Judas in the church episode 38

Judas in the church
Episode 38.
The accident was a terrible one. But the crowd managed to drag him out and carried him straight to the hospital. There was blood everywhere and people were not even sure if he would survive the accident or not.
It was Deacon Igho that first heard the news and he ran straight to his house shouting, ”mama, mama, mama” Mrs Odogwu who has been feeling funny since her husband left the house jumped up in fear and dashed outside the house. From the look on his face, she knows something was obviously wrong.
Mrs Odogwu: what is it? Where is my husband? What happened to my husband?
Deacon Igho: Mama, you have to come with me o, just pick your bag and come with me.
Mrs Odogwu: Come with you where? Where is my husband? What has happened to my husband?
Deacon Igho: I just had a call, they said he was involved in a terrible motor accident and he is in a critical state.
Mrs Odogwu: Jesus o, (She fell on the ground crying) where is he? How is he? Where did they take him to? Where is he now?
Deacon Igho: All these your questions I don’t have answers to them o, come let’s just go to the hospital where they took him to.
Mrs Odogwu ran inside got her purse and together they rushed to the hospital. Outside the hospital was a small crowd. Churxh members. The news had gone round that Pastor Odogwu was involved in an accident and so they all rushed to the hospital.
When Mrs Odogwu got to the ward where Odogwu was la-id, the sight of her husband brou-ght her to tears.
Mrs Odogwu: honey, is that you? Jesus o, what happened, can you talk to me? Honey plea-se talk to me.
Odogwu couldn’t say anything because he was in so much pain.
Mrs Odogwu: I told you not to go for that meeting but you wouldn’t listen to me, I told you not to go. You are just too stubborn. Now see what happened. If only you had listened to me. You wouldn’t be here. See now, see! (She continued crying).
Deacon Igho: Madam, it is okay he will be fine, pastor is a strong man. I’m sure he will get past this.
Mrs Odogwu: Which pastor? Which pastor? Can’t you see what is happening? This is God alre-ady re-leasing his punishment on my husband and you are saying pastor what?
Deacon Igho: How do you mean? What punishment I don’t un-derstand.
Mrs Odogwu: What is it you don’t un-derstand? You are a very wicked man o. You always give my husband bad advice. You should be the one on that be-d and not my husband.
Deacon Igho: mama, I don’t un-derstand. What are you talking about?
Mrs Odogwu: Don’t mama me, who is your mama? All my husband wanted was to be a pastor and he got it but you c@m£ with your evil suggestion to take the church and then against Pastor King which we did. Now this is the repercussion and you are there calling me mama. Which mama is that?
Deacon Igho: But mama, the accident is just a coincident and has nothing to do with the church.
Mrs Odogwu: plea-se just leave us alone with all your wicked advises. You are so filled with evil. You are the one that lured my husband to take over the church and now he is suffering alone. God will punish you. Get out of this place just get out.
Deacon Igho was confused, he didn’t un-derstand anything that Mrs Odogwu was saying. However he left.
To be continued
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