Josie Episode 16

Episode 16
Violet’s POV
I opened my eyes gradually,I looked around. Whoa this is my room, I’m back to my house.
Wasn’t I supposed to go to Dave’s house? Who brou-ght me back home. I really wanted to spend up to a week in his house
“You’re awake alre-ady?”
I heard that annoying voice and stood up from be-d, Josie was in my room, sitting on one of the chairs”What are you doing here in my room? How dare you come to my room after all you did to me. I’m going to tell my dad to sue you for almost breaking my nose”
She crossed her legs”Calm down, Violence”
What?? Violence??
“Did you just call me Violence??”I asked her
“Oops sl!pof ton-gue”she said in a mock tone”Anyway,the nurses said you shouldn’t stress yourself for now so it’ll be best if you just remain quiet and gentle”
That idiot!
She’s going to surely die in my hands
“Who brou-ght me home? I was supposed to go to Dave’s house!”I asked her
“Dave brou-ght you home in his car,I suggested it and…….we also brou-ght your stuffs from Dave’s house so there’s no reason for you to go back there anymore”she told me
I was about pu-lling her hair when my dad and Zach entered
“Oh you’re awake alre-ady, Violet. Are you feeling better now?”my dad asked
I nodded
“Josie, thanks for watching Violet for us till she wakes”my dad said
He’s thanking that pest??
My dad acts so annoying at times
“Dad,why’re you thanking her? she’s the reason I got hurt in the first place”I said with annoyance
Josie’s POV
“Yes I know but Josie said she suddenly had headache,she acts like that anytime she has an headache”my uncle replied her
Men! I’m so perfect at lying
Dave is supposed to be here to hear this,he always say I’m terrible at lying
“Dad, don’t tell me you believed that. Can’t you tell Josie was lying to you? If she actually do act like that when she gets an headache,then why was it me she punched?”Violet asked
She’s kinda smart
“Violet, the most important thing is that you’re okay now and it was Josie who gave you a piggyback ride to Dave’s car when you pas-sed out”my uncle said
I know he’s just trying to act nice to me because he has a plan ahead
Well,I alre-ady know about this so let’s just keep fooling each other
It’s fooling time…..
“Also, there’s something I wanna say”my uncle said”Josie’s birthday is on the 25th of next month. She’s going to be twenty so I’m planning on throwing a birthday p@rty for her”
This man is really mean
He’s really planning on giving me a heart attack on my birthday
I’m so happy I alre-ady know their plan
What remains is to get a plan that will counter theirs and also get the evidence that he really murdered my parents
Violet was glaring real ha-rd “Dad How can you throw her a birthday p@rty? She doesn’t deserve it. A street girl doesn’t deserve…..”
“That’s enough, Violet. We should begin the preparations from now. We have less than three weeks”my uncle said
Violet kept arguing
Only Zach was silent
Yeah, he’s the only one that knows about his father’s plan. They’re in it together so he can’t be surprised about that
A week pas-sed
And another
Now tomorrow is the D_day
I was dressing for school when Dave called me
I picked immediately
“Hey Dave”
“Whoa whoa whoa seems you’ve been waiting for my call,sun flower”
“Sun flower?”
“Yeah, that’s the pet name I’ve decided to give you”
I rolled my eyes”The pet name is lame. Look for a better pet name”
He laughed”it was ha-rd getting that. Okay fine, I’ll just look for a better one”
“So about the evidences,were you able to get any?”I asked silently so no one around will hear
He sighed”Not at all. It’s a really ha-rd task. You know it’s not something that happened recently. It happened about eight years ago. But not to worry, I’ll still work on it today,I won’t come to school. For now,ask your uncle if he can allow you to invite your friends,if he says yes,that means he won’t carry out his mission tomorrow,if he says no,it means he’s gonna Carry out his plans”
Dave is so smart
“Okay I’ll do that”I told him
“In clas-s today, just make sure your phone is not turned off, I’ll keep texting you about any new developments”
“Alright, thanks so much, envelope”
“Envelope??”he asked
“Yes that’s the pet name I decided to give you”I told him
“But that’s lame, that’s horrible”
I laughed”now you know how horrible the pet name you gave me sounded so you better look for a better one”
He laughed”Silly thing…… Gotta go now, byeeeee”
“Byeeeee”I hung up, finished dressing and went to my uncle’s room”Uncle,I wanna ask you a question”
He smiled
That fake smile!
