Jupiter high episode 11 & 12


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Episode 11


I stood still in Jack arms hoping that Max will drive off without uttering a word but he didn’t try to move his car.

“What’s your problem, you almost hit her.”I heard Jack say to him.

“This the only way the cars can pas-s, If you two had any s-en-se, You wouldn’t be standing on the street.” Max seethed before driving off.

“What a j£rk.”Jack said looking so furious.

“What happened and why are you two holding each other?” Beatrice asked and seeing that Jack still had his arms around me,I quic-kly pu-ll-ed away.

“A car was just about to hit Andrea and so I pu-ll-ed her out of danger”Jack replied giving me a smile

“Isn’t my cousin a hero?”Beatrice said as she pu-ll-ed us towards his car.

We got to the karaoke bar and booked a room for only the three of us.

While beatrice and I took the mic and began to sing, I forgot that Jack was sitting by the seat watching us and I had a lot of fun.

It’s been long since have had this kind of fun, Ever since I started Jupiter high, have always been worried about people finding out about me and have been more worried about Max.

He doesn’t show that he remembers me or not and that alone Is driving me crazy.

But tonight,I will forget my worries and just have fun,I thought as I danced around with Beatrice.

“Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Am so thirsty, I will go get us some thing to drink and when I get back, You will be singing us a song Jack”Beatrice said as she left the karaoke room.

I stood starring at the screen, not wanting to talk to Jack but I should have known that he wouldn’t back off.

“Why don’t you come and seat”He said

“Am fine where I am”I said

“Are you scared that I might manage to get you to say the truth?” He asked.

“What truth are you talking about ?”I said wanting to clear things with him

“Don’t try to act ignorant Andrea, We both know the truth that am talking about” he said

“You are poor and what I want to know is how a poor girl like you manage to enrol in Jupiter High and why you are doing your best to keep it a secret ” He said guessing my secret.

“What ru-bbish are you saying”I said feigning ignorance.

“Don’t f0rç£ me to get to know the truth by f0r磔He said and just then Beatrice walked back in

“Hope you weren’t waiting for long ?”She said

“Of course not cousin”he replied giving her a smile

“I have to use the rest room”I said as I quic-kly left the karaoke room.

As soon as I got to the rest room,I could finally breathe in peace.

Jack is getting close to knowing my secret,I thought.

First Max and now Jack, Why am I so unfortunate, I thought as I washed my hand.

“I think the rest room is here” a voice which I recognise so well said as they walked into the rest room.

Erica walked in with two girls that I didn’t recognise.

There was no way that I could have hide with out her seeing me.

I stood still hoping she wouldnt see me but she did.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe it’s you Andrea”She said c@m£ towards me.

“Do you know her?”one of her friend asked

“Of course, She is the nob©dy who claims to be some b©dy”She said

“The girl you said lied to every one that she is rich when she is nothing but the maid daughter, is it her”Another asked

“Of course,It’s her, the bit-ch who left with out even saying good bye”She said as she pu-ll-ed my sweater.

“You must be attending a rich school right? And am sure that you must be lying to them too, Tell me what your school is, who knows I might come to pay you a visit”She said

“You don’t have to”I said feeling so scared.

“Why? Do you think I will tell on you? Am a changed person, I can help keep your secrets from your friends”She said

“Yo…you don’t have to”I replied

“Why are you being stubborn right now”She said as she hit my head.

“Don’t get me angry Andrea”She added when I still didn’t say any thing.

Just then two ladies walk in distracting Erica.

I used that opportunity to run away and judging from the noisy footsteps I was hearing behind me, I knew they were following me.

I didn’t want to go back to the bar room, I didn’t want Erica seeing Beatrice and jack.

So I ran out side, I was still running that I didn’t watch my way and I bu-mped into some one.

I looked up to find Jack starring down at me.

“Where have you been, Have been looking for ……..what’s wrong?” He asked when he saw the tears in my eyes.

“plea-se help me”I begged as I turned only to see Erica running towards us.

He saw it too and I thought he wouldn’t help but he did some thing that surprised me.

He pu-ll-ed me into his arms and hurried my face in his arms.

“Just follow my lead” He said and i nodded

“Andrea we still have some unfinish business” I heard Erica say

“Who the hell are you? And why are you bothering my girl”I heard Jack say

“What? Your girl”She said

“Judging from your looks, you must be a rich kid right and you wouldn’t want any scandal for your parents,So while am being nice, leave before I create a mess that not even your rich father will be able to clean”He said

“So you got a protector right! We will meet some other time, that I can as-sure you”She said as she walked off.

