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June 20, 2021


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Jide Episode 1 to 5

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Jide +18
Episode 1


When I was 16, I had resorted into not having sex till I was at least 18 years, and it was something I really wanted to achieve…I’m Jide, and this is my story…

I’ve always been a naive guy, the nerd type of person, who doesn’t really talk much or do stuffs that other secondary school guys do… It all began in J.S.S 3, I could remember vividly…

Integrated Science Class, Topic: REPRODUCTION!

Teacher: Good morning students….

We all echoed, Good morning Ma!

As a perpetual back bencher, there were a lot of things to hide from the “outside world” We scoped girls a lot… do stuffs, but still do not know or have any idea about the real deal, but we anticipated….. We studied about the female sex organs, the male sex organs, the copulation and expulsion processes and all sorts. The class was on fire, the girls and boys chanting, laughing, whispering and all sorts. I got home that day, fulfilled and excited…

On Saturday, I was with my uncle’s phone, when I went to his gallery, videos, and guess what I found? Videos… so I thought until I saw two people on top of each other, banging their lives out! OMG!!!! I watched all the videos, in a corner and you could guess, I was so hard! So what do I do next, I thought? Well…. Being a smart boy, I told my

Uncle I would have to borrow his phone to school, so I could call him on his other phone, when he’s going to come and pick me…

So Monday came, sooner than I had even anticipated, I went to school with that Motorola… School stuff was pretty normal for Us, until Break time came, and I called all my friends, who were also my seat mates, and told them to follow me; We were heading for the toilet…. with my Uncle’s Motorola phone… On getting to the toilet, I brought out the phone, we set our [boys] formation, the ones who were watching for interruptions took their stand and so on. I opened the first video, and they WOWED at what they saw…. We watched all videos, took turns in taking vital positions so as not to get caught…. and that is it… That’s was how I was welcomed to the world of Sex!

Episode 2

To be honest, I was still focusing on my goal on not engaging in any sexual activity till I was 18, and after I watched those videos, I felt really discouraged in even engaging in any act… Nothing really happened in my secondary school after that event,

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until I got out of secondary school…..

When I got out of school, I loosened myself and was ready for whatever the world might want to set on me..

My first time………………

I met Shola around September a year after I had graduated from Secondary school, I was 18+, We met in a

weird way actually.. I had gone to an eatery during my lunch break at my coaching center, I entered the eatery casually, like someone who doesn’t send any soul…I walked to the counter and asked for Doughnuts and Ice Cream, looking to my left hand side, I saw this lady, Tall, Black, Slim. She was a little bit taller than I was.. She wanted to get salad and there was no salad.. She started frowning seriously and complaining that why won’t there be salad. …. so I interfered and told her if she was really hungry, She would get something else, and I walked out of her and went to get a sit. Lo and behold, being a lady that she is, She followed me, Sat in my front and was like…

Shola: So you think you can talk? Huh, Firstly, who gave you mouth to interfere in what’s not yours?

I didn’t reply and just continued enjoying my meal, after a while she left my place very furious, cos she hissed at me blatantly, and even would have spat on my food If I was eating rice or so..

As I was done eating, I took a sheet of paper, and I wrote my number on it… Of course that’s how it should run, I thought! As I went out, I put the paper on her table and left… Now the trick here is, She wants me to apologise for what I did, she wants to insult me and blast me and all sorts, So I gave her the access…. Knowing fully well that the matter would be resolved sooner than later.


Episode 3

two days after, the furious lady called, and as you can guess, she blasted the hell out of me, and I didn’t comment at first, until she said, so I won’t say anything abi? Then I said, I was so sorry, but that she didn’t give me space to even apologise… She cut the call, a few hours later, I sent her a text, telling her I am sorry, She replied almost immediately like she’s been staring on the phone waiting for a notification from me…. Her text read thus:

“You apologise ke? If I don’t see it on your face, then forget it…” I smiled and I was really excited, now I had to devote plans on how I will make this lady come to my crib or go to hers, when she’s alone…. and then I will actually apologise… So I replied her message saying thus: ” I’m ready to do anything, just to get over this asap…. What’s your address” As I sent that message, my heart was beating profusely, this was me a few days ago that was forming a baddo, and here I am now shaking just because I asked a girl for her address..