“Go on, dearie”
“Uncle, plea-se can I invite my friends over for my birthday p@rty tomorrow?”I asked
“No!”He yelled almost immediately. He saw my reaction and quic-kly gave me a smile”I mean……. I really wanted this birthday p@rty to only be between our family,I don’t want any outsider. I want this p@rty to be for you and you alone”
I f0rç£d a smile”alright, uncle”
Yeah, he’s really going to carry out his plans,I hope Dave finds out evidence before tomorrow. I wish I can join him but Dave was like my uncle may start suspecting I know something about their plans
I left the room and went to school, throu-ghout I didn’t get any text from Dave, didn’t he get any evidence?
My heart started beating
If he doesn’t get any evidence, it’s going to be over for me for real this time around
What do I do tomorrow if my uncle gives me those do¢v-ments to sign?
God, plea-se help me
School was over,I got home, the house was being decorated beautifully
I’m very sure they’re not decorating this because of my birthday, they’re decorating it for the aftermath of my birthday, they’re going to be celebr@ting on finally taking over my dad’s biggest company
I just went up straight to my room,I checked my phone……. still no text. I called him,no reply
What’s going on??
25th of August finally c@m£. Hurray it’s my birthday 🎈🎈🎈🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂
A day which is supposed to be a happy day for me, instead I’m filled with a lot of thoughts. By the end of the day,if things go wrong I’ll be back to the streets
No! I never want to go back there
Violet entered room”hey parasite,you must be feeling very happy that your birthday is being celebr@ted right? I want to promise you that I’ll do all my best possible to s£nd you outta this house. Seems you’ve even used a charm on my dad that he’s now more nicer to you”
I ignored her. I have better problems to face than arguing with her
Just then, some maids entered”Young lady two,the master of this house asked us to dress you up for your birthday p@rty”
Violet hissed”I can’t believe this is seriously happening”she then left
An hour later,I was re-ady,dressed in a long flowing turquoise blue go-wn with t©uçhes of Cora. Cora heels,Cora hair band……I hated the clothes and the color too but the real problem isn’t the clothes, it’s what will happen in just some hours to come
“You’re re-ady for the p@rty”a maid said
I f0rç£d a smile”thanks”
I made my way downstairs, the decorations were beautiful and completed now. A big cake was on the table at the center
It was only Zach, Violet,and two more people,I think they work for my uncle. They were the only ones downstairs at the p@rty
“Here comes the celebr@nt. Everyone welcome my beautiful niece, Josie Philli-ps”my uncle said
Everyone except Violet cl@pped
I f0rç£d a smile and went to take a seat
Music was pla-yed and everyone danced. The cake was cut 🍰
After that,my uncle c@m£ forward”I’d like our celebr@nt to sign a very important do¢v-ment”
My heart skipped
I was terrified
Come on, Josie you just have to be confident
“What’s the do¢v-ment about?”I asked
He smiled”it’s about the growth of this family. Once you sign it,our business will surely grow and we’ll all be able to enjoy the rest of our lives in happiness”
What a smooth lying truth
“So…… You have to sign this”he said and gave me a pen”Come on, sign it, just sign it”
“No more questions”he cut me off”Just sign this”he f0rç£d the pen into my hands”Sign it, everyone is waiting”
I breathed in and out
God help me
I collected the pen and signed
Everyone cl@pped
My uncle sm-irked”Congratulations………on your last day in this house. Thanks for giving me your company and agreeing to spend the rest of your life in the streets”
Zach and the two other people started laughing evily,only Violet was looking so confused
“Why am I going back to the streets?”I asked, feigning ignorance
Mu uncle kept laughing”You really have no idea on what you just signed”
I crossed my arms”I do”
He was confused”No you don’t”
“I do”
“Take it,re-ad it from the beginning to the end”he told me
“No I think you should never the one, re-ading it”I said, sm-irking
He re-ad it and glared at me
“How dare you Josie?!!!!!!!!”
I sm-irked
Dave is so perfect
He texted me last night, telling me he didn’t find evidence but told me for now,I should just switch the do¢v-ments
So that was what I did
When they were all asleep,I switched the do¢v-ments with report sheets,I signed at the end of the report sheets just like a teacher will sign her students report sheets
Dave is so cool
I never want to get separated from him
We should be together for life