Judas in the church – episode 27

Judas In The Church
Episode 27.
Pastor King and Chris sat in their office discussing the events of the last few weeks.
Since deacon Douglas stormed out of their office and s£nt that lady to s£dûç£pastor Chris, he hasn’t returned to church. Him and his family disappeared front the church.
Pastor King had tried to call him severally but he has refused to pick his calls and has ignored all the invites s£nt to him.
Instead he had gone ahead and started a miracle centre at his house. He called it a miracle solution centre. The story had gone round how he sells a special anointing oil, how he does deliverance for ladies seeking for husbands and children. He has even gone as far as taken ladies to the stream to bath them in the names of cleansing. His story had gotten to the ears of pastor Chris and King and they sat discussing about it.
”I am really shocked at deacon Douglas, I never expected such from him.” Pastor King said. He is even into deliverance and healing now. I heard that plenty people are trooping down to his place.”
”Pastor you know the world lives miracles, they dont want to know weather you are using God’s power or any other power, as long as they see miracle they are okay.” Pastor Chris added.
”Thank God I returned when God asked me to, if not only God knows what would have happened in this church” pastor King added.
”Some members of our church left with him, even some deacons and deaconesses left with him too.” Pastor Chris said.
Pastor King: well that’s just how life it is. Some will stand with you while others will fall from you. But in all, God is still God and he sees the heart of all men and he will judge them accordingly. Our own is to continue doing the work he has called us to do. My prayer is that we do not fall by the way side and God helps us to stand till the end.
”Amen” pastor Chris replied!


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