff as I walk to the closet and grab my Pyjamas, I need to take a bathe.

“No she is a girl betrothed to me and was asks to live with us”
“And so?”
“Are you even listening to me?”he questioned.
“When you are done just leave”
“I am not leaving unless you listen to me”he declared.

“Then suite yourself”I scoff as I starts to pull of my clothes ignoring his glare. He has seen me naked a lot of time so it basically useless to be covering up myself now.

“What are you doing?”he arched an eyebrow.
“What does it look like”I roll my eye, I pull off my skirt and the only thing left on my body is my lingerie.
“Jennifer stole from us and…….”I shut the bathroom door and I didn’t hear him again.

I am not mad at the fact he isn’t telling me the truth now but I am angry he keeps mentioning Jennifer name or does he think I am going to buy any lies because clearly Jennifer wasn’t around during the freshman party. Come to think of it I never thought about this.

Who the hell made that video in the first place and turn it into a whole lie?.
When I open the door, I saw him still sitting on my bed I got startled a bit. “Why didn’t you leave”I questioned.

“I am not leaving until you listen to me”he stated.
“Suite yourself”I adjust my towel and hold it tightly because I don’t plan on loosing it.
I glance at it from the mirror in my room, my gaze landed on him. Why is he staring at me like that.

Why do I even care, I drop the towel off and I was stack naked in the front of him ignoring his gaze I walk to the closet and grab the pyjamas I had grab for myself earlier but my eye met his shirt I had wore on our first make out together.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?”I asks grabbing the shirt from the hanger and walk back to the front of the mirror.
“How do you expect me to say something when you are turning me on”he yelled not actually to me probably mad at himself.

I button up the shirt and turn around.
“What do you think?”I asks grinning.
“Mare stop!”
“And what if I don’t?”I scoff as I walk to the closet and get my pant, I shove it in.

“What about we talk about this now”I feel his breathe at the back of my neck and a shiver run down my spine. How did he get to my back so fast?.
“What are you doing?”my p***y clenched when his hand went to my neck and he pack my hair to a side and lean in to kiss my neck but I couldn’t even push him away. I miss it.

“Maybe you will listen to me this way”he kiss me gentle on a particular spot, is he trying to give me a hickey?.
“Jennifer stole from us and my dad ordered the cops for her search but no one find her”his hand caress my curve which was completely bare due to the fact the shirt is pretty short and he bury the crook on his neck on mine and kiss my cheek.

“So why is she back”I wasn’t going to moan.
“That why I am trying to find out, she is back for something else and not you”
“Then why is she here?”
“That something no one knows she only say you as an obstacle and got close to you so I am here to discuss with you”he whisper into my ear.

“Like this?”I questioned.
“Because I have got a lot of question for you”
“What question?”
“Leo is a gay?”he asks and my body froze.

“No way”I move away and turn around.
“I just need to know I didn’t say I was going to fight him”
“Asks him yourself”I roll my eye.
“Sean is his boyfriend right?”
“Sean is your best friend why don’t you asks him yourself?”

“Seriously sweetheart”he close the distance between us.
“Bryan don’t….”he hauled me close to him and wrap his hand round my waist bringing the shirt to move up a bit.

“You asks for this”I blurted out but before he could say anything I crash my lips on him and kiss him hungrily. I miss him!!


TBC.. ❤😍💋
Mare isn’t ready to forgive him yet she is kissing him🤔🙄. What Jennifer real mission in the house⁉️.
Remember to drop your comments as an opinion.

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