Just be mine only for today episode 5

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Nit Five✋



The stranger👤


I gr0@nloudly as flashes of light were reflecting in my eyes
I could also hear mummurs too

What the heck is going on…

The blanket that was used to cover my b©dy was soft and comfy

Okay, first of all, I don’t have such soft and sweet blanket in India
So…. whose is this???

Memories of last night c@m£ in fresh and I breathed out in relief
Maybe the young man covered me up???

But we’re was he??
Still un-der the blanket, I could see reflection of lights and some people talking

They couldn’t see me cause the blanket served as a means of coverage

I look at the ground to see a little paper 📄
There was a content written in it

Picking it up, I re-ad quietly

📃Hey, thanks for last night
I hope I get to see you again
And plea-se, when going out, use the blanket to cover your face, it is for your own safety

Walk towards the black range Rover sp©t and it will take you to your destination


Puff, what a j£rk
Left me here and ordering me around 😒

He didn’t even say thank you,

*Well he did say thank you in the letter* my mind said and I scoff

Of course letter😒

*Or were you expecting a k!ssor something?* She said again

Just shut up stupid 👎

I peep out of the blanket and saw people

They look like journalist
Sorry rephrase that, they were journalist

They kept flashing lights at the blanket probably waiting for me

I peep a little more and saw th black range Rover sp©t a bit far from were i was

I can do this!
Yes I can

Using the blanket to cover my face, I slowly stood up as the press ran towards me

📷🎤 Hello mamn plea-se tell us what happened last night

📷🎤Did emperor r@p£ you?

📷🎤Did he as-sault you in any way?

📷🎤Did he try to kill you?

📷🎤Why are you hiding your face with that blanket?

📷🎤Did he hurt your face

📷🎤Mamn say something

They kept asking useless question ma-king me wonder who the hell was “Emperor”

They surrounded me blocking me from pas-sing with my luggage

“Get out” I yelled and they all move in fear

I should have done that a long time ago

I walk freely towards the range Rover as man c@m£ out and took my luggage to the car then opened it for me

Woah! Interesting
I got in and sat comfortable in the car

The driver asked me for my address which I gave to him

It smells so rich and nice
And I so much respect the fact that the driver said utter a word to me after that

He drove straight to rish building
I still had the blanket on my face

I thanked him as he just smiled and nodded then drove away

I look at the building at it was the right address

I walk towards the door and tap on it softly

She opened almost immediately and gave me a bone crushing hvg!

“I… Ca…..nt…. bre…..th” 😨I said and she quic-kly let go

She looks so much like alita, just more matured and beautiful

“Ohh my anneka, I am so happy to see you,” She said warmly and I smiled genuinely

“Same here rish, Namaste” I greeted trying to t©uçh her feet which she just smiled and hvg me again but more gentle this time

“Come in… ” She offered 🤗🤗🤗 helping me to drag my luggage in

I look around the ap@rtment and I smiled warmly
It was not to wi-de neither was it small just a typical normal working lady house

It was really neat and beautiful and had everything arranged in order

“Am sure you think my house is small” She said blu-shing probably embarras-sed🙈

“Ohh no rish, I love it so much, it is just really nice” I complemented and she smile wi-dely

“Really??” She asked and I nodded

“Promise! ” I said tou-ching my ears

“Ohh anneka, I thought you were lost, I got so scared, I even went to the airport”She said worriedly and I smiled at her warmth

“Am fine rish”

“Ohhh we are going to have so much fun together, we will go shopping, have sleepovers and do crazy stuff together” She said squealing like a little child which made me laugh

“Ohh my, sorry, come let me take you to your room, so u can freshen up, then come down” She said taking my luggage upstairs as i trailed behind

We got to a room and she opened it

It was a typical girl room but was painted iny favorite color blue

“I didn’t have much time to prepare it, I had to call alita and she said you like blue color so I painted it blue” She said and I pu-ll-ed her in for a hvg

“Thank you rish” I said sincerely and she smiled tapping my cheeks

“Don’t thank me anneka, you are also like my sister, I will leave you to change now” She said and left

I got into the room falling flat on the be-d

I nee-d to call amera and alita to tell them that am alre-ady here

My mind drifted back to the stranger with the crystal blue eyes

Get off my head you devil😂


I smiled as I watched how the girl screamed at the press

Something about her wants to make me cudd-leher in my arms

She is so pretty
I remembered how she beat those men up without even stressing herself

“I cant belive this, she manage to escape with no one seeing her” Manger Alex said and I sm-irk

“But that is a hvge problem” Sophie said and we all stared at her


” The girl didn’t reveal her identity, I mean obviously only emperor has seen her face ”


” The people who framed you may also be after the girl”She said and I frown

“And why is that?”

