Jupiter high episode 9 & 10


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💞(A high school r0m@nç£)💞

Episode 9

The guy hadn’t seen me yet, he was talking to his friends.

“Common Andrea,Let’s go”Beatrice said as she pu-ll-ed me.

“No! “I said so sudden that Beatrice turned to look at me

“What’s wrong?”She asked

“I……. I…..I nee-d to use the rest room,Yes the rest room,I will be back soon”I said as I hurried into the house.

A while ago Beatrice had toured me around the house and had shown me where the rest room was

As soon as I got there,I stood starring at the mirror.

Why is it that every thing I do turns against me.

First it was Max and now this new guy? I will have to leave this p@rty before he notice me,I thought.

I left the rest room and went back to the p@rty.

Beatrice was talking to some other student and i used that opportunity to go get my bag but I st©pped when I heard people murmuring.

I turned only to see Max coming into the p@rty.

What is he doing here? I thought as I kept on starring at him.

What if he c@m£ to tell the student about me? What if he remember and still he pretends not to.

I have to hide so he wouldn’t see me,i thought as I head back to the house.

I knew I shouldn’t have come, why did I just trust my instinct, i thought as i kept on heading back into the house.

“Why are you creeping in like a thief”Some one said and I st©pped.

“You!” The stranger I had seen earlier asked as he stared at me.

“$h!t” I muttered as I stared at him, have been doing my best not to let him see me but he finally did.

“What are you even doing in a p@rty like this?”he asked

“What? Can’t I be in a p@rty like this?”I said

“This are p@rty for rich students, not one that comes out of a taxi”He said

“You think that am not fit enough to be in this p@rty because I c@m£ here using the taxi?”I asked

“The p@rty is meant for the students of Jupiter high and from what I know,Jupiter high is a school for the rich,Students who are rich will never use a taxi”he said

“Well I chose to use a taxi today,Can’t the rich try to be independent on their own”I said hoping he will buy my lie.

“What you just said have got me convinced that you aren’t rich,tell me how you got into this p@rty uninvited”he asked

I stood starring at him,not knowing what to say to him.

“Hey Jack,You nee-d to see some thing” a guy said as he pu-ll-ed him off.

I breathed in de-eply when I saw him being dragged off by his friend.

I nee-d to leave this p@rty before some thing bad happen.

quic-kly I head back out side, The p@rty had continued and every one was immersed in one thing or another.

There was no sign of Beatrice and Brenda, this is the perfect time to escape,I thought as I took my bag.

Just then Beatrice voice drifted into the speakers.

“Hello guys, You know I promised you all a surprise for tonight, well it’s time to tell you what the surprise is”

“I have a very beautiful friend, who is great at dancing,well I haven’t seen her dance yet but she made it clear to me that she loves dancing and so we will all get to watch her dance right here,Right now,So guys give it up for Andrea”She said and the sp©t light was turned on me.

How can Beatrice do this to me? I thought as I stood still in the same sp©t.

“Common Andrea,we are all waiting to see you dance”Brenda said and every one pick up her word.

Saying I should go out and dance,I didn’t have a choice,so I went to the stage.

I knew that some where amongst them was Max and just knowing that he will be watching me made me feel weird.

The song began to pl@yand softly I began to dance.

I might be imperfect at other things but when it comes to dancing, am one of the best.

During the time I was dancing,I forgot my problems and focused on what I was doing

I love dancing and it’s the one thing I love about myself.

When the music st©pped and I end the dance, every one cl@pped and wooed at me.

quic-kly I got off the stage only to be embr@ced by Beatrice.

She pu-ll-ed me into some group of students and every one there told me,I was great on stage except Jack

“Wasn’t she superb Jack?”Beatrice asked

“Of course,She was”he answered having a crooked smile on his face.

“Oh I haven’t introduce you guys, Jack meet Andrea my new found friend and Andrea meet Jack, my cousin”She said

“Oh have met your friend, we bu-mped into each other a while ago”Jack said

“Really? Why didn’t you tell me”She asked

“It’s nothing and besides I think it’s time for me to leave”I said

“But why? Why would you leave, you are the star for tonight p@rty, why don’t you tell us more about your self”He said suddenly and i knew that he asked that on purpose

“Why would you want her to tell us about herself?”Beatrice asked

“I just want to know”He replied

“Have told every thing to Beatrice, so you can ask her about me”I said ma-king a very big mistake

“I still don’t know you that well Andrea,Yes I know your likes and dislikes and your hobbies but you have never once mentioned your parent or the work they do” she said and I knew that I was doomed.

“Tell us what work your parent do Andrea” Jack said giving me a hvge smile.

“I……. I………” I st©pped as I remembered what I had to go throu-gh in the hands of Erica and her friends.