I stood with in Jack arms long after she left,. Join us on our whatsapp and telegram page for more stories throu-gh ome on+23354. It wasn’t until he pu-ll-ed me back that I stared up at him.

“Am sorry, Am really sorry”I begged as I cried again and gently Jack drew me into his arms and walked me to a seat.

It took a while for me to calm down and when I did I was so embarras-sed.

“Am sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you with my troubles”I said.

“You aren’t bothering me with your Troubles Andrea, instead you are ma-king me more curious”

“You are like a mystery that I want to solve” he added

“You won’t find any thing worth your while Jack, so don’t bother trying to be curious about me”

“But I am, I am curious about you, You have managed to get me intrigued” he said

“Just st©p it Jack, am not worth knowing and I hope that you forget what happen today”I said

“How can I? I saved you from that girl and so you owe me one”he said

“A debt! Fine I owe you one, I have to get home”i said

“Will you go back in ?”He asked

“No, will you help me bring my bag, I don’t want Beatrice to see me this way”I said and he stood up and went in to get my bag.

By the time he return, I had called a taxi and as soon as he gave me my bag, I got in buylt before I could leave, he gave me his hand Ker chief

“You don’t want people to know that you cried, Use that for protec-tion”He said and went back into the karaoke bar.

As soon as the taxi st©pped, I walked the rest of the way to the estate and I got in throu-gh the workers gate.

I went into the house and still feeling down, I went to the kitchen in search of my mom.

There I heard voices and i think it’s the voice of the workers.

I walked to where they were and when they saw me they quic-kly ran towards me

“Your mom!”

“What happened to my mom”I asked scared

“Your mom is in the young master room and from what we saw,He might be doing some thing bad to her”As soon as I heard that I ran to Max room.

I didn’t even bother to knock because I was worried.

What I saw made me regret my action completely

There was my mom sitted on an empty seat writing out some thing Max was telling her .

“Why are you here?”Max asked

“Andrea”my mom called as she stood up and walked towards me.

“The maids told me that you were here and so I c@m£ to check on you”I said starring at Max.

“Oh it’s nothing child, The boss was just telling me the list of things that he likes and dislikes” She said

“Oh!”I said feeling foolish

“This is my daughter Andrea” my introduced me to Max and gently I greeted him acting like this was our first time.

“I will leave you to what you are doing”I said turning to leave

“Andrea stay , I want to talk to you “He said and that made me st©p

“But what about what we were discussing together” my mom asked

“That will be later, I want to discuss some thing with Andrea”He said and reluctantly my mom left the room.

Nervously I stared at him only to see him starring at me too

“Now have got you and there is no way you can deny it now”He said suddenly


🏫 HIGH 🏫

💞(A high school r0m@nç£)💞

Episode 12

“You heard what I said Andrea, don’t act like you don’t know?”He said and I could feel my heart beating very fast.

He knew! He knew! My head kept screaming at me.

What am I going to do? I stood starring at him, I will just have to come up with some thing,I thought.

“What do you mean sir! I don’t know what you are talking about”

“Getting bullied and lying are traits that I can un-derstand from you but pretending is not one of your best trait”He said

“Look sir,i suggest that we do this some other time, I still have to do some thing”I said turning to leave.

But I didn’t make it to the door because my leg got tangled with a wire and I fell ma-king the light go off.

I knelt in the darkness, trying to figure out where he could be.

“Urrrgh sir,Where are you ?”I asked feeling scared.

“Am still here and don’t expect me to switch on the lights , do it yourself”He said from no where.

Gently I stood up in the dark and traced my steps to the wall.

It took me a while to find the switch and when I did find it, I turned on the light.

I turned only to find Max in front of me, out of fright, I almost fell, so I used the wall for support.

“Do you think that I wouldn’t recognise you?”He asked so sudden and i gulped down my spit.

“I don’t know what you are talking……….”I st©pped when he pu-ll-ed me by my sweater.

He gave me a cruel smile and pu-ll-ed down the Zi-p of my sweater revea-ling the Jupiter high uniform un-derneath.

“Are you still going to deny it Andrea”He asked and i knew that it was all over.

He walked away from me and went to sit on his be-d.