“Think about it, one statement from that girl can jeopardize your entire career, I mean basically everyone now sees emperor as a monster, so if she gives one report that emperor did r@p£ her,meaning that emperor will be doomed! ”

“But we all know emperor didn’t! ” Mase quic-kly objected

“Yes, but thanks to the useless video everyone would believe he did”

“So what does this mean? ” i asked for the first time

“Meaning that, those people that framed you, will st©p at nothing to ensure that they get the girl to testify against you, either throu-gh money or by other means” She said as I saw reason to her points

“So what do we do now? ” manger Alex asked

“Well, it is simple, we just have to get to the girl first before they do, if we can convince her to speak the truth then we can clear both scandal against you”Sophie landed taking a French fries🇫🇷🍟

“Hmmm yes Sophie is right, emperor give us a description of her lets find her immdiately” Mase said and I nodded taking my phone
Just then messsage appeared

✉Don’t trust anyone, find the girl yourself ✉

Who the heck is this unknown person and how does he/she knows what is going on??

“Emperor “I saw everyone looking at me

“Don’t worry, I will find her myself” I said walking into my personal hideout

It is kinda a secret house in my mansion which no one knows about

📱Jake, I want you to track down the girl and bring her to the hideout

📲Yes boss

I hang up immediately

Stretching my lim-bs at the couch, my mind drifted to rhe girl as a little smile appeared on my face


“What the fu*k do you mean by that” I yelled at the pri-vate investigator I hired to find the girl that was with emperor last night

“I can’t track her down when I have no identity of her,” He said as I scattered my hair in frustration

“So what do we do?? ” I asked him but he didn’t reply

My phone rang as I pick took it


Great, just great😒


📲If emperor finds that girl before you do, then I will personally kill you myself

I gulp down ha-rd ly

📱I as-sure you, he won’t

📲Better, how are the hostages, have they agree to sign the do¢v-ments yet?

📱No boss, am still working on it, they will very soon

📲Well they better, make sure you get everything un-der control
He hang up as I breathed out in sign of relief

I nee-d to find that girl
If I can be able to get her on my side, then emperor is doomed.

Swarasati (Anneka papa)©

“Ohh my goddess, we’re did you say she was? ” I bark at my wife as she kept painting her nails

“I told you, she pack her bags and said she was going to the cinemas with it” She replied ignorantly as I felt like killing her

“And you couldn’t st©p her? ” I yelled as she glared at me

“St©p her? st©p that beast? do you want her to ruin my fine S-xy face with her fist👊, and besides, I always wanted her to leave so why st©p her” She said as I just glared at her

“I gat no time for you” I walk towards the room as I pick up my phone and quic-kly dial boss number
She picked up after the second ring

📲What” She yelled and I knew she was angry

Should I tell her??
Ohh no she will kill me but I just have too

📱”Hey boss

📲What is it swarasati, am busy and gat no time for this

📱Ermmm, I… ehhh… I…

📲You what dummy?
I gulp in ha-rd

📱I can’t find anneka

📲What do you mean by you can find anneka
Ohh no she sounds pissed off

📱Before I woke up this morning, I found out that she left
📲To were dummy

📱I don’t know ma

📲Gosh, you are so useless, so s-en-seless, I thought I told you never to drink again

📱But ma I…

📲Just shut up, find that girl, you better find her soon or face the consequences
She hang up

Ohhh no
What was I going to do now!

Gosh! i don’t know were that little demon is

We’re do I start finding her and her number isn’t even going throu-gh

Gosh anneka, we’re are you😨😨


So…… am I the only one who thinks Mr swarasati is hiding a secret

Okay who is this boss???
And who is was the hostages he was talking about??

Who is the unknown number that keeps helping emperor
Should he keep following the advice of the unknown??

Seems three people are after anneka
Who will get her first??