Josie Episode 2

Episode 2
She pu-ll-ed my hair and wanted to hit me when Zach held her hand
“That’s enough,Sam”
“I’m outta here”She angrily spat out and Left
Zach gave me a reas-suring smile and went with her
Then five maids entered
“Young lady,we were asked to clean you up”
After about an hour,they were done dressing me…..OMG I can’t believe what I’m seeing. I look completely changed…. I don’t look like that haggard girl who was always on the streets
With the way I look now,I’m very sure Violet will surely accept me as her cousin
“Young lady 2, you really look so beautiful”One of them said and the others affirmed
“You’re even prettier than young lady 1″Another said
I smiled”No you shouldn’t say that,I’m not pretty at all compared to Violet”
“No young lady 2, you’re far pretty than her. We’re been honest with you”
“Oh you……
The door opened with f0rç£ revea-ling Violet,so furious than ever
“How dare you all compare my beauty with this street girl! You know what,you all are sacked. Get lost immediately”
“Violet, plea-se they were just flattering me they don’t mean it. plea-se don’t sack them”I pleaded
“You just shut up. You have no right to call my name or tell me what to do”She yelled and faced the maids”Why are you still there? Should I scream all my lungs out before you know you should leave immediately?!”
They scurried away instantly
“And you, Josie you’ll be attending our school soon right?I’m warning you. You can still leave this house now that I’m still being nice. If you refuse and start attending our school,I’ll make life ha-rd for you that you’ll even prefer to be in the streets than being with us. Also in school,you mustn’t act like you’re related to us You mustn’t even use our surname. I’ll tell everyone you’re just a maid in our house that my dad just decided to take pity on” she babbled
“No matter what you do,I’ll never leave this house”I told her
“What…..Who told you you could talk back at me?”
“If you’re done bluffing, kindly leave my room.”I told her