Judas in the church – episode 10

Judas in the church
Episode 10.
It’s been three weeks since the pastors started working tirelessly to set up the new church. Odogwu was as-sisting them financially in the bringing up of the church and finally it was set and re-ady.
Pastor Chris spoke at length with pastor King. Telling him the nee-d to pray very well before announcing Odogwu as the new pastor of the new br@nch.
”Pastor, (he said) I have fasted and prayed about this but I have not heard anything from God. Not a confirmation and nor a rejection. I hope we don’t make a mistake in this. Pastor King listened carefully to his as-sistant before speaking. ”Pastor Chris you are very right, I have prayed and prayed asking God for confirmation but I have not gotten anything. Your case was not like that, God kept giving me your name like music to my ears. But in this case nothing.
Pastor Chris: Do you think we should hold on a little longer before announcing this?
Pastor King: I would have done that but you know my travelling is next week. Besides the church is re-ady, we can’t just shut it down.
”It’s true sir, anyways let the will of God be done.’**
Pastor King was re-ady to announce the opening of the new br@nch and also name the pastor. He stood on the podium and watched as the church cheered and cl@pped for him.
Odogwu and his wife was gorgeously dressed and sitted at the front of the church with their children. His wife could not hold back her smiles as pastor King stood to address the congregation.
”Church of God praise the Lord”, there was a loud chorus of halleluyah, as the pastor continued. ”Today is a good day, it is with great joy in my heart that I announce to you that SALVATION GOSPEL MINISTRY is moving to the next level. Another br@nch has been opened in the outSk-irt of town”. There was a loud sound of joy and shouts. There was cl@pping and celebr@tion from the congregation.
Pastor King: calm down, calm down. I also want to announce to you that God has also chos£n someone who would pastor that br@nch and pilot its welfare. Church of God are we excited about this?
The people choruses ”yes”
Pastor King continued!, ”Before I go ahead to announce our new pastor, I will want to inform all of us here that I will be travelling for a period of three months. In my abs£nce, our pastor, pastor Chris will be the s£nior pastor and will be in charge of every activity of the church here in Nigeria. I said Nigeria because of our new br@nch. Pastor Chris will be the s£nior pastor of this br@nch and the new br@nch. You must respect him the way you respect me. (Turning to the deacons and deaconesses) my deacons and deaconesses you must listen to our pastor and accord him same respect you will accord me. His voice is the voice of God. I hope we are clear on this.
”Yes sir”’ they all chorused.
Pastor King: Meanwhile in my abs£nce, pastor Chris will be as-sisted by Deacon Douglas formerly known as Deacon Duncan……
When Deacon Douglas heard his name he was shocked. He wasn’t expecting this. The whole Church cl@pped for him as he stood and walked majestically to the alter.Deacon Igho who was also cl@pping was filled with envy as he watched Deacon Douglas addressed the congregation. After his address, he sat close to pastor Chris and pastor King continued his speech.
Pastor King.: moving forward, our new br@nch is located at the outSk-irt of town. Let’s do well to evangelize and win souls for Christ and grow the church. The church will be headed by our new pastor. Non other than pastor Odogwu…..
The church cheered as Mr and Mrs Odogwu stood smiling and grinning from teeth to teeth, with their friends cl@pping for them.
Brother Chuks raised a song and the choir followed, and soon the congregation joined as they sang and danced to the glory of God.
To be continued!
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