Judas in the church – episode 5

Judas In The Church

Episode 5

Sister Happiness prepared jollof rice that night. She was super excited that her crush was in her house. After eating and chatting into the night. She finally gave him the be-d to sleep, while she spre-ad her wra-ppers on the ground and la-id on it.

”Brother Chuks let’s pray” she said. And then she led the prayers. ”Thank you sweet Jesus for today has come to an end. Thank you for the gift of life, thank you for bringing brother Chuks to my house, thank you for everything, as we sleep tonight let your angels watch over us and keep us safe in Jesus name” and they both said ”amen”

There was silence in the room for some minutes and then after a while, brother Chuks broke the silence.

”Are you slee-ping?” ”No sir” she replied. ”Why”? He asked.

”Not feeling sleepy yet” Happiness replied.

”Come to the be-d,” ”what”? Happiness asked. ”Come to the be-d” brother Chuks repeated. I am not just comfortable that I c@m£ to your house and drove you from your be-d to be lying down on the floor”.

”It’s okay sir, don’t worry about it, besides I love slee-ping on the floor, I even ba-rely sleep on that be-d”. But brother Chuks wouldn’t hear of it. ”The be-d is big enough for two, just come to the be-d and if you refuse then I will come to the floor”.

Happiness saw that he was serious and so she got up, dusted her wra-ppers and la-id on the be-d beside him. The atmosphere was tensed, her heart was beating fast, here she was lying down besides a man she was madly in love with. Her heart paced up and down with different thoughts flying throu-gh. She decided to close her eyes ti-ght so she could sleep off.

”I know” brother Chuks said, breaking the silence between them. Happiness was confused, ”you know, you know what?” She asked, ”I know you’ve been the one s£nding those texts and also the anonymous letter. I know everything”

Sweat was pumping from her face, she was confused, she didn’t know if to lie or accept or run. She just kept quiet and then she finally found her voice.

”Since when sir”, since the moment I stepped into this house he replied. ”I’ve seen how you’ve looked at me, I’ve seen how you’ve taken care of me, I’ve seen how you can’t look me in the eye, I’ve seen how you hold your phone so close, and so I added one or two and I just know. He concluded. ”I’m so sorry sir, I’m sorry, happiness said. She wanted to explain but she didn’t know what to say.

And then he turned and faced her, looking at her straight in the eyes and smiling, it was dark but she could feel his eyes staring at her. She wasnt comfortable. And then he drew close to her and k!$$£d herl-ips, and then he started tou-ching her all over. Happiness was confused, she didn’t know or un-derstand what he was doing. He kept tou-ching her on s-en-sitive p@rt of her b©dy. Her b©dy was responding fast because this is a guy she liked so much but she didn’t know if this was a test or it was real. If it was a test, she didn’t want to fall for it because he would hate her and so she summoned up courage and finally she found her voice and spoke.

”Brother Chuks plea-se st©p, plea-se st©p”. But Chuks wouldn’t listen, he kept tou-ching her, and so she continued. ”Brother Chuks I know you don’t want this, I know this is a test so plea-se st©p it for I’m not falling for this” still brother Chuks ignored and continued with what he was doing. ”Listen brother Chuks, I know you have a girl whom the Lord chose for you, so st©p alre-ady. Still he wouldn’t listen, but sister Happiness still believes he was testing her, and she was determined not to fail and so she pressed ha-rder. ”Brother Chuks, I know you love the Lord, I know you are sold out to him and you want to serve him clean. I know you don’t want this. St©p alre-ady plea-se.”

”I want this” he said, I want to make love to you” she tried to talk more but he covered herl-ips with his and then took her hands down his b0ss0m, that was when she realized he was completely n-ked. And that was when she realized that this was not a test. She didn’t argue anymore, she didn’t resist him anymore, she just left herself free for him and allowed him have her way with her.


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