Judas in the church – episode 11

Judas In The Church


Episode 11


Deacon Igho and Deacon Douglas sat outside his house chatting and drinking a bottle of beer. Deacon Igho started the discussion.

”Deacon, you are happy now o, you are now a pastor o.” ”Which happy? What should I be happy about? Douglas asked.

”Ah ah, shay you that was angry when they made Chris the as-sistant pastor, you wanted the position and now you’ve gotten it so why are you still angry?” Igho asked.

”as-sistant pastor to who? To that Chris? That small boy? That nob©dy? When did he give his life to Christ that he is a pastor and I will be his as-sistant. Besides what benefit do I have from been his as-sistant for only three months. Abeg don’t say it again o. I am not happy at all. ”

”But at all at all na im bad. Don’t you think so? Igho asked.

”I would have preferred they made me the pastor of the new br@nch than make me an as-sistant to that rat Chris. That small boy that I cleaned his yansh as a small boy.” Douglas lamented.

Igho: But deacon, seriously speaking politics is going on in this church o. From no where they just made Odogwu a pastor.

Douglas: ehn, such is life na. You get money? He has money, he must have bribe-d King and Chris. I heard when they were building the church he was always there, pumping his time and money into it, why won’t they make him pastor. See ehn, heaven is far. We know those that are going o. Forget the big big names you are calling.

Igho: (laughing) you know those that are going? Because you are Jesus, do you think you are going to heaven?

Douglas: what kind of talk is that? I am going to heaven, my place is secured there alre-ady.

Igho bur-st out laughing. ”Be there deceiving yourself, you are not going anywhere, you that has bad plans and drinking beer. Which heaven? (He continues laughing)

Douglas: (raising the bottle of beer up) this beer, you are judging me because of this beer, listen let me tell you why I drink. Sometimes i go to beer parlours to preach to them about Jesus. I don’t want them feeling awkward and so I take one bottle. To make them feel secured. The Bible says when you are with the R0m-ns behave like the R0m-ns. So I drink to win them to Jesus.

Igho continued laughing. ”I hear you ,na you be R0m-n-us, continue. Abeg let me go and meet pastor King o before he travels let me see if I can hustle to be the as-sistant pastor to Odogwu.

He stood up and left as Douglas continued with his beer.



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