5 Hours after, there was no reply, I felt it was over already and there was no point in shaking… Just I was about throwing the phone on the bed, I heard the message tune….I was so scared that I held the phone with shaky hands… Shaky or not, I had to read the message, I was thinking of what the reply could be, so I opened it and there it was, she sent me her address…………………………………….. I jumped up, my head almost hit the fan that was spinning without any mercy…. I was so excited, but my excitement was cut short when I discovered she didn’t state when I could come to “Apologise” I wanted to call her immediately, at the same time, I had to continue with my already Baddo li attitude to this girl, so I went for the latter and Postponed the call till the evening around 8pm….. I called her…..

Me: Hello, what’s up..

Shola: Hi, so did you get my text?

Me: Yeah, I did… So when are we seeing?

Shola: I don’t know when I would be alone for now……….. That statement got me dumbfounded, I was melting right there on the call..

Me: I want to apologise soon enough, before I get out of here anyway..

Shola: Okay, Where are you going?

Me: *I ended the call, and pretended it was network issue..

Now, I felt so on top of the world that my plan had worked out, but I was still thinking how I would even be able to execute this plan… Coming to think of it, This lady is beautiful, she’s tall, black, moderate bosoms and a moderate behind. How would I say I even want to kiss this sort of person, at this age…..***

I went back to my normal duties, almost forgetting the whole incident, and then this Saturday ca,e by, it was a week after I last spoke to Shola. My phone vibrating was what woke me up that morning, I looked at the caller info with sleepy eyes only to see “Shola”, immediately, I stood up on my feet like tsunami was a few minutes away, I picked the call, with that male thick voice in the morning, and said Hello!


Hi, I want to let you know I will be free today, and I would be expecting you anytime from 1pm.

***She ends the call***

I could not even say okay or anything, the call ended just like that, anyway, what was important was getting the message in which I did….

I was so excited and joyful, I slept, and set my alarm to 1.30pm, and put the phone on my cheek so I could wake up easily…

1.30pm, The alarm rang, I woke up and smiled, I took my bath, wore a nice t-shirt with a jean, and I got my sadder out… I was good to go… Shola’s house from my place is about 45minutes with public transport, So as I was about leaving, I called her to inform her I was on my way.. She said okay, that she would be waiting and ended the call immediately. I was furious. I got to her street, and to the specified address andcalled her again.

Me: Hi, come and rescue me from your gate o

Shola: Oh, I’m on my way…


I was waiting, for about 5minutes, I didn’t see anybody, I was already getting mad, when someone just tapped my back and said follow me. Yea, she was the one. All I could think off was how and when did this lady suddenly become a mad person….Anyway, I followed her and we went into their compound, and into the house… As I got to the house, she needed not to remind me why I was here, as she stopped me by the door and just stared at me with a furious face.. I smiled back at her and told her I was sorry for what happened.. She didn’t respond, I said it again, she smiled and said I should come in. As I was going in, I was like “She’s a weird being, and she said I was more weird” We started gisting, and she asked about every information concerning me and why I behaved like that the other day…. Moments after, I threw a pillow at her, she was seating farther from where I was, so the pillow went with an incredible speed and hit her on the head, she yelled and angrily stood up with the pillow and came towards me. As she approached me, I stood up, and began running around, she was shouting, sooner, she started laughing that why was I running, She was yelling, Stop now! Stop Now!!….. The drama was getting more interesting so I stood in one place so she could finally get to me. On getting to me, she hit me so bad with the pillow, It was then I realised that Shola was indeed MAD!. I took the pillow and slapped her with it, then she said we should stop the silly play that was I not meant to be a sadist…. All these period, the mad girl had not even offered me anything to drink not to talk of eat….


Episode 4

Jokingly, I said she is the worst host someone could ever come across, lo and behold, the madam took it personal again. She was vexing and fuming for me this time around, and I just went beside her, and I hugged her…. Yes, I hugged Shola… you’re not the only one that was shocked, she was a “shocker” lol.. I hugged her softly at first, she responded after 15 seconds… and I hugged her tightly, and whispered to her ear…” I know all you’ve been through, and I’m here now” I think those words sent Shola out of the world, because she just rested her head on my shoulder, we were like that for about 5 minutes, silent…. Afterwards, my legs started hurting, so I took her hand and went towards the chairs. We sat down, she rested her head on my laps this time, and I was just playing with here hair..

