Episode 12




Josie’s POV

Two more days to go

Two more days to go


I was dancing all around my room,I can’t wait for Monday to come. I’ve really missed school

Wait, not school…

It’s….let me just admit it,I’ve missed Dave so much and it’s like I’ve ever fallen in love with him


I took my phone and I went through contacts

Why don’t I have his number?

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An idea struck my mind,why don’t I check Google?


I Google searched but there was nothing like that

I’m so stupid,why would a celebrity leak his personal contact to the world?

Instead,I saw another article

Dave Sky released a new song today

Quickly,I clicked on it and read through,the writer of the article wrote the title and commended Dave Sky that of all song he sang,it was the best


Immediately,I searched for the song and downloaded it. It already had over one million downloads in just how many minutes

I listened to the song

It was more than perfect,His face was unusually bright too


Then my phone rang,it was an unknown number,who is this?

I picked

“Hello please who am I on to?”

“Silly thing”The person said

“Hey it’s rude to call a person for the first time and the first thing you say is an insult”I told the person

The person laughed”Now, that’s more like you. Always lecturing”

I gasped”Dave?? Dave right? Are you seriously Dave?”

“No I’m Dove, silly silly thing”

“Aish…. just let me catch you….. How did you get my number?”I asked feeling both surprised and happy he’s actually calling me when I was just thinking about him

“We’ll deal on that later. Right now, I’m on a hot seat, I’m getting ready to be interviewed by a lot of reporters based on the song I just released. Have you listened to it?”

“Yes,it was really melodious, the title is perfect for it and it sounds like a love song. So tell me,who did you sing that song for?”I asked teasing him

“A girl I just recently fell in love with,Dana by name”he answered

Wait,a girl he just fell in love with?


My name isn’t Dana?

“Hey how can you fall in love with that Dana girl or whatever? I….I mean….”I was saying

He laughed”Are you jealous?”

“Of course not. It’s just like I don’t like the name Dana. I don’t care who you fall in love with. You should be calling the Dana not me”I told him. Who the heck is that Dana?

I thought he kissed me because he liked me

“Idiot, it’s you. You really know how to be jealous”He said


It’s me??


That’s how it started

Thousands of love started jumping in front of my eyes

I went silent for a while, processing what Dave just said


“Josie,are you there?are you there?”


Yes I was there of course but these loves won’t stop jumping in front of my eyes



“Josie Josie…. Oh man, the reporters are already ready to shoot this interview life just switch on the TV and watch me now….. Byeeeee”he then hung up


He loves me

He loves me

He loves me


Oh come to your senses, Josie


He said I should watch him on TV


Quickly,I got up and switched on the TV in my room


Dave’s POV

I switched off my phone and went to the place I was to meet the reporters

“You’re welcome Mr Dave Sky. Of all your songs, everyone is saying they enjoyed this song the most. It even had over one million downloads in less than two hours. Also, it’s a love song,your fans are dying to know if you’ve really fallen in love” one of them said

I smiled”yes, I’m in love”

“Really?tell us,who’s the lucky girl? Who’s the girl that stole your heart?”another asked

“She’ll be revealed in the part two of this song, she’ll sing with me too. I’ll be releasing the part two of this song in a week time so I’d like everyone to be patient till then”I explained and they all agreed and wrapped everything up


I got into my car and drove home straight,my dad must be so proud of me for this beautiful song I just sang

As I entered the house,he was right in the living room

“Hey Dad. I’m sure you’ve been waiting for me. I already know what you want to say I sang marvellously well right?”I asked still beaming”All thanks to your future daughter in law she’s really changed my life completely”

“Stop it!”

My dad shouted angrily

I was surprised at his actions”What’s going on,dad? Is anything wrong?”

“Son,you should stop talking about that deceiver of a girl already. She’s not a good person at all she has a mission,her mission is to spoil your career”he said

“Dad, what are you saying? Why’re you suddenly badmouthing her? You liked her from the first time you ever set your mind eyes on her”

“That’s because she deceived us. She is a maid that once lived on the streets, she’s also a slut,you really have to believe me”my dad said

“Dad don’t you dare say those things about her. Josie is really not like that. Tell me,who told you those things?”

“My business partner, Mr Phillips”

“He is the real deceiver. He wants me and his daughter to get engaged because of his own selfish interests”

My dad slapped me instantly”Don’t you speak badly of my business partner. He deliberately did a research on the girl because he doesn’t want your career to go crashing so you should be grateful to him…… And by the way,his daughter is really pretty,you should hang out with her more often”

I held my cheeks”Dad,I just released a song today. Josie was the reason I sang that song. And also,I promised my fans I’m gonna show the girl I love to them in a week time, how can you let this happen? How can you believe what Mr Phillips said?”

“There’s no way I’m gonna let you show that girl to the world. If you’re really going to show a girl to them in a week’s time then it has to be Mr Phillips daughter”


“That’s final,son. I’m sure you’ll be very grateful to me once you find out how evil Josie really is”

“Dad she’s not……”

He didn’t wait,he left


How can this seriously happen

That Violet!

She said she was going to involve her dad in this and she really did

What do I do now?




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