Josie Episode 13

Episode 13
Josie’s POV
Dave wants to introduce me to the world
That’s so awesome
Let me see if I can come up with a song
I have to keep it low so my uncle won’t hear
I took my pen and a book
Inspiration inspiration inspiration
The door opened and Violet entered, dressed in a yellow and purple short ti-ght short go-wn,carrying a big bag
“Josie Josie”she called smilling
Here comes Violence, I’m sure there’s something behind that smile
“Can you guess where I’m going to?”She asked me
I rolled my eyes. It can’t be anywhere ap@rt from a club p@rty, her dressing says it all except for the big bag she carried
“I asked a question”she said
I looked up at her”I don’t care. What’s my business with where you’re going to?”
She increa-sed the width of her smile”oh you’re gonna care, baby. I’m going to a place that will really make you freak out if you hear”
“Oh, you’re going on a tour? Go go anywhere I don’t care. Just leave my room,I nee-d time to myself”i told her feeling eager to start singing
She crossed her arms”I’m going to Dave’s house and I’m going to spend three days. I discovered Dave fell in love with you after you spent a night in his house so if I spend like three days, he’ll forget all about you and fall de-eply in love with me”
“You’re going to Dave’s house? His dad doesn’t even know you, trust me, they’re going to throw you out”I told her confidently
She laughed and laughed and laughed”The house arrest my dad put you in has really made you clueless,you don’t even know what’s trending now. I successfully spoilt your image in the pres£nce of Dave’s Dad and now he really hates you. Since he’s my dad’s business p@rtner,he told my dad he’ll prefer that Dave d@t£s someone like me instead so forget it, Dave’s Dad really likes me now and hates you”she said
Is she really serious about what she said?
Does Dave’s dad really hate me now?
He used to call me his daughter in law……
“Hmm,honey bunny all the things I just said must be very difficult for you to process right?”she said, sarcastically with fake pity on her face”Well,I just felt it won’t be good if I left without letting you know about it”
Then she left, dancing happily
No,all she said aren’t true
They are not true at all
Where’s my phone I nee-d to call Dave
I dialled his number but he didn’t pick
I kept dialling
At the fifth time he answered
Thank goodness
“Hello Dave. Violet……”
“You this shameless girl, what do you want from my son. Why won’t you leave my son alone. I won’t allow you toruin my son’s career”
Oh that’s his dad
It was his dad that answered
“Dad st©p this st©p it”I heard Dave’s voice from beneath
Violet wasn’t lying. She actually spoilt me in front of Dave’s dad
“Father, plea-se hear me out. I…..”I tried to explain
“Who is your father? Don’t ever call this number again, okay??”
Then he hung up
h0t streams of tears started flowing down my cheeks
Why is Violet just after my sadness?
What have I ever done to receive such actions from her
Right from the first day I ever set my eyes on her…..
Dave’s POV
“Dad what you’re doing isn’t right. Why won’t you hear from my point of view”I told my dad immediately he cut the call on Josie
“Son, you’re being bewitched and I as your father won’t ever watch your career crash because of a girl faking love for you. I’m really sure she’s just after our money”my dad said
“Let’s not speak on this matter anymore. You’ll be having a visitor soon, she’ll be spending three days and she’ll be sharing the same room with you”
“What? A she? No way,it can’t be Violet. It’s not her right?”
I asked,my head preparing to spark
My Dad didn’t answer……..
Just then,we heard a knock
“Come in”my dad said
A maid entered”Sir,you have a visitor, she’s a young lady,she said she’s Violet Philli-ps”
“Oh…..tell her to come upstairs to Dave’s room”my dad told her and she left
He then faced me”You better treat her well, she’s going to be your future wife”
Then he left
Few seconds later,she entered with a big bag in her hand,she was smilling
“I believe it’s curtsy to knock before entering a room that doesn’t belong to you”I told her
“Well, your dad told me we’re both sharing this room so I believe knocking isn’t necessary”she said and c@m£ closer, offloaded her bag and started arranging her things in a vacant wardrobe in my room
How dare she!
I’m just so confused on what to do
My dad is supporting her and has alre-ady warned me not to treat her badly
When she was done,she moved closer to me and pu-ll-ed down the Zi-pper of her dress
What the heck is she doing?
quic-kly,I held her hand”What do you think you’re doing?”
“The car I entered was so stuffy so I wanna take a bath”she answered
“And you’re pu-lling off your dress right in front of me?”I asked. She’s really nuts
“Yes of course, we’ll be future couples so I don’t think undressing in front of each other should be a problem”she answered and win-ked at me
I stood up”you’ve finally gone crazy, Violet. How can you……”
I was saying but she cut me off by putting her hands on myl-ips”Ssh”she said
I hit her hands off almost immediately”You can have this room to yourself. I don’t care if I’ll have to sleep outside of this house,I can’t bear staying any minute,no second with you anymore”I said and turned to leave but she held me back
“What? Am I ma-king you feel uncomfortable? Am I ma-king your heart beat??”She said and started undoing the bu-ttons of my shi-t”I think that’s a sign that you’re alre-ady falling for me”
The first bu-tton opened
The second
The third
Then, without thinking twice,I pushed her off with full f0rç£
Since, she landed on the be-d,no bones will break
I took my facemask and facecap which I use as a disguise outside so people won’t notice it’s me, Dave Sky
I got out of the room and left the house
Seems I’ll be lodging at a h0tel tonight
Josie’s POV
I suddenly woke up,I must have fallen asleep, crying
Oh,that dream about my parents again
When will I st©p dreaming about this?
My throat feels so dry
I think I nee-d some water
I got up from my be-d and went downstairs,as I wanted to take a step,I heard someone mention my name like they were talking about me
I ti-ptoed to the place,it was my uncle’s room
“Wait, before you go on,have you checked her room if she’s really asleep?”That was my uncle’s voice
Who was he talking to?
This is 2am in the early morning, everyone should be asleep
“Yes,I just left her room,she was really asleep”
Ohh that’s Zach’s voice
I should listen carefully and not make a sound. What do they want to say about me that they wouldn’t want me to hear?
“That’s good because once she hears this,our plan is over and won’t work out again”
What are they talking about????