Judas in the church – episode 36

Judas in the church
Episode 36.
God was raising helpers and supporters for Pastor Chris and Pastor King was grateful to God for this. As soon as Happiness left, he was about going into his office when the gateman opened the gate and some of the church elders and deacons c@m£ in. Deacon Douglas included, Odogwu included. As soon as Pastor king saw them he began to plead the blood of Jesus. They were 8 in number.
He offered them seats and also took a seat close to them.
King: You are all welcome! To what do I owe this meeting?
Elder Joseph: pastor thank you for welcoming us. We are here to talk about the young boy you made your as-sistant that have succeeded in dragging the name of God down in this church.
King: God forbid! Nob©dy can drag down the name of God, not even angels nor man.
”Amen” they all chorused
Elder Joseph: However that is why we have come.
Pastor King: Once again you are welcome. And plea-se may I correct this impression. I never made anyone my as-sistant, God chose an as-sistant for me. Secondly I can only discuss church matters with members of this church and not outsiders.
Douglas: And who is an outsider amongst us? We are all members and elders of this church. Together we started this church from the bo-ttomand now that it has ris£n up, one small boy who cannot control his libi-do wants to bring it down and you are there saying non members. Who is not a member of this church here King? Who was not here from the beginning of this church that is among us now? Answer me king.
Elder Joseph: Calm down Douglas, just calm down. Pastor, you know that everyone sitting here is a member and an elder in this church. I do not nee-d to start introducing us one by one. So plea-se do not bring unnecessary argument with things that are uncalled for. Let’s discuss the reason we are here and the way forward.
Pastor King: Well! As far as I know, Odogwu sited here is not a member of this church. Douglas has turned himself to an enemy of this church by taking side with the enemy. I will not sit and discuss the welfare of the church of God with an enemy of the church of God.
Douglas: I knew it, i knew he was going to mention my name. Immediately he started talking of non members I knew he was talking about me. (Turning to the people) my deacons, my elders, where did I go wrong? I heard a story from two people and it was glaring that one p@rty was lying and I am a deacon I will stand by the truth weather Satan likes it or not, and because I decided to stand by the truth, Pastor King has turned me into an enemy of the church. No problem, no problem, I will leave.
Elder Joseph: calm down Douglas, we will settle this issue. Pastor King. You cannot s£nd Douglas out of this meeting because he took his side. You also took your side and no one is blaming you for choosing sides. Everyone is entitled to who and who not to believe and so Douglas will remain in this meeting.
King: Elder, I will not argue with you. How about Odogwu? What is he doing here? If you allow Douglas you cannot allow Odogwu for he is not a member of this church anymore.
Odogwu: pastor I am a co pastor like you, why are you so filled with hatred?
King: I am not filled with hatred. But as long as Odogwu is here I will not say a word in this meeting.
Odogwu: Though we are many, we are one b©dy in Christ. My ministry was born from this ministry and you should be proud of that. This remains my root so why the hate? We are serving one God. That the names of our ministries are different doesn’t make us enemies King, I c@m£ here to support my root and help as-sist it from falling.
King: God forbid it! No matter what, the church of God will stand and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. We do not nee-d your support. We are not enemies but we ain’t friends either. We do not nee-d your help or support in anything so thank you for everything.
Odogwu: You mean I should leave? (He turns to the people and asked again and everyone was silent, and so he picked his Bible, did a sign of the cross and left)
To be continued!
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