She was loving every bit of it, about 30 minutes later, she stood up, went away for a while only to come back with chicken laps with drinks… she sat beside me, offered me the meal, and just kept staring. Seriously, at first, I thought she had charmed the meal but then, she took a bite and was like, so I think its charmed se? I nodded my head, and she was just smiling, at this moment, I just wanted to leave the house before she just changes into something else that I wouldn’t be able to comprehend any longer. I took the chicken, ate, and to be very honest,it was so tasty and delicious, another thought that came up was why would a chicken be so perfect? How’s that possible? That was how Shola started telling me are history o. How she has been through a lot, with guys, with ladies, with the society.. and how she has managed herself to survive.. It was a very emotional time as I stopped the meal and focused on her watery face now. She was weeping so hard, I almost started weeping. I hugged her, told her it was going to be okay and it’s all for a while before it bypasses….. The thought of her being a year older than me didn’t really bother me, we were in love already, it was obvious.

I told her I have to be going soon and she agreed as her family would soon be home also…… as I was leaving, she held two hands and stared at me for like 2 minutes, She kissed me, I replied the kiss, for me, I was out of this world already, because that’s the first time I’m actually kissing a woman, it was a very awkward moment for me as I started to eat her mouth instead of kissing… She stopped and started laughing at me…. I was so embarrassed that I wanted the floor to swallow me… She told me not to worry, that with time, I was going to get used to her lips and I would be okay… I didn’t reply, I just headed towards the gate, she escorted me to where I got a cab home….

Episode 5

As I got home that evening, it was like I should just faint or something, because what was on my mind was that this girl will just ridicle me. I was about sleeping when my text message tune came up again, I unlocked the phone to see who it was, and as I thought, it was Shola!

She said:”Sweety, I don’t know where you came from or who who sent you, the point is I don’t care anymore… What you did today was out of this world, you made me feel loved, I felt like a woman once again, it was incredible.” I replied the message immediately telling her how I felt for her, and how I feel we can connect with each other. That night, our love was born!
We talked regularly about our new found love, and what we were expecting…… One week after we started dating, it was a Friday, I had told Shola I was going to be home all day and she was like okay.. At first, I was like what kind of girlfriend says “ok” when the boyfriend is alone in the house. The morning came, and I had already planned how I was going to go about my boring day ahead, probably just sleep… It was then Shola called.

Shola: Lover boy, send me your address now o, I’m all dressed up….
Me: Immediately, I sent my details to her..

45 minutes later, she was with me in my house, we were talking and making fun of each others accent when I went to her and kissed her. It was very deep, she stood up, held my head closer to hers, it felt so great for a learner like myself.. I placed my two hands on her buttocks while her bosoms where resting on my chest.. I was getting hard uncontrollably… and at one point I was shivering but I calmed myself down…. We continued kissing and this time, I tried loosening her gown slowly, I removed them, and there she was, standing with just her bra and pant right in my front. She looked so beautiful, I went on to practice all I’ve ever watched in my p–n videos.. She saw my novice attitude, so she took charge and removed my trousers…. at first I felt ashamed, but I got over it and tried flowing with her..

She bent down and started sucking me slowly, she started, I was loving every moment…. I carried her on the dining table, removed her pant, and put in my fingers, she screamed like a witch, I was scared, but she told me not to stop, and I should go slowly…. I could feel her getting really wet as my dry fingers where becoming watery. I removed her bra, and behold, I was standing in front of two medium sized oranges that were standing at attention. Slowly again, I put my hands on one of them, I saw the Tip, was standing tall! Finally, all my Biology theories are in my front!

Time was running out, and my thing was standing so hard, I slid in without mercy into my girlfriend who was sitting on the dinning table, she held my shoulder, and I was banging so hard, as if I was punishing her….. I pulled out remembering I wasn’t on any protection…..
We had to call it a day, as I could not continue… If not this girl will give birth to like a dozen children with the amount of load I was preparing for her core….



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