Josie Episode 14

Episode 14
I tried as much as possible to keep silent and not say anything even I couldn’t breathe loudly
I must hear what plan they’re talking about that involves me
“Dad, honestly speaking of plans, don’t you think you’ve not be going according to our plans recently?”Zach asked
“Why did you say so?”
“You told me our plan was to act very nice to Josie,we should act like we really love her till her 20th birthday so she’ll have really trusted us so much and then she’ll be able to sign those do¢v-ments in our favour. You said we’ve alre-ady taken over some of the companies her dad owned,even the one mom is heading in China is his and it remains just one,the largest,the one that will make us known worldwi-de when we take it over”Zach said
“Yes, that’s the greatest of all the companies. You know my brother was really a smart person,he built that company in his daughter’s name and it’s only when she clocks twenty that she can have access to it but if she’s twenty alre-ady and she signs a do¢v-ment of allowing me,take it over instead,then it’ll be mine for life and that has been my main goal after setting her parents on fire that day, almost eight years ago”he said
My heart shifted
Did I hear right?
My uncle was the one who set the fire on my parents?
That’s not possible
Did he do that because he wanted to take over all my dad’s company??
No,he would never do that
He’ll never kill his brother for anything
Maybe I didn’t hear right
I should keep listening
“At least, the most important thing is Josie doesn’t know that fact yet. She doesn’t know we were going the one that actually set the fire,she really thinks it just happened coincidentally” Zach said
“Yeah. We’re gonna reveal all that to her on her twentieth birthday, immediately after she signs the do¢v-ment in our favour. The shock will be to horrible for her to bear”my uncle said
And they both laughed
“What if she ends up committing suicide?” Zach asked
“That won’t be happening in my house because Immediately she signs and we tell her everything……. I’ll be s£nding her back to where she always belonged”my uncle said
“Yes,the streets. Spending seven years of her life there should have alre-ady made her adapted to it”Zach said and they both laughed again
Even Zach
I really trusted him
I thought he was the only one on my side….
Tears started flowing down my cheeks but I wiped them off
I can’t cry here
I can’t cry now
I have to hear their plans from the beginning to the end
I wish I brou-ght my phone with me
I could have recorded all this
“But dad, recently you’ve not been treating her well. You should have at least left her to be with Dave for now and after her twentieth birthday, you’ll just work out things between Dave and Violet” Zach said
“Hmm my son firstly, opportunities aren’t something to be delayed, they’re to be gr@bb£d once they’re seen. Mr Sky is a very rich man. He has thri-llions of dollars, even his son is rich too. If Violet should marry into that family, our wealth will be increa-sed and keep multi-plying so that even our generations will keep enjoying the wealth. Also, secondly,once you hate someone it’s always so ha-rd to pretend to like the person”
“I swear,dad. It has not being easy at all, trying to impress her with this cute smile of mine, pretending to save her from Violet’s claws…… Well, she’s so stupid,she really trusts me and thinks I actually care for her, clueless girl”
This is getting to much for me to bear…..
“Anyway dad,you just have to start acting nice to her from now till next month,her birthday so she’ll sign those papers without asking any questions and our plan will work out perfectly well”
So that was their plan
Are these family members or beasts
“Dad but I’m kinda worried, Violet doesn’t know this plan of ours and really hates Josie. I always think Violet may end up killing Josie before she even clocks twenty” Zach said
“That’s why you should show up before such happens, that will increase her trust in you”my uncle said”the idiot thinks Violet is her only enemy… clueless”
The saying is actually right
The enemy you know is better than the one you don’t know
The worst type of enemy is one that even acts like a friend
I ti-ptoed back to my room and started the silent cry
This is too much for me to bear
My parents died just because of my uncle’s greediness
No one likes me in this world
No one!
The only person that loves me, the enemies are trying to steal him away too
Why must my life be like this??
Why can’t my life be just peaceful?
What do I do now?
Do I just disappear out of reach?
Or should I…..I don’t even know anymore
I cried cried and cried
Monday c@m£,I put on my uniform and got re-ady for school sluggishly
Why am I still even going to school?
I just have to go
Since I don’t have a good plan yet,I just have to keep going to the school
I went downstairs,Zach was having breakfast”hey lil cousin, come and join me”he said, smilling sweetly, that fake smile
“No thanks not hungry.”I replied nonchalantly and left
He c@m£ running after me,”are you in a hurry because you missed a lot last week? Get in my car we’ll leave immediately and I’ll tell the maids to pack your breakfast”
“I said I’m not hungry. St©p acting like you care!” I yelled at him,he seemed startled”and by the way, school isn’t far from here, I’ll just trek”
I then jogged off
I got to school half an hour later,Zach was alre-ady there
As I entered the hallway, groups of students started whispering to one another
“Dave sky and Josie Philli-ps c@m£ to school together today”
“Yes I heard they’re even living together”
“I knew Dave was going to fall for her, she’s actually the h0ttest in clas-s One”
“Maybe she’s actually the secret girl he mentioned when he was being interviewed about his song”
“But he said the girl could sing, Violet only dances,she doesn’t sing”
“That’s true…..
Just immediately, Violet walked over to me with Dave coming behind her
“In case you wanna know,I had the best time ever with the love of my life”she said
I was annoyed alre-ady but she’s alre-ady added fuel to the fire
Without thinking twice,I punched her ha-rd on her nose,she started bleeding from her nose, people gathered around us
I wanted to hit her again but Dave st©pped me”you’re creating a scene here”
“Let go of me!” I j£rked away from him and held Violet by her collar”You family of murderers. What else do you want from me? Aren’t you satisfied with everything you’ve taken alre-ady. Just leave be. Leave my life alone”
I wanted to hit her again but someone held my hand
“Dave leave…… “I st©pped, realizing it was a teacher not Dave
“Detention for you,Miss Josie Wills”she told me
“Thanks that’s perfect”I said and left
Dave’s POV
What’s going on with Josie?
She never acts this way
She’s always smiling
Something must be wrong
I must find out
“What the fv¢k just happened”I deliberately said
“Mr Sky we don’t allow swear words but since you’re a celebrity, I’ll let it go”she said
“What the fv¢k?”I said again
“Mr Dave Sky…”
“Just put me in detention alre-ady”I told her
She sh0t a surprised look at me”okay, detention for you”