If I should lie now,I will be saved from the ordeal but only for a while but if I should tell them the truth right here,right now, I will be disgraced and the bullying will start again.

I don’t know if I should just tell them the truth or not,I thought as I kept on starring at them.

“Andrea, Isnt it time we were going”Max said beside me suddenly

“What? Yes “i replied quic-kly

“But the p@rty has not end yet and we were asking Andrea a question?”Jack said

“About her parents, well you will just have to ask that later because Andrea and i have some where to be”max said as he began to pu-ll me off.

“Can Andrea tell us why she chose to come here in a taxi”Jack said suddenly and that made me st©p

Max st©pped too and slowly he turned to stare at Jack

“What’s bad in using a taxi, I c@m£ here in a taxi too,if you don’t have better things to ask her,I will just take her from here, you can continue the p@rty”He said and together we left.

As soon as we got outside he let go of my hand and put out a hand for a taxi

I thought he was calling it for me but I was surprised when I saw him getting into the taxi.

“Get home safe,it’s quite late”he said as he left in the taxi.

I stood watching the taxi leave and I kept on wondering why he helped me.

That was what I kept Thinking about until I got home and got re-ady for be-d.

“What’s bad in using a taxi,I c@m£ here in a taxi too”

He looked so relaxed saying it,It was like he knew what i was going to use it to the p@rty.

Does he know the truth,I thought as I hit the be-d angrily

I don’t know what to think anymore, I thought as I got out of be-d and left the room.

I nee-ded to have some fresh air,I thought as i got to the garden.

The soft breeze calmed me a bit but it didn’t st©p me from hearing the soft cries of some one.

Tracing the voice, I got to where Max was sitting,holding a picture in his hand while he cried.

“Get out “he yelled with out looking up


“I said get out!”he yelled again and quic-kly I went back to my room.

Just a while ago he was kind to me and now he is being rude and cold again.

Just who is he? I thought as I finally sle-pt.

🏫 HIGH 🏫

💞(A high school r0m@nç£)

Episode 10

As usual I woke up early and got re-ady for school.

I didnt know what I will face at school after what happened at the p@rty last night.

But what bothers me the most is Max,why would he help me?
I thought as I put my book in my backpack.

If he knew who I really was , he would have told me but he didn’t say anything when we went out of the p@rty and he didn’t say anything when I saw him crying at the garden.

Well he did say somethings and he was quite cold about it, What could have made him cry?
I found myself getting more intrigued by him.

I left the room and headed towards the kitchen to tell mother that I’m off to school but I was surprised not to see her there.

She had woke up early saying she had to prepare the food early and it was because of her boss so where could she be? I slowly turned around and walked out of the kitchen thinking of any possible place mother might have went so early in the morning.

“What more do you want from me?”I heard Max yelling at some one.

quic-kly I went to take a peek throu-gh the kitchen door.

I saw his mother with him and just by the way they were starring at each other, you can tell that something was going on between them.

“Son I just wanted to give you more allowance if . ……. ”

“Did I ask for more! Did I tell you that I want more of your damn money?!” He yelled at her.

“Why are you talking to me this way?”she injured, confusion laced in her voice.

“This is the same thing you did With Nick mom, you killed him and that is something I will never forgive you for.” He yelled at his mom.

“But Nick death is not my fault!”She yelled back.

“That’s what you think but I know that Nick death is all your fault,you and father’s fault, he is meant to be here with me, still alive but he is gone and it’s all your fault, don’t expect me to be the son you want, because I don’t consider you as my parents anymore.” he said and walked back to his room.

I stood behind closed doors listening to every thing.

His mother sat on the stairs crying, his words really hurt his mom, it must have hurt like a bit-ch.

Could the death of his brother be the reason he was crying the other day and last night?

Not bothering to say goodbye to my mom, I left for school.

As always I got there early and hoped that no one will ask about what that j£rk said last night.

I sle-pt while waiting for the other students to arrive.

I woke up due to some noise, I was surprised to find myself surrounded by the students. Why was they staring at me?

“What’s wrong?”I asked tou-ching my face

“You are so beautiful even when you are asleep”James,the clas-s repres£ntative said and every one agreed with him.

“St©p it you all, it’s not time to say that to her” Beatrice said

“We want to ask her some thing else.”Another student said

“Tell us what your relationsh!pis with Max.”Beatrice asked

“Nothing.”I answered curtly.

“That’s a lie” They all said at once.

“Max have always been a loner, The only person he talks to is Rose, he ha-rd ly notices us,so tell us why he said you two were going out last night at the p@rty.”Brenda asked

“It’s nothing, Max and I just …………”

“She is lying, she is d@t!ngMax.”a student said interrupting me.

