Judas in the church – episode 34

Judas in the church
Episode 34.
As Pastor King sat outside waiting, thinking of what to do Brother Chuks walked towards, smiling. Pastor King has since forgotten about his deals with the ladies because of the issue that rose up with Chris. But immediately he saw him, he remembered.
Chuks: papa, good afternoon sir.
King: Chuks you are welcomed plea-se have your seat. How are you?
Chuks: I’m fine sir (he said as he took his seat beside the pastor (
Chuks: papa how is everything? And how is the ministry?
King: Everything is good by the grace of God. I’m glad you are here, I’ve been wanting to discuss something with you but because of the issues that has been going on I totally forgot.
Chuks: Papa I un-derstand. It is so pathetic that all this is happening here in our church, to think that our very own beloved pastor will be involved in such a scandal is outrageous. This is the reason I don’t make friends with females because I don’t want to fall for this kinds of problem. It is so pathetic papa, really!
Pastor King was silent as he spoke, he just stared at Chuks as he was talking. When he finished, he asked why he c@m£.
Chuks: Well papa, I just c@m£ to inform you that we have to move on despite the issue with Pastor Chris, life goes on.
King: True Chuks.
Chuks: Papa, I c@m£ to tell you that I want to settle down. I have finally found my missing rib.
Pastor King’s eyes opened wi-de as if he was hearing double.
King: your missing rib?
Chuks : yes pastor.
Pastor King kept silent for a while before speaking up.
King: Wow, congrats Chuks, that’s a very good news. Who is she plea-se?
Chuks: Oh! Papa her name is Lauretta. She is not from our church, she is a member of another church. I hope to bring her to see you very soon.
King: Really?
Chuks: yes sir. I’m very sure you will love her once you meet her .
King : I sure will. (Then he adjusts his seat) so what plans do you have for sister Gift and Happiness?
Chuks’s face changed as he was shocked by Pastor King’s question.
Chuks: (sweating immediately) Wh wh wh what do you mean sir? Sister Gi Gi Gift and Happiness? Wha wh wh what about them? (he stammered)
King: why are you sweating suddenly and stammering at the same time? Is everything okay?
Chuks: ye yes pastor, everything is fine, I was just taken aback by your question.
King : And why is that if I may ask?
Chuks: Nothing sir. The question just c@m£ to me as a surprise.
King: Well Chuks! I know about their pregnancies. The two of them and I also know about the ab-ortion that you pushed Gift to do, I also know how you wanted to push Happiness to commit an ab-ortion which she refused, I know everything. And now what I want to known is, why you did this and now you are running off to marry someone else.
Chuks: ehn papa it is not my fault na. It is not my fault, the deed is done alre-ady now it’s the time to move forward.
King: move forward how?
Chuks: papa nob©dy is above temptation, you see those ladies, they c@m£ to me, they s£dûç£d me and it is unfortunate that I fell for the temptation but I have made peace with God and I just want to live for myself and forget them.
King: fine, let’s as-sume they s£dûç£d you and you fell and you made peace with God as you claim, what about their pregnancies? Do you know Gift almost died? And she stayed in the hospital for three days and you didnt care?
Chuks: Pastor I was not aware.
King: you were not aware of what? The pregnancy or the ab-ortion?
Chuks kept quiet.
King: How about Happiness? What plans do you have for her?
Chuks: plans, I don’t have any plans for her o.
King: so you just want to get married and forget about her? (Chuks remained quiet). What about her pregnancy? What are your plans for the baby?
Chuks: papa. It was just a one night mistake o, and it couldn’t have resulted into pregnancy. I don’t think I’m responsible for her pregnancy o. Let her go and look for who got her pregnant. It is not Chuks.
King : in other words you are denying her and the baby right? (he didnt answer) . Chuks how can you a music director be involved in S-xual activities with your choir members? What c@m£ over you?
Chuks: papa it was a one time mistake and I have prayed and asked God for mercy and he has forgiven me. Nob©dy is above temptation. Those girls tem-pted me and I fell for it. I am human too o papa. And I didn’t “r@p£” them.
Pastor King looked at him.
King: And what do you mean by that?
Then he stood up to leave. ”Papa I just c@m£ to inform you about my wedding that’s all. I wasn’t expecting any of this?” Chuks said.
King: what did you mean by your last statement? Have you joined those who are ridiculing our pastor?
Chuks: Papa I’m not ridiculing our pastor, how can I? I love that man. I’m just saying nob©dy is above temptation. If a whole pastor could be tem-pted so much to the extent of r@p£. How much more a mere singer like me. Papa it is not easy o, it is not o.
Pastor King looked at him and shook his head. It’s OK Chuks, I’ve heard you.
Chuks: thank you papa.
And he left.
To be continued
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