Judas in the church – episode 33

Judas In The Church
By: Excel Rhymez
A.k.a Mummy E
Episode 33
It was the first day of the court case and the court was filled to the brim with members of the church, lovers and haters. Odogwu and his wife, Douglas and his crew, everywhere was jam packed.
As Pastor Chris walked in with the Pastor King, there was a loud murmur from the people. Some threw paper at him, some were shouting ra-pist, while some shook their head in pity for him. Pastor King had urged him to ignore whatever he hears or sees and so he just walked to his seat and sat down. And soon the judge walked in and the case began.
The lady who says she was R@p£d c@m£ in, led by Deacon Douglas and some people. She took her seat and then the case began.
After about 15minutes of interrogating the lady, Pastor Chris was called to the interrogation box. As he stood the female lawyer who was standing as defence for the lady looked at him and asked him to narrate his story. When he was done she asked him.
Lawyer: you said your door was bad and that’s why you didn’t lock it.
Chris: that’s right ma.
Lawyer: How many people knew that your door is bad.
Chris : I did tell my pastor, Pastor King and aside him it is just the carpenter who knows.
Lawyer: According to what you have said, it is just the carpenter and Pastor King that knows that your door is bad. How then do you explain it to this honourable court that this young lady knew that your door was not locked?
Chris: I do not know how she knew and c@m£ in.
Lawyer: I put it to you pastor that you are lying and you called this lady to come to your room, you also told her about your door that was not locked because you wanted her to come in unseen by anyone because you alre-ady have your plans and my client here who is innocent and unaware of what you wanted to do c@m£ in blindly and you took advantage of her, overpowered her and R@p£d her.
Chris: But that’s a lie, I never t©uçhed her
Lawyer: if you didn’t t©uçh her, how do you explain the scratch marks in her b©dy and th!ghs? How do you explain her clothes? How she was n-ked in your room? Or are you saying she to-re the clothes by herself? Or she c@m£ in n-ked and dropped the clothes on your floor?
Chris: it is possible. I don’t know.
The lawyer laughed before turning to the judge.
Lawyer: your honour I have seen many cases like this and the accused always claims to be innocent to cover up their shame and avoid s£ntencing. Your honour I want to suggest we argue this case no more but the accused should be persecuted and dealt with immediately so that we can all move ahead with other things and my client get the justice that she deserves.
After about 10 minutes of deliberation the judge stood up and spoke.
Judge: r@p£ is a serious offence in Nigeria that demands some Years of imprisonment. Right now we demand to see more evidence from the accused and the defence to be able to pas-s judgement. However this case has been adjourned to 20th of next month which is exactly a month from today. In this time of waiting, the accused in the person of Pastor Chris will have to remain in the prison custody. I rise!
Pastor King was shocked, he didn’t expect that Pastor Chris would be remanded in prison. He turned and looked at Pastor Chris as the police put a handcuff on his hands and led him out. He wanted to say something but couldn’t find his voice. Tears fell from his eyes and Pastor Chris saw it. He smiled and turned to Pastor King just before the Black Maria drove him away.
Pastor Chris: weep not pastor, just pray for me, pray for me.
The bus drove off!
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