Judas in the church – episode 16

Judas in the church
Episode 16
The non st©p of the ringing phone made pastor Chris jump from his sleep. He quic-kly checked and saw it was pastor King calling.
Chris: my pastor! God bless you sir!
King: oh my pastor, how are you? And how is the church of God.
Chris: we are good Sir, though we all miss you and await your return.
King: pastor, don’t worry I will be back soon before you know it, the Lord still have use for me over here.
Chris: when God calls we must answer so plea-se take your time.
King: The reason I called you is to know how far? How is the church?
Chris: God is faithful sir, we are doing our best.
King: God gave me a vision and that is the major reason I’m calling. I saw you and I at the t©p of a mountain, people were falling off the mountain and it was my duty and yours to pu-ll them up and help them from falling down. But the people were falling and dying. The ones we alre-ady pu-ll-ed up were pushing the ones we were trying to pu-ll up down. So many persons were yet to climb and you and I we were struggling to help them but the more we tried the more the ones we’ve alre-ady pu-ll-ed pushed them down.
Pastor Chris I do not know exactly what this vision mean, but I think it is a message from God. We nee-d to be careful and very prayerful. We can’t afford to let the children of God fall to their death. It is our responsibility to help them up and that is what we must do.
Chris: pastor honestly its not been easy. But God is going to help me.
King: amen, when last did you visit our new br@nch that is been headed by Pastor Odogwu.
Chris: honestly I have not been there in a long while.
King: pastor you nee-d to go there immediately. God asked me to tell you to go there immediately. I believe there is something he wants you to see. I want you to worsh!pwith them this Sunday okay?
Chris: yes pastor, I’d do that.
King: God bless you sir, it is well. I will keep in t©uçh with you.
Chris: thank you so much sir for this call. God bless you.
When the call ended, Chris went on His knees and prayed seeking for God’s help and direction.
In the morning he tried to speak to pastor Douglas to inform him that he would be visiting the new br@nch on Sunday and so he pastor Douglas would be in charge that sunday. When he got to church, he saw Douglas with some members of the church, re-arranging the chairs in the church and re-arranging the alter. He exuded him and demanded to speak with him.
Pastor Chris: God bless you pastor!
Pastor Douglas: Bless you too. (He said turning away from looking at his face)
Pastor Chris: Why are you re arranging the church seats and the alter?
Pastor Douglas: is it not old? Can’t you see it is old pattern? The world is changing and going global, we nee-d to change with it.
Pastor Chris: we are not of the world pastor. Besides you didn’t tell me before you started ma-king this changes.
Pastor Douglas: so I now have to take permission from you before doing things in this church, I am your as-sistant not your boy, I don’t owe you any permission or explanation. Look at you, small boy of which day, you no longer have respect, simply because pastor King travelled and put you in charge. I don’t blame you, why won’t you ask me to seek your permission before doing anything. I am now your mate na right? I don’t blame you at all. plea-se I have something I was doing before you c@m£ and I am getting back to it.
Before Chris could say anything, he turned and walked away. Chris just stood and watched him, surprised at his outbur-st. Then he walked up to him.
Chris: pastor Douglas, I wanted to inform you that I will not be in service this Sunday, I’d be visiting our new br@nch. So plea-se you will be in charge here.
Douglas: safe journey, you don’t nee-d to tell me when or when not to be in charge. I will be in charge anytime I want. So bye.
He turned and walked away. Pastor Chris stood and watched him shaking his head;
To be continued!
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