“Yes it’s true”

“Max will only go out with you if you two were in a serious relationsh!p”

“You meanie,why didn’t you tell us that you were in a relationsh!pwith the school Greek God” All the students began to talk at the same time, ma-king it ha-rd for me to say a thing.

“It’s enough guys, now go back to your seats”Brenda warned and they all went to their various seats.

“You really are lucky.” Beatrice said dreamily

“It’s not what you think”I said and just then Max walked in.

And as soon as he did, Every one began to scream, teasing him and linking his name with mine.

“You guys should really st©p”I said gently but they were all just doing their thing.

“Now listen up guys, let’s hear a word or two from our lover boy himself.” Geoffrey said as he went towards Max.

“Get out of my sight before I lose my patience with you”Max said giving him an angry glare and Geoffrey went back to his seat.

The teacher c@m£ in at that moment and every one went back to their respective seats.

“I wonder how you put up with his arrogance”Beatrice said before facing her book.

Why is my life just getting more complicated,I thought as I stared at Max who was busy starring at his book.

I stood in the rest room putting somel-ipstick on myl-ips when suddenly the door bur-st open and two girls walked in.

One c@m£ straight to me and took my l-ips tick away from me.

“Hey newbie, we heard some thing and we just want to ask if it’s true”one of them said

For a while I thought they knew the truth about me being poor but when the question was finally asked, I calmed down a bit.

“Are you d@t!ngMax ?”

“Of course not, it’s just a false rumour , Am not even friends with him”I said

“Really are you sure?” The first girl asked again

“I am, my friends are just spre-ading false rumours”I replied quic-kly.

“It better just be a rumour, we all know that Max belongs to Rose, so don’t you dare set your eyes on him” they warned and I just nodded my head.

As soon as they left, Brenda and Beatrice walked into the rest room.

“What happen Andrea? Why were Rose guards here”Brenda asked

“To warn me off Max”I replied

“What? How dare them! Don’t they know that Max choose you and Rose is history now?”Beatrice said as she took myl-ipstick to apply on herl-ips.

“Nothing is going on between Max and I”I said to them.

“St©p denying it, we saw it ourselves at the p@rty yesterday” Brenda ch!pped in

“It’s not what you think, Max and I are not d@t!ng, we really aren’t”I said and they stared at me.

“Is it for real?”Brenda asked

“It’s for real, so you guys should st©p spre-ading rumours about the both of us, I don’t like max and I think I will never will” I said

“We are sorry, we really thought you were d@t!ng” Beatrice said

“It doesn’t matter, let’s just go back to clas-s”I said

“Why don’t we all go to a karaoke bar after school” Beatrice asked

“Am in”I replied

“I can’t today, I have some outing to attend with dad,you know he is very busy these days” Brenda said

“It won’t be fun with out you Brenda,can’t you just tell them you have an as-signment or a late project, make up some thing “Beatrice began to invent lies for Brenda and I laughed.

I looked up only to see Max coming towards us.

I wondered if he is doing okay, after the argument he had with his mom this morning, He wouldn’t be feeling good, I thought as I kept on starring at him.

“Oh it’s Max”Beatrice whispered when they saw him.

He walked past us with out bothering to acknowledge us.

Brenda even waved at him but still he acted like we didn’t exist.

“What a cold guy, that’s why he is such a loner”Beatrice said as we watched him walk away.

“Let’s just head back to clas-s”Brenda said and together we walked off.

It was a short day for us at school and we always close early.

While Brenda left in her car, Beatrice and I began to head to the gate.

“Guess what ?”Beatrice said as she linked her arm into mine

“What?”I asked

“Since Beatrice have decided not to come with us, have decided to call some one else “She said

“Who?”I asked

“Oh there he is?”Beatrice said pointing towards the gate.

I stood starring at Jack, the same j£rk that had almost told the rest about my Secret.

“What’s up cousin?” Beatrice said as she gave him a hvg.

“You still remember Andrea from last night right?”She added

“Of course I do, the p@rty was in honour of her right?”He asked starring at me

“Of course…..oh isn’t that lily, I will be back soon”Beatrice said as she ran off to meet a student, leaving me with Jack.

“Nice to meet you again!”he said

“I wouldn’t say the same”I said giving him an angry stare.

“Now that I see you in your uniform,I will say that you are beautiful”He said suddenly and I stared at him.

“It’s a shame that you are beautiful but you are also a liar” he added

“And how am I a liar”I asked.

“We both know what am talking ab…….watch out!” He said as he pu-ll-ed me into his arms

It was so sudden that I didn’t realise that we were standing on the way and if Jack hadn’t pu-ll-ed me out of the way, The car might have hit me.

Still in Jack arms I turned to see the driver only to see that it was Max……………

I stared at Jack and then at Max and I wished that the earth will open up and swallow me.