Josie Episode 4

Episode 4
I kept asking other people but none of them gave me face at all
I heard a bell ring. Everyone started rushing into the elevator. Maybe that signifies the beginning of clas-ses
Where do i go?
I don’t even know where my clas-s is
Then a young lady c@m£ to meet me”Why’re you still out here?Don’t you know clas-ses have begun?”
“I’m a new student here and the proud and arrogant students here refused to show me round!” I yelled angrily
The teacher was surprised at the way i replied but she shrugged it off immediately”Clas-s one right?”
I nodded
“Come with me”
I followed her and we entered the elevator and got to the fifth floor. Then we entered one of the clas-ses. The clas-s was awesome. Chandeliers inside a clas-sroom? The chairs were heavenly made lol
Everything was so perfect but the students weren’t. I heard some people talking to Violet
“Isn’t she the maid you talked about?”
“She really has lotta guts to really attend this school”
“I really hate her”
Yeah that was Violet
They still kept on talking about me, most girls
“Alright silence everyone. This young lady here is new and she belongs to this clas-s” the teacher said”Introduce yourself”
I smiled”I’m Josie Phi….oh sorry i’m Josie…Josie…oh gosh i can’t believe i’ve forgotten my surname ”
Everyone gives me a weird look
What was the surname again?….
“Oh yeah i remember” i smiled again”My name is Josie Wills”
“Okay Miss Josie Wills you’re welcome to this clas-s. Take the empty seat over there qt the back” She said and left
Smilling, i went to the seat. Violet put her leg on the way and i fell, everyone laughed
I’ll just let this pas-s since i’m still new here
I got up and went to my seat
The door opened and the same teacher entered again”It seems clas-s one is really lucky. You all have another new student”
Everyone whined then the guy entered and everyone went silent immediately
Yeah i know why. He’s so dreamy. He has a perfect de-ep blue eyes, perfect nose, perfect pinkl-ips and his jaw line perfect. He’s tall…..
“Dave sky” everyone screamed out bringing me out of my thoughts
“Hmm seems everyone knows him alre-ady”
Why does everyone know him?How do they even know his name?”
“He’s a celebrity, idiot”