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Episode 9




Still Josie’s POV

His dad???

Quickly,I jumped out of the bed and moved closer to his dad”Greetings to you sir. Please I beg of you don’t misunderstand what you just saw, your son and I don’t really have that kind of relationship. The thing is i was the cause of his getting injured so I had to bring him home. He……. We didn’t really…. I was really about leaving. I….”

My voice was really shaking,his father must be so mad to see his son with a girl on the same bed with him, their lips locked

The man smiled”Have dinner with us,young lady”

Wow! He’s not angry at me??

“Sir, do you really mean it? You’re not angry?”

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“Of course,have dinner with us” then he faced Dave “Come downstairs too. I’ve told the maids to set the table”

“Sir,I’d have loved to have dinner here but my uncle and my cousins will be expecting me already” I told him

“Please have dinner with us and by the way, it’s late already,a young lady like you shouldn’t be walking around at this time of the night. Also,good cabs won’t be around the road at this time so have dinner with us and stay over for the night” he said

Am I really going to stay over for the night?

He’s right, anyway. Time has really gone

I sighed and nodded


We all went downstairs,Dave put on his shirt before I helped him come downstairs

The food looked really delicious

“Thank you for the food sir, I’ll eat well” I immediately started eating

“So you’re the girl” his dad said

I stopped eating Immediately,I’m the girl? That’s the same thing those guys said to me too

Did they send Dave’s father to me too?

No that can’t be possible

Dave’s father is really wealthy,who will bribe him with money to hurt me

He saw the confusion in my eyes and continued”you’re the girl that has being making my son smile. Ever since his mom left us,he never smiled nor had any friends”

“Dad….. I told you….”Dave was saying but his dad cut him off, still facing me

“You’re the first girl he ever brought home too. Ever since he met you, he’s being really bright, please don’t ever leave him. Keep staying by his side” his dad said

“It’s really not what you think sir, Dave and I don’t have that kind of a relationship. We’re really not that close and we fight most of the time”I tried to explain

His dad smiled”Just eat up,my future daughter in law”

Dave and I shot him a puzzled look”Daughter in law?” We said together

He smiled again”I’m done eating. When you both are through,Dave show her one of the rooms that she’ll sleep in tonight” he then left

“How can your dad say such a thing? He must have really been misunderstood by what he saw earlier” I told Dave

“Oh the kiss?”he asked

I jumped”Hey stop calling it a kiss,we didn’t kiss,our lips only touched”I said, pretending to clear my throat

He smiled”so if it’s not called a kiss,what is it called?”

“Hmm….. It’s called lips lock,oh no that’s even worse”

He laughed out”Silly thing. It’s a kiss, whether you accept it or not.”

I stood up”I’m through eating,are you done so I can pack the plates”

He looked puzzled”The maids will pack it. Let’s go upstairs”

“No,after eating,you pack your plates and wash it immediately. That’s a proper thing to do. I’ll help you pack yours since you’re injured”I told him,packed the plates,washed them and came back to the dining room

“I’m back”

“Alright”he put his arm around me and we went up together”The room you’ll sleep in tonight is next to mine or I was just thinking,what if I need anything in the middle of the night? Maybe you should just sleep with me in my room”

I let go of him instantly,he hit the ground”That’s not happening”

“Gosh, can’t you tell I was only kidding?”

I helped him up, took him to his room and went to the room after it,it was pretty cool too


Violet’s POV

It’s already very late in the night, Josie’s not back…. I decided to call the guys I paid to do the job

“Hey what’s going on? Why is it taking so long? Why is Josie not back yet or…..has she killed herself already? I’ll be so happy to hear that”

It was one of the guys that answered”Ma’am we’re sorry but as I’m talking with you now,the rest of the guys are in the ICU now. I’m the only one that is still a lil okay because I gave her pizza”

I was confused”What do you mean?”

“The girl is really so strong. She beat us all up and Dave sky showed up too….”

“Why can’t you all handle that tiny thing…….wait,did you just say Dave Sky showed up? What was he doing there?”

“I don’t know how he found us but it seems after we left,they left together so Josie ought to have gotten home by now”

“But she’s not home! Don’t tell me,she went with him to his house!”

“If she’s not home then that might be the case”


I cut the call immediately. What??? Josie in Dave sky house? This late at night? How dare she?!

I threw my phone angrily and scattered my hair” I’m going to kill this girl with my bare hands! How dare she do this to me?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Dave’s POV

I was on my bed thinking on how the day has been,I kissed Josie?

My heart started beating

Why does my heart beat at the thought of her?

Have I really fallen for her?

I shook my head,no, that’s not possible, she’s a really bothersome person

My heart should just stop beating and I should stop thinking about her


“Dad mom don’t go please don’t go” I heard those words, that’s Josie’s voice

I got up and went to her room. She was asleep but she kept on saying those words

I moved closer to her”Josie,are you alright?”

She got up and held my hands, trembling” They left, my dad and mom really left”

“What’s going on Josie?”

She rubbed her eyes”oh I heard the dream again. Same dream every night”

She seems like herself now

“Ever since my parents died in the fire accident,I’ve always had this dream” she said

“Your parents are dead?”

“Yes seven years ago,I lived in the streets since then,it was recently I started living with my uncle and cousins”

“Violet is your cousin??”

She nodded

“How did your parents die? You must have been so sad, me that my mom just left and didn’t even die,I’ve been sad since then. You’re really a strong person,Josie” I told her, she’s really gone through a lot

“I was coming back from school one day,only to get home and discover the house was totally burnt down with my parents and our properties in it. I first thought I was in the wrong place” she explained

“I’m so sorry about that, Josie” I tried to console her

“It’s nothing. I’m already adapting to life here” she told me and pulled me down to sit on her bed”Thanks for coming to console me”

My heart started beating again

Please heart, just stop beating already

“Uh…. I’m hearing something” she said

I stiffened,is my heart beat that loud?”No, you’re not” I quickly told her

“Yes,I am.Like someone is pounding something”she said and brought her ear closer to my chest”it’s coming from your chest”

I jumped immediately”No,your eardrum must be malfunctioning. I gotta go get some sleep”

She smiled”Wait”

I stopped

“I thought you couldn’t walk,how come you walked here perfectly”She asked me

Oh no,she got me”My leg….my leg…. My leg just started moving on it’s own all of a sudden. Bye….I gotta go” I then left


Josie’s POV

I smiled

He’s worse than me in lying


Morning came,I quickly got up and left before anyone got up,I left a note thanking them for allowing me spend the night

Quickly,I took a cab and here I am in front of the house

As I opened the door,I came face to face with Violet, with her worst glare ever

“You! Where were you all through the night?????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She yelled attracting everyone in the house including the maids




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