Episode 8




Still Violet’s POV

Hmm…..I have to use Zach’s phone for this plan of mine since she really likes and trust him.

I quickly went to Zach’s class,the guys there were admiring me,I just can’t understand why Dave doesn’t like me.

“Zach,can I have your phone? I need to Google out something really fast. I gave my phone to a friend and my laptop isn’t here with me”I lied

He smiled”of course,take it but use it very fast,I have an important call to make”

“Sure” Quickly,I went to contacts, searched out Josie’s name and sent her a message. She’ll never doubt this thinking it’s really from Zach

I returned the phone to Zach”Thanks Zach”

And i left

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Josie’s POV

I was packing my backpack when my phone beeped,it was a message from Zach

Josie dearie,I have a surprise package for you, it’s just a little thing to apologise for the way Violet has always treated you

So come to Instell,the main junction, keep going,the first house you see,go in and wait for me

I smiled

He didn’t have to apologise on Josie’s behalf, he’s just too nice. But Instell,I haven’t heard about that before,I’ll just have to ask people around for directions

I smiled again,what can this present be?


Dave’s POV

I glanced at her,she was checking her phone, smilling, always smiling. Doesn’t she ever feel sad?

I carried my backpack and left the class, straight to my car and I went home.

“I’m back, dad”

“Welcome son,take a shower and come down for lunch”



Josie’s POV

I finally got to Instell,it was really far and why does it seem so quiet. I entered the Instell street,there was a lot of trees I couldn’t find any house but I kept going in

Whoa,I finally saw a building but it was uncompleted. How will Zach ask me to meet him in an uncompleted building?

I tried his number but there was no network around that area

Okay,let me just wait for him,he must be on his way here

I put my backpack on the floor and sat on it

The place was really quiet,I only heard the sound of birds

One hour passed,he still hasn’t come


Dave’s POV

As I was eating,my mind went to Josie,how did she figure out that I don’t sing with happiness?

I smiled,this girl doesn’t ever mind her business,she does a lot of stupid and funny things

“Dave,you’re smilling?”my dad asked

I quickly put on a straight face”No I’m not”

“Whoa,ever since your mom left us,you never smiled genuinely”

“I told you I didn’t smile”I lied

“Tell me,is it a girl? Have you finally fallen in love?”my dad asked

“Dad,Stop it already”I said. How can I fall for someone who bothers me all the time?

“Whoa! You finished your food. First time you’ll ever finish your food ever since your mom left us”he said

Wow! That’s true I really finished my food

“You must have really fallen in love son,I’m so happy”

“I said I’m not in love,dad”I said and got up.”I’m going out for a drive,dad”

He smiled”okay,son but you may not meet me when you come back. I’m also going out and will come back very late”


Josie’s POV

Another hour has passed,I haven’t still seen any traces of Zach. I checked my phone, it’s 18:25 already

My stomach growled,I’m really hungry

Maybe Zach got delayed, I’ll just wait till 19:00 if he hasn’t come by then,I’ll be going home


Then,a very muscular guy entered

“Oh I see, you’re the girl”

I’m the girl???

“Hey guys come on in. I found her”he called out and four other guys entered.He then collected my phone

What’s going on?

“I wonder why she called five of us over to do the job when only me can handle you.” The guy who I presumed to be their leader said.”

She?? I stood up and crossed my arms”Who sent you?”

He smiled”Sorry baby but she didn’t want us to disclose anything about her. Now let’s get to the business”

“What kind of business?”I asked

He laughed,the others did the same”isn’t it obvious? We’re going to rape you”

“And then kill me?”I asked them

They laughed again”You’re pretty smart, but you’re wrong,we aren’t gonna kill you. You’ll be the one killing yourself”

I was confused

He laughed again”We’ll rape you and video you,then post it on the school website hashtag the new girl who is actually a slut. Well,it was the idea of the smart person who gave us this job. She said the shame will be too much for you to bear and you’ll end up committing suicide”

