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Judas in the church final episode

Judas in the church
Episode 48
Season finale!
The church was filled with people, some were standing and others were sitted outside. Pastor King soon held the mic and spoke.
Pastor King: Today is a very good day. Pastor Chris, my brother, do you take this woman, to be your lawful wedded wife, to love and to cherish for better for worse, in sickness and in health till death do you part?
Pastor Chris: (with smiles on his face) yes I do with all my heart .
The church clapped.
Pastor King: My beloved sister, do you take this man Chris to be your lawful wedded husband, to love and to cherish, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health till death do you part?
”Yes I do sir, with all my heart” she replied.
The church clapped.
Pastor King: By the power invested on me as a man of God, I hearby pronounce you Pastor Chris and Sister Happiness as husband and wife.
There was a loud shout and clap round the church. Music and drums came in and the people sang and danced. Pastor Chris was dancing as he held his wife supporting her as she danced slowly.
Some of the people murmured and gossiped as they saw Happiness with her big tummy. But Pastor Chris didn’t care what anyone said or thought. He heard clearly from God that this was his wife and for him, God’s words was final and nothing else matters.
They danced together for a while, so many people came forth to give them different gifts. Odogwu and his wife marched forward beautifully dressed . He could now speak but it was still a bit difficult. But daily it kept improving.
Odogwu: my pa…stor, con con con gratulations. On be behalf of myself and my family, I pres£nt this car keys to you. The car is parked outside. It is from my heart. Con gra tu tu lations.
Pastor Chris hugged him and he bowed down in respect to them. It was a beautiful moment. Few hours later, they closed and everyone went home.
It’s been four months since the wedding. Pastor Chris stood outside moving from left to right. He has not been tensed like this in a long time. As soon as he saw the doctor come out he ran to him.
Pastor Chris: Hello doctor! Hw is my wife?
Doctor: Congratulations pastor, your wife has given birth to a bouncing baby girl.
Pastor Chris broke into a dance, he couldn’t hold himself. After dancing to his satisfaction he demanded to see his wife and daughter and he was led into the room where he carried his daughter up, praying and blessing her with every good words he knew.
They stayed in the hospital that night before finally discharging and going home. Few days later they named the baby Christabel. It was a happy occasion.
After the party, Pastor King called Sister Happiness and Pastor Chris.
Pastor King: Well I know it is a happy occasion but I have a bad news.
Pastor Chris: What is it pastor?
Pastor King: Brother Chuks was yesterday s£ntenced to life imprisonment.
”What?” Sister Happiness shouted.
Pastor King: Yes! Chuks killed his wife in a fight. The story is that She found out that Chuks had infected her with Staphylococcus and she got angry and confronted him and instead of apologising to his wife, he told her to go and treat herself. She laughed at him and told him to also go and treat himself because she has also infected him with HIV. He didn’t believe it and so he went for the test and found out that it was true. He went and fought with her. During the process, he hit her on her head with a bucket. She fell and hit her head on the ground and died on the spot.
Happiness: Jesus Christ!
Pastor King: The case has been on and he has finally been s£ntenced to life imprisonment. I don’t know how he can survive in jail with that deadly virus. But he has been begging to see you.
Happiness: I’m sorry pastor but I won’t go. What does he want to see me for,? I’m not the only girl he lied to and deceived.
Pastor Chris: No honey! You will go and see him. Don’t worry I will go with you. You have to forgive and forget.
Happiness: I have forgiven him. But must I go? I don’t want to see him.
Pastor Chris: Honey please, do it for me okay?
She agreed. And the next day, they all went to the prison to see Chuks. When they saw him he went on his knees as he cried and begged for mercy.
They forgave him, Happiness forgave him, Pastor King and Chris forgave him. They carried the baby to him and as he held her he wept uncontrollably.
Chuks: I don’t deserve to be a father. I am so glad that she has a better father in you. Please take her sir. I know with you she is more than safe. I know I am going to die in this prison, either by this virus or by the pains here, I know this is the punishment I have to face for been a traitor and a Judas in the church. I only have one request. Please sir, tell her about me, tell the church about me, let them know that no matter what you do in secret there is a God that sees it all and His judgement cannot be escaped. This is my judgement and I am ready to face it.
Happiness cried as she saw the man she once loved and cherished dying in pains. She held him and prayed with him and then took her baby from him. Pastor King and Chris also prayed with him. Chuks was happy that they came. As they left him there he cried and wished he didn’t do those things he did.
Two days later, the news came that Chuks had slit his throat and committed suicide in prison. The church mourned him, people talked about him but in few weeks they’ve all forgotten about him.
Pastor Chris and King never forgot to remind the people that no matter how the devil may try, no matter how he may fight no matter how many Judases that he will place in the church, the church of God will always stand and the gates of hell will not prevail against it .
The End!
Are you a Judas in your church
check your life
I really appreciate the writer too for giving me permission to share her story. May you continue to be relevant in God’s pres£nce. Continue to grow in God’s grace and honor in Jesus name (Amen).
Thanks to everyone for liking, commenting and sharing of the story. And I also appreciate those that are encouraging me in one way or the other, may the good and gracious Lord continue to bless your lives in Jesus name (Amen)
Please let’s share what we have learned.
Thank you once again and stay blessed!



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