Judas in the church – episode 35

Judas in The Church!
By: Excellent Rhymes
A.k.a Mummy E
Episode 35.
Pastor King has been fasting and praying for Pastor Chris since he was remanded in prison. It’s just a week left to the next hearing and he has intensified the prayer. The population of the church had reduced drastically. And the once very big church that counted up to 400 members every Sunday now counted about 47 members.
The people whom Pastor King believed would stand by him were the first to leave the church, some had gone to join Odogwu in the church which he claimed for himself. So many people criticized Pastor King for standing by Pastor Chris and some accused him of supporting evil because he was evil and also left the church.
Mr. Thomas who was just a casual member in the church had boldly confronted Pastor King and asked him to his face why he was supporting Pastor Chris.
King: I stand and support him because he is innocent of the charge labelled against him.
Thomas: And how do you know that pastor? The evidence is so glaring and clear that he is guilty how then can you say he is innocent?
King: The evidence nay be strong and he may even be convicted for it but I know he is innocent because God told me he is innocent and I must stand by him.
Thomas: Do you really mean what you said pastor?
King: I cannot tell lies against God.
Thomas: I do not know Pastor Chris so well, I am not close to him but I know you very well and I am very sure it was God that called you and so if you say Pastor Chris is innocent, if you also say God told you he is innocent then he is innocent. I will believe it too. Do not worry pastor, I will join you in prayers too. And I will tell my lawyer to take over the case, I do not trust that lawyer. He seems to have been compromised.
King: How do you mean?
Thomas: During the last case when the other female lawyer was attacking pastor, he couldn’t do anything in his defence. And so I drew my conclusion that, it is either he is a lazy lawyer or he has been compromised. I have a very good lawyer, he has never lost any case and he is a christian too. I will ask him to take over the case.
King: But the case is next week, can he still take it up?
Thomas: Yes pastor. He can and he will. Just leave it to me.
Pastor King was so happy. He stood and hvgged Brother Thomas. This was the only person that have encouraged him since the whole saga. He was really happy as he watched Thomas walk away. He never even knew that Thomas of all people in the church would be the one to stand and encourage him. As he left, Happiness c@m£ in looking sad.
King: Sister Happiness how are you feeling today?
Happiness : I’m fine sir
King: And how is the baby? Hope you are taking all of your medications.
Happiness: Yes sir! We are good.
King: So why are you sad? Your face look gloomy.
Happiness: I took food over to Pastor Chris in the prison but he refused to eat. And pastor he is looking so thin now. I don’t know why he refused to eat. He said he will not eat and just take only water. That was what he did two days ago when I went there. I’m not happy at all. He should not go and die before the court case.
King: He is not going to die. He just want to talk to his Father. Only God can deliver us from this. So leave him. This too shall pas-s.
Happiness: But he is so thin. What if he falls sick?
King: Happy, what pastor nee-ds now is not food but prayers. All you nee-d to do is pray for him. No matter how delicious what you have prepared would be, no man will enjoy eating it in a prison yard. So my dear, do not worry much. Just remember us in your prayers. These are trying times.
Happiness: It is alright pastor. I also c@m£ to inform you that I spoke to my parents about my pregnancy. They were very mad at me but finally they forgave me and have decided to support me.
King: That is great news. How bout Chuks? Have you heard from him?
Happiness: No sir, I heard he is getting married. But I don’t really care. I have made my peace with God and that’s all I nee-d. One day, a man who will love me and my child will come and marry me just as I am.
King: I love your spirit girl. And so shall it be for you in Jesus name.
(And they both said amen)
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