“Tell me how did you manage to get into Jupiter high, From what I know, you are poor and the prove is your mom who works here as our maid”He said

“My mom payed my fee, She wants me to attend the best school, That is why she keeps on enrolling me in a rich school”I explained

“And then If she enroll you, you start up the lie about you being rich just so you can feel like the students?”He asked and when I didn’t answer, he continued. Hi Ishmael on+23354 to re-ad more stories from unlimited story platform, fresh stories kingdom, house of story, sweet and nice story room.
“Wasn’t the bullying you suffered at your other school enough, is it a must that you go to a school that is well known?”

“If I had known that this was your reason, I would have never helped you”He said

“Why did you? I never asked for your help “I said suddenly getting angry

He doesn’t know my reason yet he dares to judge me, who the hell is !


“You heard me right sir……why am I even addressing you as sir, we are both the same age and so I can address you how ever I like”I said

“You don’t have any idea why am going to a rich school even if am poor, you also don’t know why I choose to lie about me being rich than to tell the kids the truth, So you have no right to judge me, you have no right at all”I said letting out the frustration of the past few days.

“Aren’t you scared that I might tell the kids the truth?”He asked

“For days I couldn’t sleep just thinking about my secrets being expo-sed and if you chose to tell the others you will be helping me, I won’t have to go throu-gh telling them myself”I said to him.

“Are you sure? Would I really be helping you, wouldn’t I be ma-king your life worse”He asked

“Do what ever you want Max, I just don’t care”I said and left his room.

I didn’t get the chance to think about what I did and said in Max room a while ago but when I was on the be-d.

I finally began to think, Why didn’t I just beg him.

Why make things worse for myself by telling him to tell the truth.

For the first time in my life, am getting used to attending a rich school,Getting used to being accepted by my peers and getting used to having nice friends but again every thing had to be ruined for me and this time I caused it myself.

I should have begged Max, he had help me at the p@rty, If I begged him to keep it a secret am sure that he would do it.

I just have to beg max, that’s what I have to do,if I want to live my life peacefully in Jupiter high.

I tossed and tossed on the be-d, wondering why I couldn’t sleep.

Could it be because I was thinking of Andrea,v: I thought as I remembered her face when I told her I recognised her.

She was shocked and she also looked like some one that committed a serious offence.

Well she is committing one and thats why she was so frightened when I told her I knew who she was.

She could have at least have covered her tracks well enough.

I won’t deny that when I first saw her in Nick room for the second time, I didn’t recognise her to be the girl at the roof t©p but when I saw her at school the next day, I began wondering who she might be.

On getting home, I had gone throu-gh all of the workers resume and I was lucky to find hers.

It clearly told me more about her, I was still thinking of how a daughter of a maid could be attending Jupiter high when I noticed some thing else in her resume.

It showed the town they lived before and also the school she attended.

Then I called up some people I knew that were going to that school and they confirmed it for me.

It was then that I realised that she was the same girl I had helped at the roof t©p

I found out all of this but I didn’t say any thing, I wanted to see what she will do and it turns out that she is pretending to be some one that she is not, ma-king up lies about her self, it was the same thing she did that caused her friends to bully her In her other school and now she is doing it again.

“Andrea! What a fool you are”I said softly

What’s wrong with me! Why am I even thinking of her and the problems she caused for herself.

If what she starts begins to cause her harm, I wouldn’t do a thing, I thought as I switched off the light to sleep.

I stood in front of the gate waiting for Max to show up.

I looked at my watch and saw that by this time, I would have been at school but I will just have to be late today, I have to talk to Max and I will be doing that in his house, better at his house than at the school.

Just then the gate opened and he walked out, looking smart and hand some in his uniform.

Remembering the way I had spoke to him last night made me feel a bit nervous.

Would he still want to talk to me,I thought as I wait for him to notice my pres£nce

And when he did, he acted like I wasn’t even there.

“Good morning ,Can we talk”I said

“As you can see, Am late as it is, so what ever you have to say will have to wait”He said as his car was drove out by his chauffeur

Before he could get in, I held him by his hand and he st©pped to stare at me

“We really have to talk Max”I said

“About what exactly!?”

“About me and what you know”I said

“What exactly do I know about you?”He asked

“My secret!”I replied

“I just want you to help me keep it a secret”I begged ..

“And what makes you think that I will do what you ask of me”


“Sorry Andrea but I won’t be doing you any favours” he said as he got into the car.

I stood watching the car leave and I knew that he meant what he said.

He wouldn’t help me and am sure that if worse comes to worse, he will tell them the truth about me.

I got to school quite late, I ran into clas-s only to see the students around Max.

They all looked serious and it looks like he was telling them some thing.

Was he telling them about me? I thought as I stood watching them all.

Am doomed for real!!!!.