Judas in the church – episode 8

Judas in the church

Episode 8

It was a beautiful service and the people loved it. At the end of it most persons waited to see the pastors and they prayed with them. Others left. An hour after the service and the church was completely empty. Pastor King and pastor Chris sat in their office discussing.
Mr. Odogwu had forgotten his black bible in the church had hurried back to church to pick it up. When he saw that the church was empty he decided to check the pastor’s office if an usher had seen and dropped a black bible with them. He loved that Bible because it was a gift from his wife and could not afford to tell her that she misplaced the bible. And so he quic-kly walked to the office. On getting to the entrance he heard the two pastors discussing inside.
Pastor Chris: pastor that’s a great idea, opening another br@nch is wonderful.
Pastor King: For sometime now, God has been giving me the idea. We will be opening it at the outSk-irt of town.
Pastor Chris: But who would pastor it?
Pastor King: I do not know, God will chose his servant.
Pastor Chris: indeed sir. When are you travelling again and how long will you be spending?
Pastor King: as soon as the new br@nch is set up, I’d be travelling. Salvation Gospel Ministries is moving to the next level. I will be managing the br@nch overseas for at least three months before coming back. I trust you to be able to manage this br@nch and the new br@nch with whoever God is going to chose before I get back.
Pastor Chris: God will help me sir.
Mr Odogwu, immediately after hearing all of this, turned and walked away from the church in a way that no one will notice he was there. He had gathered enough information. He quic-kly drove away very fast to his house.
Mrs Odogwu: Honey where did you go back to? Before I turned I didnt see you again.
”Honey, that’s not the issue now, sit sit let me tell you what’s up?” Mrs Odogwu sat down and watched her husband as he narrated in details what he heard from the two pastors to his wife.
”So how does that affect us?”
Mr Odogwu: oh oh oh, I dont like it when you are not thinking fast the way I am. See ehn, I am going to pastor that br@nch.
Mrs Odogwu looked at her husband surprised at him. ”You? Pastor? How on earth do you think that King and Chris would make you pastor the new church. You are not even p@rt of the deacons in the church so how on earth do you think they will leave the deacon fold and just pick you up” she asked.
”Look at you, woman of little faith, was Chris a deacon before he was picked? Look I am telling you I will pastor the new br@nch. Just know that you are talking to the newest pastor in church” he replied!
Mrs Odogwu stood up with a wild smile as she began singing praises on her husband. ”My husband, my handsome,my king, my swaggar pastor, my the main the main. And me I am going to be the newest mama of the church. ” oh I just can’t wait. Honey see anything you want to do to make it possible, just do it because I am alre-ady seeing myself as the new mama of the church.

They both bur-st out laughing. As they continued chatting.

To be continued!

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