Judas in the church episode 46

Judas in the church
Episode 46.
Pastor King could not contain his joy as he threw a p@rty in church to welcome home Pastor Chris. It was so surprising as the whole church was jam packed with people. It was during the p@rty that Mrs. Odogwu ran inside the church and went straight to the altar crying on her knees.
Mrs. Odogwu: Pastor plea-se help me, plea-se help my husband. I know we are not worthy of your mercy but plea-se have mercy, forgive us plea-se. My husband is dying plea-se we nee-d you. Pastor plea-se!
The p@rty was immediately st©pped as Pastor King gave the woman a listening ear.
Pastor King: Woman what is wrong with your husband?
Mrs Odogwu: My husband was involved in a terrible accident on his way from a meeting attended here. Since then he has been unconscious until two days ago when he regained consciousness.
She quic-kly di-pped her hand in her purse and brou-ght out the note that Odogwu had written for her. She stretched it to Pastor King who re-ad and shook his head.
Mrs Odogwu: plea-se pastor! I know what we did is unforgivable but I am begging you on my knees, I am begging you all, Pastor Chris I am begging you, I am begging the entire church, plea-se don’t allow my husband to die and go to hell, plea-se. (She cried out, rolling from one end of the church to the other shouting and wailing) God have mercy, Lord have mercy, plea-se forgive me, forgive my husband. Forgive oh Lord. plea-se forgive us o.
Pastor Chris spoke with Pastor King for a while, and then they urged the congregation to continue with the p@rty and enjoy themselves as there was lot to eat and drink. They all entered into Pastor King’s car and drove straight to the hospital.
Pastor Chris could not hold back his tears when he saw Odogwu struggling to speak but couldn’t. He hurriedly gr@bb£d a pen and paper and wrote on it.
”Pastor Chris I am glad you are here, plea-se forgive me, forgive me Pastor King forgive me. I can’t begin to give reasons why I did all I did but all I can say is have mercy and pray for me, plea-se pray for me I don’t want to go to hell.”
Mrs. Odogwu confessed on behalf of her husband how he had deceived the pastors in ma-king him pastor of the new br@nch. She cried and begged for mercy.
As Odogwu was writing he was shivering in fear and Pastor King and Chris un-derstood that of a truth he has seen hell.
They both prayed for him and as-sured him that God has forgiven him and all will be well with him. He also wrote on a paper that after the prayers he now felt an inner peace within him. He told them that the church would be resto-red back to It’s original name and purpose.
Before the men of God left, they gave Odogwu and his wife money to support the hospital bills.
They decided to pay a visit to the new church before going back to their p@rty. When they arrived there they were shocked at what they saw.
Deacon Igho had emptied the church. He had carried the instruments and valuable things in the church and left to an unknown destination.
Pastor King: we have a lot to do pastor, we will start from the scratch.
Pastor Chris: Yes Pastor! With God we can do anything and we will build the house of God again. They turned and left the place back to their p@rty.
To be continued!
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