Judas in the church episode 47

Judas in The Church!
By: Excel Rhymez
A.k.a Mummy E
Episode 47.
As Douglas was led to the court alongside the lady the people screamed and hooted at him. Some were throwing papers at him, others were cursing him and the lady. He was looking so thin and sick.
When he saw Pastor King and Chris he hid his head in shame. It was not long before the judge stepped in. It was the day of judgement.
Douglas was kept in the box and asked if he had anything to say. He shook his head and the judge gave him the opportunity to speak.
Douglas: I know why I am here today and I know it is because of my selfishness, greed and jealousy. I was jealous of our new pastor. I was angry at him from the first day that he was made a pastor. This is because I was supposed to be made the pastor but Pastor King went ahead and chose a small boy without a background. They gave him a house and an official car, all of these increa-sed my jealousy for him and I never saw anything good in whatever he does.
In all I did to him, he respected me and never insulted me not for once. But my quest and zeal to become as-sistant to Pastor King pushed me to do things I now regret. I was aiming to be the s£nior Pastor by taking out Pastor King when I finally become his as-sistant. I planned on poisoning him so that after he dies I would take over as the s£nior pastor. But no matter how ha-rd I tried I always failed.
Pastor Chris, God has vindicated you today because you have a good heart. I apologise for all I did to you, Pastor King I apologise to you too for everything. I can’t begin to say how much I am sorry plea-se forgive me. I hope that every man and woman out there learn from my mistakes. Do not try to fight God’s anointed, if you do that, you will be fighting God himself and if you fight God you are bound to fail. To everyone I am sorry.
The judge finally decided that it was time to give his judgement.
Judge: Well! After carefully going throu-gh this case and with all the evidence pres£nted before this honourable court, this is my judgement.
”Pastor Chris of the Salvation Gospel Mission. For the charges of brutal beating and r@p£ labelled against you, I found you not guilty You are thereby discharged and acquitted of all crimes.
And as for you Mr Douglas, I find you guilty for planning to destroy a good man, for tarnishing his image and ma-king him suffer unjustly.
And as for you young lady, for conspiracy and plot to ruin a good man I find you guilty. I hereby s£ntence you to 7years imprisonment with ha-rd labour.
As for you Mr Douglas, being the orche-strator of everything, I hereby s£ntence you to 15years imprisonment with ha-rd labour. Meanwhile during your stay in prison, this honourable court will take over all of your properties, houses and all as Pastor Chris would be compensated with the sum of 250k for the unjust punishment he endured for one month in prison. This is my judgement. I rise.
The court rose and the judge stepped out followed by Douglas and the lady who were handcuffed by the policemen and led straight out of the court into the black maria van.
Pastor King and Chris stood with their hands on their w@!sts as he (Deacon Douglas) was led away. His wife and children were crying as families supported and tried to console them.
The lawyer shook hands with the pastors as they appreciated him for everything he did for them. If it were not for him that God had used to bring victory only God knows what would have happened.
Pastor King: Where is Brother Thomas, I didn’t see him in court today. (Brother Thomas that brou-ght the lawyer that defended Pastor Chris)
As they turned and looked around for him, they saw him walking in with a gloomy face.
Pastor King: Brother Thomas! Why is your face like that?
Thomas: Pastor I just heard a terrible news and I drove off to confirm it and behold it was true.
Pastor King: What did you hear?
Thomas: It is Deacon Igho, I heard he emptied the church and ran away with all the valuables in the church but as he was getting away he was involved in an accident. He drove into the sea un-der bridge with everything he carried. Ever since then they’ve been trying to find his b©dy for almost a month now. And just this morning his b©dy floated along the river. When I was called I didn’t believe it but when I drove there I confirmed with my eyes. It was really him. Deacon Igho is gone.
Pastor Chris: Oh Jesus! Sweet Jesus!
Pastor King: Oh my God! This is so sad. How about Odogwu? Have you heard or spoken to him? He and Igho were very close.
Thomas: Yes! I saw him at his house just now before coming. You know he was discharged last week. He is learning to talk gradually. His wife even told me how they’ve been trying to find Igho since that day but to no avail. Nob©dy knew he was gone.
Pastor: This is so sad. However we cannot question God. He knows and does His things the way he wants it. May the soul of Deacon Igbo rest in peace. ”Amen”

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