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Josie Episode 3

Episode 3
“What?Your room?This is my house, you pest” Violet said angrily and raised her hand to hit me
Zach [email protected]£ at the right time again and held her hand”Violet, that’s enough ”
“Here you come again, supporting this parasite. I’m outta here” She then went out
“Josie, are you alright?”
“Yeah i am” I replied smilling
“Anyway, the big day is tomorrow. Are you re-ady to resume school with us? I’ll put you throu-gh some things. It’s a technical institution but kinda looks like an highschool. We even use uniforms. One for a day but it’s really a cool school. So i think you should change your surname to Wills instead of Philli-ps”
“Huh?Why?” I asked confused. Why would i do that?
“You know Violet wants you to act like you’re not related to us. If you want her to like you and finally accept you as her cousin, you should at least follow her instructions” he explained
“Oh…” Why would he talk this way. I thought he was always supporting me
Maybe he just wants peace…….
Morning [email protected]£, we had our breakfast and Zach took us in his car to school. He’s really good at driving. As we st©pped, Violet took her backpack and kept walking in without even sparing me a glance
Gosh that attitude of hers!
Zach gave me a sweet smile and went in too
He too? Who’s going to show me round now? This school is too big. How do i even find my [email protected]?
I kept walking and decided to ask a girl with hvge [email protected] on her hair”Hi… name is Josie….plea-se can you show me round?. I belong to [email protected] one year one technical [email protected] .plea-se just show me round”
“Am i your slave to show you round? Get lost, idiot”
With that, she left
Wow now i know where Violet got that attitude of hers

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