Josie Episode 17

Episode 17
Still Josie’s POV
Zach c@m£ to me furiously and hit me on my face”How dare you, Josie? How dare you mess with my father and I? You knew about our plan right? Tell me, when did you know, was it the day you didn’t follow me in my car? Yes it must be that day because that was the day you hit Violet……I should have started suspecting you by then”
I punched him ha-rd on his nose”No, how dare you mess with me. You and your dad murdered my parents eight years ago,you still decided to mess with me. I trusted you so much,Zach. I never expected you to backstab me this way”
Violet was filled with great shock. She moved closer to us”Dad…. Zach…. Is all what she said true? Were you the one that murdered her parents?”she asked softly, still filled with shock
There was no reply from both of them. They seemed ashamed that Violet is knowing about that this way
“Why won’t you both answer me. The question I asked is obviously not rhetorical”she yelled
I faced her”Yes, Violet. It’s true. Your parents murdered my parents because of greediness. The company your dad and your mom is heading is ours. They murdered my parents to take it over. The biggest company which was built for me,they wanted to take it over too. They wanted me to sign a p@rticular do¢v-ment in their favour so they can take it over for life and s£nd me back to the streets. Can you see how horrible your family is?”
She turned to face her dad”Dad is all what she said true?”
Her dad was silent
“Dad just answer me!”she yelled
Her dad nodded gently”Yes, it’s all true”he answered
Violet smiled”That’s a relief”
Wait, what???
Her dad, Zach and I gave her a surprised look
“Violet,in case you didn’t hear well, your dad just admitted to killing my parents in order to take over our properties”I told her gently
“Keep shut,Pest. Yes,I heard my dad real well”She said and faced her dad”Dad,you should have told me this from the beginning. Now I’m relieved that I’m not a bastard, I’m the true daughter of my father,it runs in our blood to go to any extent in order to get what we want. And dad,if you had told me about this,your plan of taking over that big company of theirs won’t have failed at all.”
I was so annoyed”What are you saying, Violet? Your dad murdered my parents. He murdered his own blood because of greediness”
“Yes that’s why he’s my dad. I’m happy to have him as my dad. And by the way…….he murdered your parents right? Now, that you know that, what are you going to do about it. Will you go to the police station and tell them that? Like they’ll ever believe you? They’ll say you’re crazy”she continued
“You all are beasts! I can’t believe you guys are even related to me. Hear this, I’m going to find evidence about the death of my parents”I told her feeling so angry that none of them could even show any remorse
She mock_laughed”Evidence? Did you just say evidence? I can’t believe you’re this stupid. This stuff happened eight good years ago and you’re gonna find evidence? Wake up girl, you’re in reality not a dream Land or some cartoon”
I gritted my teeth angrily
“Just give up girl, accept your fate, sign those do¢v-ments and go back to the streets. See it as your destiny”she said
“Never. I’m going to avenge my parents death and take over our company back”I told her
“Like it’s a piece of cake. Look here girl,be it by f0rç£ or anyhow, I’m going to do all my best possible to make you sign those do¢v-ments and go back to the streets”she said
“That’s never gonna happen”
She scoffed”Let’s wait and see,I the master planner will be the one to win. For now,you can still hang around this house of ours till I come up with a better plan to make you sign those do¢v-ments. And if you decide to run away before signing those do¢v-ments, I’ll surely find you no matter where you may be hiding”
I crossed my arms”I’m not the type to run away when the battle is still on. I’m gonna stay and fight till the end”
She sm-irked”let’s see then”
I glared at everyone of them, I’m in a house filled with enemies. I’m at a crossroad too. They’re planning, I’m planning. At least….I have Dave with me
I went upstairs to my room and locked the door. I re-moved the annoying dress and put on a more comfy dress👗. Then I called Dave
He picked instantly,I told him how everything went,he was relieved, shocked and confused all together
“You know what, Josie, since it’s your birthday……. let’s go out together. Amma take you out since the birthday p@rty your uncle organized isn’t a good one”he said
“No,we can’t go out. Your fans are everywhere. How will we explain the situation to them and those reporters too. Also, your dad doesn’t want us together,if he finds out you’re with me ,he won’t like it”I told him
“Don’t worry about that,my dad is at work and he won’t be coming till night. We can have fun till then. Also,I alre-ady made a reservation at a beach, it’ll be just the two of us,no one else”he said
I brightened up”Really? Which beach?”
Violet’s POV
I was right outside her room,I heard all her discussions
I knew it, Josie isn’t that smart enough to have exchanged those do¢v-ments on her own. So it was Dave that has been helping her?
I listened carefully to her discussions?
He’s taking her to a beach?
I must figure out their next plan
I have to follow Josie secretly
quic-kly,I went to my room, changed my dress and went outside, Josie was alre-ady boarding a cab
I st©pped another cab”Follow that car discreetly”I told her driver
He nodded”Okay ma’am”
He st©pped the car where the car st©pped. It was a clas-sy beach. I feel so hurt,Dave is really taking good care of Josie. I can’t wait to get Josie to sign those do¢v-ments. After I’ve accomplished that, I’ll be the one to kill Josie myself and have Dave all to myself
I gave the cab driver money,got out and went to hide behind a tree. Dave showed up, smiled at Josie and they went in together.
After sometime,I decided to go in but a female security st©pped me”sorry ma’am but this place has been reserved for a couple. No other person is allowed to enter”
He even made reservations?
He really wants it to be just he and her there all alone
“Actually, the lady there is my sister so I…..”
“plea-se respect yourself ma’am. As from tomorrow, it’ll be open to all”she insisted
“Just mention the amount, I’ll pay you triple”
“Mr Dave Sky alre-ady paid us a lot of money so plea-se ma’am there are other beaches just go there”she said
This lady is alre-ady pissing me off
I took a nearby stone and hit it on her head,she pas-sed out Immediately
Yeah,I can go to any length to get what I want
I dragged her to a hidden place and switched our dresses and I wore a sunglas-s. Now they won’t ever know it’s me,they’ll think I’m a security too
Then I entered
I must know their new plan to counter it at last
My main aim is to help my dad take over the company, kill Josie and make Zach mine
I’m gonna succeed no matter what