Judas in the church – episode 21

Judas In The Church!
Episode 21.
It was a beautiful Sunday, and pastor Chris was beaming with smiles. He was on his well ironed blue double brea-sted suit and he looked smashing.
Pastor Douglas looked at him wondering what was it that was ma-king him smile. He focused his gaze on him filled with anger and hatred for the young pastor.
Brother Chuks as usual took over the mic singing gloriously with all the sisters dancing and smiling and wi-nking at him. Sister Gift who sat at the front of the church didn’t seem comfortable at all. She was always scratching with style. And Brother Chuks was watching her with style while singing.
After the praise section, pastor Douglas took over the mic and addressed the church admonishing them to always love God and obey him. Then he announced to them that the special oil was still available and anyone who nee-ded to buy should contact him directly. He went further to an-alyze the power in the oil. And how miracles will happen once they use it.
He knew that pastor Chris was against what he was saying but he didn’t care, once in a while he stole a glance at him and saw him staring but he didn’t care one bit. He continued talking about the oil and pastor Chris stood and went to stand by him to hand over the mic but still he ignored him and kept on talking about the oil.
Pastor King was in his office watching and hearing everything that was going on. He was surprised to see how much Douglas had changed. He was surprised how much the church had changed, he stood in his office and went on his knees praying for wisdom to handle things now that he was back.
Finally when Douglas had satisfied himself, he handed over the mic to Pastor Chris with a stern look and then went over to take his seat. The people shouted and screamed in excitement as Pastor Chris mounted the pulpit. When the congregation had calmed down he began.
”People of God praise the Lord. I am very happy today because today is a day of joy. For some time now a lot has been going on in church and so many of us have been asking questions, well today, I can gladly tell you that your questions will be answered. Stability will be resto-red to the church, honour and glory will be resto-red to the church to the glory of God and to the shame of the devil. There is someone in our midst today.”.
Douglas didn’t un-derstand what Pastor Chris was talking about and so when he heard there was someone in their midst, he started looking around wondering who might that be. Pastor Chris continued…..
” I know we all will be excited to see this wonderful man of God. He is someone we all love and have missed and I’m very glad and happy that he is in our midst today.
Church of God with a standing ovation, help me welcome the man of God, our very own PASTOR KING.”
There was a loud shout and cry as the people stood up cl@pping their hands turning round and round looking for where Pastor King would be coming from. Even Douglas was shocked he stood up turning left and right trying to see if it was a dream or if it was real that Pastor King was back.
As they all wondered and watched, the office door flunged open and pastor King stepped out in grand style full of smiles. Pastor Douglas was shocked to see him. He kept on looking from Chris to King and suddenly guilt was written over him. He wished he never talked about the oil. He felt like he should disappear but then there was nothing for him to do.
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