Judas in the church episode 39

Judas In The Church!
By: Excel Rhymez
A.k.a Mummy E
Episode 39.
It was the last Sunday before the case. Pastor King was determined to raise a prayer point for Pastor Chris. He sat with his wife and son waiting for the members of the church to come. He was beginning to get worried that at this time there was not even one person in the church.
Just then Brother Thomas c@m£ in with his family.
Thomas: Pastor, what is going on? Where is everyb©dy? At a point, I almost turned back because I felt no one was in here. Where is everyb©dy?
Pastor King smiled before answering.
Pastor King: Brother Thomas, the people is who you are seeing right now.
Thomas: I don’t un-derstand, what do you mean these are the people?
Just then sister Happiness walked in, her pregnancy has alre-ady began to show very well. She c@m£ in with a friend. And not quite long four other persons joined them. Pastor King began the service and he led the praise and worsh!pand began to preach. In total they were 12 in number.
Pastor King preached on the t©pic. STANDING FIRM IN GOD IN TIMES OF TRIALS. he spoke and had examples with Job in the Bible and how he stood firm in God refusing to curse him even when his own wife turned against him. At the end he told the people not to be discouraged by what they see or hear because victory is near.
Then he raised prayer points on behalf of Pastor Chris, urging them not to be carried away by whatever proofs would be pres£nted in church. He told them that God has told him that Pastor Chris was innocent and even if the court says otherwise he will hold onto what God told him. He encouraged the church to do the same and stand by their pastor till the end. He prayed that as they continue to stand by Pastor Chris, God will also stand by them.
At the end of the service, Brother Thomas expressed his fear for the church as the number of persons kept reducing.
King: Brother Thomas this is how the judgement day will be like. The road to heaven will be scanty with people while the road to hell would be filled with people. Do not be discouraged. The church will rise again.
Then he went ahead to ask Brother Thomas about the lawyer for Pastor Chris.
Thomas: Yes pastor! Everything is in place. Tomorrow he will be in court and I believe with God on our side he will be able to bring Pastor Chris from prison. I can’t imagine the pains our pastor had gone throu-gh in this one month.
Pastor King: I believe in God, I have prayed I have fasted. And I know by tomorrow he will be re-leased.
Thomas : Amen. Pastor worry not
They shook hands before Thomas walked away.
Meanwhile somewhere in Lagos, Brother Chuks was having his wedding done. It was a big p@rty and the whole place was jam packed.
The girl seems to have come from a prominent family and there were so many dignitaries around. Nob©dy knew how Gift got to hear about the wedding. But she sat at a corner there watching as Chuks marries someone else and she could not help the tears that kept falling from her eyes as she thought about the pains that she went throu-gh in the hands of this man.
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