I clapped”that’s brilliant…….but does anyone have something eatable? I’m really hungry”

They all shot me a confused look

Whoa! I sighted pizza and bottle water with one of the guys and quickly collected it”Awww, you’re so thoughtful for bringing me food”

“That’s not for you”

I didn’t listen,I rushed the food and drank water”Thanks for the food,I ate it well. So now, I’ll be on my way” I dusted my backpack and made to leave but the leader dragged me back roughly

“Hey,do you think this is a joke?”He yanked my tie off”Hey,you get ready to film this”He told one of the guys and made to undo my shirt buttons

This guy I’m gonna……

“Hey let her go!”

We all looked at the direction of the voice,it was Dave. Whoa what’s he doing here?

The leader glared”Who are you?…… Oh aren’t you Dave sky? The popular musician. I read you attend the same school with this girl. Anyway, what’s happening here is none of your business so disappear right now”

He came towards me and stood in front of me

Whoa interesting,is he really trying to protect me?

“Mention any amount you guys want,I’m gonna give you but don’t hurt this girl”he said

I smiled,is he really trying to solve this with money?

The leader laughed again”Sorry but you can’t buy us with money. The person that gave us this job already gave us a lot of money. So get out”he said, pushed him away and grabbed my hand

“I warned you not to touch her”Dave said and punched him hard on the face

The leader was furious and threw him a punch too

Whoa this is going to be interesting,I love watching fights

The others faced Dave too as Dave was managing to fight them all but he seemed to be losing,soon he was on the ground, the five of them kicking him mercilessly

“Josie, don’t worry about me, just run away, I’ll be fine” he managed to say

I smiled”I just had pizza, I’m so heavy to run”

“Have you lost your mind,these guys are really after you”

“Yeah I know and…..right now, I’m ready for them”Immediately,I moved closer to them and kicked one,he fell on the rest and they all fell. I pulled Dave up and took him away from where the guys were.

“How dare this little thing?” The leader said and came at me,I punched him in the nose,he bleeded instantly. My fav way of fighting is nose breaking


In less than five minutes,they were all on the floor wriggling in pain. The only person I didn’t hurt much was the guy that gave me pizza🍕

“Now, I’m giving you guys two minutes to get yourselves outta here”I said after collecting my phone from them

They struggled to get up and hopped off Immediately

Dave was terribly shocked”I never knew you could fight”

I smiled”I’m a street girl, remember”

He looked angry immediately”So you could fight and you still let them beat me to a pulp before coming to fight them. Who do you think you are,super girl?”

I laughed”I did that to get revenge on you for using my chair comfortably on the first day in school”

He glared”so annoying. Now I can’t walk you’ll have to take me home”

“I can’t drive”

“Then we’ll take cab”

“Can you seriously not walk?”

“Of course”


I ended up taking him home,with his hand around my neck,I helped him walk. His house is really big and beautiful. As we entered the living room,I dropped him on one of the cushions

“Bye,I’m leaving now”I told him

“You can’t just leave,you have to take me to my room”he said”am I going to sleep here all through the night”

I sighed”you’re really bothersome”

“You made me this way”


I helped him up the stairs and entered his room,it was very neat and beautiful

I then put him on his bed

“Can I leave now?”

“I don’t sleep with my shirts on. Help me remove my shirt then you can leave”

Huh?? what??

“How can I do that?”I asked”I’m leaving”

“Remember you were the one that made me this way”

I sighed,he keeps using that against me. I looked away and started pulling off his shirt. I pulled it off successfully but I slipped and fell in right on him

I stared at his chest OMG his abs are so perfect

Josie,stop staring,get up and go to your house

Why can’t I stop staring?


He put his arms around me and leaned his face closer

Is he gonna kiss me?

Josie,you really have to stop this

Why do I feel so weak to resist this?


Our lips finally touched



He broke the kiss and we both looked at the person that called out his name

“Dad?” Dave said


Oh no…….his dad?????



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