Josie Episode 15

Episode 15
Still Dave’s POV
I walked towards the detention hall, entered and went to sit beside her. She was weeping”What’s wrong with you, Josie?”I asked
She wiped her tears. “Nothing, I’m fine. Why’re you here? You ought to have been in clas-s by now”
I sighed”Josie,you can’t tell me it’s nothing,I’m not stupid to believe that and by the way I was also s£nt to detention,I used a swear word”
She didn’t say anything
“Josie,if you’re sad because Violet is staying in my house,I want to as-sure you that there’s nothing that will ever happen between us, you’re the only girl that is always in my mind”I told her
She looked at me
“I’m not the type to cry about dumb stuffs like that. I know it’s me you love and you’ll never love her”she said
Whoa so confident I really love her
I like that
“I found out about the death of my parents,I found out the fire accident didn’t just happen. It was initiated by someone”she said
Josie’s POV
He looked shocked and startled
I told him everything I heard in details
“Oh my God, Josie you’ve sure gone throu-gh a lot. How can a brother kill his own brother because of greediness?”he said”it’s alright Josie, everything will surely turn out fine,I promise you”he started patting me as I re-leased all my tears
“He’s also planning to use Violet to take over your dad’s wealth”I told him
“We have to act fast. We have to have a good plan that will counter theirs. Don’t worry about my family, he’ll never succeed in his plans because no matter what I’ll never d@t£ or marry Violet. Now tell me, when is your birthday?”he asked
“25th of next month”I replied
“Wow, that’s close we don’t have up to a month left”he said”you know what, Josie, from now on, just be acting normal,be acting like you don’t know anything about their plans”
“I don’t think that can be easy, anytime I see them it makes me remember how I lost my parents,how I wandered throu-gh the streets helplessly, how I had to go hungry…… It always makes me feel like killing them”I told him
He sighed”I know how you feel, Josie but we shouldn’t act in a way that’ll make you suffer more. We have to act like we don’t know anything for now,I promise you that soon, we’ll come up with a good plan and we’ll also nee-d to find evidences that they really killed your parents. I promise you, everything will be fine, you’ll get everything back and you won’t ever live in the streets again”
I felt relieved
Dave was like God s£nt
I was so angry and bitter a while ago but with him telling me this,I feel everything will really be alright soon
“Now, will you go back to the way you were and give me that beautiful smile of yours”he said
I smiled
“Yeah, that’s more like you”he said, placing his hands on my face”Now,we’re going to be together for the rest of the day. What should we do together?”
I smiled”Let’s just watch TV. The last time I c@m£ to this detention hall,I watched TV throu-ghout. The movies they showed was very interesting”
“Okay fine”he said and switched on the TV
The first thing we saw was a guy and a girl k!ss!ngintently…
We gulped together
They kept k!ss!ngand oh no they were about undressing each other,I covered my eyes
Dave laughed
“What’s funny?”I asked,my eyes still covered
He kept laughing”So naive. When will you ever grow up? Always acting like a kid when you’ll be twenty soon”
I opened my eyes, he’s turned the TV off alre-ady”Hey my age has nothing to do with this. It’s just that it’s uncomfortable watching that with you in the school”I told him
He moved closer to me”Then…… should we book an h0tel and watch it there? I Know of a good h0tel”
I hit his on his arm”That’s not happening”
He held his arm”Hey, that hurts. Can’t you tell I was just kidding? Your hand really hurts”
I smiled”I’m sorry, I’ll mas-sage it for you”I said and started mas-saging his arm
“You have beautiful eyes”he said
I let go of him”that’s how it starts. You have to remember the fact that we’re in school”
“I don’t care”he said and pu-ll-ed me closer”you have a beautiful nose….. You have beautifull-ips”he said and brou-ght his face closer to mine
Hisl-ips met mine
We k!$$£d
It was intense
I forgot the fact that we were actually in the school
It felt like it was just both of us in this world
Can’t it just be really both of us in this world?
Then he broke the k!ssof a sudden my s-en-ses c@m£ back
I actually k!$$£d Dave in the school?
But why did he have to break the k!ssjust like that
“There are CCTV c@m£ras in this Hall”he said
I g@sped”oh no. What do we do? If the head of the institution see this in his office then we’re dead,if he knows then the whole school knows,if the whole school knows, the whole country knows”I panicked
He crossed his arms”Calm down,if they know they know,I don’t care. All that matters to me is that I k!$$£d the love of my life”
I hit him on his arm”They mustn’t know this way. You have to do something”
He held his arm”if we get married,I might end up only having one arm”
“Oh I’m so sorry”I said mas-saging his arm again”but you really have to do something”
“Fine I’ll just go to the head’s office and delete it from there.”He said,got up and left
Why must we be in school?
I’m really happy I fell in love with Dave
After the loss of my parents, he’s the first best thing that ever happened to me…..
He c@m£ back later, very late
“Why were you so late?”I asked
“I deleted it successfully but I was about sneaking out of his office when he caught me,he asked what I was doing in his office. As a smartas-s that I am,I told him I c@m£ to sign on his personal book since I figured he was a fan of my music,he was surprised and was like wow, how did you know that? I’ve always wanted to ask for your autogra-ph but I was always thinking you’ll start disrespecting me and won’t obey my rules anymore,but now that you’re here willingly,here are the books of my kids,nieces, nephews,my friends and their children,in short, the books were so many. That head teacher is really something”he explained
I started laughing
He join in the laughter too and we were both laughing together
I wish today will never end
Violet’s POV
I opened my eyes,I was in the school clinic,drip being pas-sed throu-gh me. What the heck am I doing in the clinic
Then I remembered, Josie punched me in the nose, the punch was really ha-rd
She wanted to punch me again,a teacher c@m£ and s£nt her to detention
Dave also used a swear word and was s£nt to detention too,I wanted to react when I felt myself growing weak and…… BLACK OUT
Wait,so that means Dave and Josie are together alone
No I mustn’t let that happen
They can’t get close to each other
“Noooooooooooooooooo”I screamed out
The nurses c@m£ running
“I’m okay now, I’m really okay. plea-se help me re-move this stuff,I nee-d to go back to clas-s”I told them
“No you’re not okay. You nee-d to relax”one of them said
“I said I’m okay!”I yelled, trying to re-move the drip
They all held me down
“Bring the injection for slee-ping”a nurse said
Some one went to get it
“No I’m alright,you Can’t make me sleep off”I said
They didn’t answer me and used the injection on me
Then…… BLACK OUT again