Judas In the Church – episode 18

Judas in the church
Episode 18.
Pastor Douglas had earlier s£nt one of the ushers to buy him 10 cartons of anointing oil and drop them in his office. As soon as he mounted the pulpit
Douglas: my brothers and sisters in the Lord I welcome you to church today. I want to inform you that God is going to do wonders today in church. For days now our Pastor King and I have been on a serious seven days fast. Even though he is not around he has initiated this fast. And I want to as-sure you today that you will experience deliverance like rain and the manifestation of God’s undiluted power in church today.
”Our able Pastor Chris is seriously sick and down with a serious disease that doctors aint given a name yet, and that is why he is not in the church today.” And so in one accord I want us to pray for him. That God will heal and deliver him from this sickness that wants to destroy him. Prayers!
The church stood up and prayed fervently for pastor Chris. Even though some of the members heard that pastor Chris has gone to visit the new br@nch they bec@m£ confused. But they kept praying.
Douglas continued, ”let’s pray for God to disgrace any power that wants to disgrace our Pastor Chris in Jesus name. Prayers!”
Let’s take a pause and pray this prayer point.
”Dear Lord use my enemies to raise prayer points that will hunt them in Jesus name. Amen” Now let’s continue.
After the prayers, he asked them to sit down. And then he started preaching on ”the power in the oil” After praying he said:
Douglas: Pastor King and I after days of fasting and praying got an oil from the mount olive. This oil will do great things in your life. Heal the sick and do the unexpected. I’d be selling this oil to each members here. Because of the special anointing that has been re-leased on this oil. It will be sold for 5,000 naira. So hurry now and get one for yourself and your family before it gets finished.
Peoole trooped out to collect the oil from the pastor. An oil he bought at one hundred and fifty Naira for one, he sold at five thousand Naira. He was beaming with smiles.
At the end of the service he was able to sell a whooping sum of 380,000 naira from the sales of the oil.
Douglas: sisters that seek husbands, use the oil on your faces and pri-vate p@rts and your husband will come, those who seek children use them on your stomach. Everyone has something to do with the oil.
He finally ended the service and everyone went home. Douglas felt satisfied with himself. And he wished King or Chris will never return.
He was shocked to see as Chris stepped into the church feeling very sad.
To be continued
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