Josie Episode 11

Episode 11
Dave’s POV
Ever since Josie spent the night in our house,I’ve been happy. I can’t wait for next week to come so I’ll be really okay to resume school by then and I’ll be able to see her again
If this feeling is called love then I never want to st©p loving Josie,she has really changed a lotta things in me, I’m now smilling almost Everytime
Also, I’m now packing my plates and washing it myself like she said 😂😂😂
My dad entered with my manager
“Dave, your manager is here,he said you called for him”my dad said
I smiled”Yeah,I have a song I composed just yesternight stro-ke this morning. I really wanna sing it and re-lease the albu-m fast”
My manager moved closer to me and sat on my be-d”You wanna sing? You never sing until your dad,me and your other family members call meeting on your head that it’s time you sing another song. What has come over you? You’re even smilling than usual”
I kept smilling
“My son has fallen in love. It’s the girl that brou-ght about these changes in him”my dad said
“Are you serious?”My manager said, smilling”This stone hearted guy finally….. very unbelievable. Anyway, what title do you want to give to your song?”
“The melody in my music”I replied
“Wow, that’s so perfect. Sounds like a love song. First time you’ll be singing a love song. I’m so eager for the song. So when will you be okay to start the music video?” He asked
“Tomorrow,I’ll finish up the songs for now and re-lease the p@rt one of the song,in the p@rt two, I’m planning to let her be filmed with me, she’ll sing with me,she can really sing too” I explained
A knock was heard on my room door
“Come in”I said
A maid entered”Young master,you have a visitor,she said she’s from your school”
I jumped up immediately
Whoa! Did Josie really come to visit me?
“Tell her to come upstairs to my room”I told the maid,she bowed and left
Then I faced My Dad and My manager”You both have to leave now, I’m having a special visitor”I said,shooing them away
They got up
“I’m hurt,you don’t see me as a special visitor”my manager said, faking heart break
“Of course you are but definitely not as special as she is”I said and pushed them out
quic-kly,I styled my hair perfectly and went to lie down on the be-d
The door opened
“You can see what you’ve done, Josie,now I really can’t walk well so I couldn’t go to school either. Did you come because you were worried about me or because you missed me or because after the k!sswhich you referred to asl-ips lock,you couldn’t st©p thinking about me”I said
There was no reply
I got up and faced her to receive the greatest shock of my life,it was not Josie but Violet
“You seem really shocked to see me, were you really expecting Josie?”she said
What the heck is she doing here?
How dare she come to my house?
To my room?!
“How did you find my house? What are you doing here?”I asked
“I c@m£ to see you,I was worried since they said you couldn’t come to school because you got injured”She said
I was so furious”Now that you’ve seen me, kindly leave my room and my house”
“I don’t un-derstand anymore,why do you hate me so much and like Josie, that street girl that works as a maid in our house”
“She’s your cousin”
She seemed startled”How did you know that? She told you?? That blabbermouth”
“Violet, just leave,I nee-d some time to myself”
She started crying”No I won’t. I won’t leave, I really love you don’t you get it? It really hurts to think that of all girls in this world, it’s Josie you like. You even k!$$£d her. What do you see in her?!”
I didn’t reply,she should just really leave this place
She moved closer to me,sat on my be-d and clunged to my arms, still crying”plea-se,tell me, what can I do to make you like me?”
I pushed her away,she fell on the ground”Don’t bother,no matter what you do,you can’t be like Josie to me”
She got up”You have to seriously like me, else I’ll kill Josie or I’ll tell my dad to s£nd her back to the streets”
Whoa! What a threat!
I crossed my arms”Firstly, Josie is not that easy to kill, she’s stronger than what you think of her as and secondly,if you s£nd her back to the streets, I’ll search for her and take her in”
She wiped her tears”Watch and see how all this ends. Josie will be the one suffering at the end I’ll do anything to make sure both of us end up together at last. I’ll even tell my dad to help me since he and your dad are business p@rtners”
The more she does these things, the more I dislike her. I don’t even think she knows the meaning of love, she’s just obsessed
“Bye I’m leaving, I’m coming here tomorrow with my dad”she said
Her dad?!
Is she nuts??
Is she really going to involve her dad in this?
“Wait, before you go….”
She st©pped in her tracks and faced me
“Give me Josie’s number”
She frowned”I’m definitely not doing that”then she left
I smiled,I deliberately said that to give her more headache,I alre-ady have Josie’s number,it was on the day she spent the night,I secretly got her number,even Josie didn’t know that
Violet’s POV
I’m not going to give up. I’m going to involve my dad in this. I explained things to him and he consoled me, promising to do anything for me
On Saturday,my dad and I went to Dave’s dad company
“Hello Mr Sky”My Dad greeted
“Hey Mr Philli-ps. You’re very much welcome, have your seat”
“I’ll go straight to the point. This is my daughter, Violet Philli-ps, she’s very much in love with your son,Dave Sky. I was just thinking that since we’re business p@rtners, it’ll really do us well if our children get closer to each other and even get married after their institution education”my dad explained
Oh I really love my dad
“I’m really surprised you’re bringing this up but I don’t think that can be possible,my son is in love with another girl and she’s really changed his life a lot. I think the girl is perfect for my son”Dave’s dad said
“Did you try to find out about the girl’s background at all?”my dad asked
“I know she attends his school”
“Just that? The girl is actually a maid in our house”my dad said and Mr Sky looked shocked
“Also, before coming to our house,she has lived all her life in the streets, she’s a street girl and she has a lot of bad habits,she hangs out with different kinds of guys. Check out this picture” my dad said and showed him the picture of Josie and those guys I s£nt to her
Mr Sky was so so shocked
“So is this the kind of girl you want to be with your son? Your son is a popular musician. If everyone know he’s actually moving with this kind of a girl,his image will be affected real bad”my dad said
“In fact, I’m so shocked to hear this. I can’t believe of all girls, it’s this kind of girl my son decided to fall in love with. No wonder,she must really be a slut,the first time I saw her,she was in my son’s room k!ss!nghim. How dare she do this to my son?! Thanks Mr Philli-ps for letting me know all this. I’m going to do something about this. I won’t allow that evil girl affect my son’s career”Mr Sky said
Whoa whoa whoa
Who’s the master planner?
Me, Violet Philli-ps
Now Mr Sky surely won’t let Dave meet up with Josie
It’ll now be me and me alone
I’m too cool