Judas in the Church – episode 23

Judas In The Church!
Episode 23.
Happiness could not un-derstand the way she was feeling, for days now she has been feeling sick every morning and vomiting. And so her neighbour advised her to go for a pregnancy test.
Happiness was scared as she sat on the chair waiting for the test result. She didn’t know what to expect. So many thoughts went throu-gh her head, if it turns out to be positive what would she do? How would she tell Chuks, what would he do or say about it? If it was negative she swore never to be involved in any premarital S-x anymore.
Just then the nurse walked in with the result and stretched it out to her. She collected the result with shaky hands and went home. She was too scared to open it. Finally she gathered herself and decided to open the result. What she saw scattered her heart. Boldly written. POSITIVE!
Happiness was confused for a minute but she decided to calm herself down. Later in the evening she will go to Chuks and tell him she was carrying his baby.
Chuks sat down shaking his legs and head without saying a word. Happiness was calm watching him.
Chuks: What kind of wahala is this? What kind of problem is this? Happiness what have you gotten me into ehn? So you don’t know how to take care of yourself as a lady abi? How can you just get pregnant like that? Don’t you have plans for your life? For your future? Why will you just allow yourself get pregnant?
Happiness just sat down calmly waiting to hear what he has to say.
Chuks: So who is responsible? Who got you pregnant?
Happiness was not surprised to hear this from him, she had been expecting it since he started mopping up and down. Suddenly his true nature flashed before her eyes as she saw a real ugly monster that was dirty in heart.
“What did you say?” Happiness asked him.
“Exactly what you heard me ask, I said who got you pregnant?” He repeated his question
Happiness smiled before answering. ”Brother Chuks you are! You are responsible for this pregnancy, or have you forgotten so soon?
Chuks: what what what are you talking about? Well! I just want you to know that I am not responsible for your pregnancy. You better go and look for who got you pregnant or you go and re-move that thing inside of you.
Happiness: Chuks, I saw you like an Angel on earth, I saw you like a mini god. I respected you. I practically worsh!pped the ground you walked on I never knew you were a wolf amongst sheep. Twice I sle-pt with you, twice I treated chronic staphylococcus and in all I refused to believe that you were a flir-t. Well! now I know better. I will not argue with you but the God I serve will judge you.
Happiness picked herself up and walked away from his house. She was so confused. Not knowing what to do, as she walked along she saw Sister Gift sitting in one uncompleted building crying seriously.
Happiness: Sister Gift, are you OK? What is it? Why are you crying.
Gift tried to hide her tears but Happiness alre-ady saw it and so she just let it flow.
”Talk to me Gift, what is wrong?” She asked again.
Gift: Nothing I am fine
She said standing up. But as she got up she coll@psed into Happy’s hand. That was when she realized that Gift was bleeding.
”Jesus” she screamed as she shouted for help.
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