Episode 10



Every single living soul in the house came to meet us

“Didn’t you hear me??? I said where were you all through the night???!!!” She repeated

I crossed my arms, looking at her directly in the eye”Since when have you ever cared about me? You know,you asking me this question is really making my suspicion appear to be true. Tell me,you sent those guys right?”

She immediately put on an innocent look”What are you talking about, Josie?”

My uncle sighed”Josie, what are you saying? Just tell us where you were all through the night. You know,I was so worried”

I moved closer to my uncle” Uncle,I received a text from Zach yesterday telling me to wait for me in an uncompleted building at Instell”

“I didn’t send such message”Zach said immediately

“I know it wasn’t you, Zach, I’m very sure it was Violet that used your phone to send that message and I’m also very sure she was also the one who sent those dudes to me to…..”I tried to explain but Violet cut me off immediately

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“Dad,I don’t know what she’s talking about? I didn’t send any message to her through Zach’s phone” she said innocently

That pretender!

“Uncle I really received the message. Let’s check Zach’s phone, the message she sent must still be there” I said, collected Zach’s phone and searched for the message,it couldn’t be found”Uncle,she must have deleted the message. I’ll show you the message in my phone. I didn’t delete any message so the message she sent must still be there” I brought out my phone and searched for the message,I couldn’t find it either

What could have happened?

Why is the message gone?

Oh…. those guys collected my phone,by any chance,did you they delete the message?

Ohhhhhh, Violet that devil 😈,she must have planned it so well

No one will believe me now

“Dad,you can see that,no message was sent. Josie is just trying to frame me for the bad things she did throughout the night. She’s trying to use me to cover up for her misdeeds” Violet said

“Bad things?? Misdeeds??” My uncle, Zach and I said together

“Yes. One of my friends,sent a pic to me yesterday night. She said she was passing by when she saw that so she had to take a picture”Violet said

What the heck is she talking about??

She brought out her phone and showed it to my uncle and Zach, the maids gathered round to check it

“This is Josie, having fun with these guys”

My uncle looked furious,he collected the phone and showed it to me”Got any explanation for this?”

I smiled”Yes uncle, these are the guys that attacked me yesterday”

“This doesn’t look like an attack,it obviously looks like you were having fun with them, dad you can see she’s even smilling with them,if it was an attack,she’d have been looking terrified” Violet said

I sighed,there was no more to say again, Violet really planned all this well

“So you didn’t come home because you were with these guys? Were you always this kind of person?” My uncle scolded,I didn’t say anything

“Dad, have you forgotten you brought in a street girl to this house. She has a lot of bad habits. Because she won the talent show in school,she went to celebrate it with her boyfriends and didn’t come home” Violet told her dad

“Josie,how can you do this kind of terrible thing?! Your punishment is that you’re grounded for the rest of the week,you aren’t even allowed to go to school. Also, since it’s because you were too happy you won the talent show, you’re banned from singing ever again”my uncle said

My head sparked”uncle,you can give me any other punishment but please you can’t stop me from singing,it was my parents wish that I never stop singing. Please”

“If your parents were alive and they find out singing makes you do terrible things,they’d have probably banned you too”my uncle said”So that’s final!” He then left

“No uncle you can’t do this”I said and fell to the ground, crying

The maids left too,I guess they were feeling sorry for me

I glanced at Violet,she was smirking

Zach’s facial expression was just plain

I then got up and went to my room, the tears now flowing freely. I’ve been banned from singing

I can’t go to school either

Why do I feel so bad about not going to school for the rest of this week?

Dave…… Am I missing him already

No I’m not, it’s not because of Dave

Is it?



I hit my head, what’s wrong with me? I’m in so much trouble now and all I can think about is Dave?


My room door opened and Violet entered,she was already dressed in her uniform

“What do you want?”I asked her, she’s successfully spoilt my image in front of everyone in this house

She locked the door,walked towards me and dragged my hair”you, how dare you go to Dave’s house. Didn’t I tell you he’s mine??”

I pushed her hand away from my hair”Whoa,so you were really the one who sent those guys”

She gave a sinister smile”Yeah,I was the one,so? Who would believe you anyway? When it comes to planning, I’m the master planner”

I knew it,I wished I recorded this

“Now tell me,did you really spend the night in Dave’s house? How dare you?!”

“Yes,I spent the night in his house”

She grabbed my hair again, furiously”although I’m very sure a celebrity like Dave would never even look at a street girl like you but what if you tried to seduce him? Tell me,what exactly happened in his house yesterday?”

“We kissed” I told her ready to give her the worst heart attack ever

“You….you… You what?…..no,I can’t believe you, it’s on Google that Dave Sky never kissed a girl. There’s no way he could have made you his first kiss. There’s no way” she said, running her hands through her hair

“We kissed, honestly and it was the best kiss ever”I told her,she must really get this heart attack as a punishment for painting my image black

She hit me in the face”just tell me you’re not saying the truth”

I smirked at her”Why would I want to lie about that?”

She gripped my neck”You’ll die by my hands today, I’m seriously going to kill you and my dad will cover it up for me”

She was really choking me

“Go ahead,kill me, I’m very sure Dave won’t let you be for hurting his first love” I said confidently

“What are you talking about? First love?”she asked angrily and tightened the grip on my neck


“Violet,were are you? We’re going to be late for school” Zach shouted from downstairs

She released my neck”I’ll seriously come back for you and kill you for real”

Then she left


I started coughing,this girl is a murderer


Violet’s POV

I went to school and came back,Dave wasn’t in school,they said he got injured so he couldn’t make it to school

Immediately I got home,I went straight to Josie’s room,she was checking her phone and smilling

I snatched the phone from her,she was checking Dave’s pics

This girl has really crossed the line

“Why do you keep annoying me?!” I yelled at her,I can’t take this anymore

Anyway that aside,I need to ask her something else

I moved closer to her”Can you give me the direction of Dave’s house?”

She laughed”No”

I flared up instantly”You better give me the direction of his house right now! He didn’t come to school today,I need to go and visit him”

“I said I can’t”she told me

“Give me the direction or I’ll kill you?”

She was still smiling,it seems she wasn’t affected by my threats

Is she really serious about the fact that she and Dave kissed?

That Dave loves her?

No I mustn’t let this happen

Dave must not love any other girl apart from me

I need to find his house no matter what

I need to get closer to him

I….. I can’t stand Josie taking my place in his life

He has to love me and me alone




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