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Jay finale

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#Chapter 18 (Semi Finale)

Story by, Rejoice


#Jay ‘s POV

I woke up and found myself in a wood bed.

With scary pots and scattered leaves and a smoking pot beside.

I wiped my eyes and stared confusely at everything..

A log cabin?

“Where the hell am I? what of Rekado?” I said as I got out from the dirty bed.


I walked to the wood door and pushed it open, it lead to a larger room filled up with scary carves and pots as well with scary images..

I searched around and wondered where the hell I am.. And how I got to be here.

“Hello Jay” A deep masculine voice called from behind.

I sharply turned and jumped when I saw it was a tall man..

He was tall and very slim.

He had black piece tied around his bald head and a colourful bird feather stuck into the piece to stand at the left side of his head.

He had white paint at the bottom of his left eye and it was painted on the left chest too and some part of his arms..

He wore just a black bulky pants with bare feets…

He held a long staff with a star shaped head and he carried an animal skinned bag.

He has a tan skin and isn’t fair complexioned at all.

His beard are all white and unshaved cos they are just too long and rough looking.

I stared at him as he did same, and few seconds later, he let out a long smile..

“Jay, you are back.” He said.

I stared confusely at him.

“Back from where? Where are my?” I asked him.

He cleared his throat.

“My name is Sumai. You don’t remember anything?” He asked me.

“I do. I remember that I was with my friends in the car. So how the hell did I get here and where are my friends?” I half yelled.

He waved his finger in a sigh for me to calm down.

I did.. But he just gotta tell me what the fuck is happening cos I don’t get it.

“Follow me.” He said, then turned right.

Like seriously?

“Follow you?” I asked, as I followed slowly behind.

“Yes.” That was all he said before pushing a door open and we entered into a room quite better than the two and there was no scary item in but a girl lying upwards on the bed.

With her eyes closed and her hair which covered the little pillow under her head.

And then a guy who stood beside the bed, watching her with his hands in his pants pocket.

A little window was open and the sun ray shone in through.

The guy looked up when he saw us..and his face lightened immediately.

“Jay, thanks for waking up. Please come wake her up too just the way she did for you.” He said.

What’s he talking about??

I stared at him, then at the man, then back at him.

“Do you remember them?” Sumai asked me.

“Nop.” I replied.

What’s my fucking business with them.. I just wanna know why the hell im here.

“Jay” The guy called.

“Who are you? Why the fuck do you know my name?” I yelled at him.

He looked puzzled and diverted his gaze to Sumai beside me.

“Go close to her. You might remember her.” Sumai said.

I took few steps to the bed and looked closely at her.

I can swear, she look so beautiful.. And those eyes.. Really charming.

I can’t remember her but Im starting to feel that we got a connection. Some kinda connection.

I looked more closely at her and I can feel that connection, but I can’t remember anything.

“That is true. You can’t remember her but you feel something right?” Sumai said.

I nodded,“Yeah. I do. Can you guys just explain to me. Im so lost.” I said and turned to face Sumai.

He smiled.

His tooth, brownish.

“You were half dead for two days and long hours of the next day. But your ghost went out of your body and then you met her.” Sumai said as we stared at each other.

I widened my eyes.

“Half dead. A ghost? What’re you talking about Sumai?” I said, looking at both Sumai and the guy.

“She was seeing you as a ghost but I couldn’t.” The guy said.

Was I a ghost?

“I can’t believe all this shits! So am I still a ghost right now?” It was a funny question but couldn’t help not asking.

Sumai shook his head.

“She saved you.” He said.

“She saved me? How?” I asked.

“She brought you back to life because she was the only one who could see you.” Sumai said.

I swallowed.

“How did she save me?” I asked.

“By kissing you.” He said.

I swallowed again and turned to take a glance at her but my eyes ended up landing on her lips which were looking really sweet.

Did she really kissed me with those lips?

Did I felt them?

Oh yeah I did and that was why I came back to life.

I felt them.

I looked at the guy. He was looking frozen and pale faced.

“Just wake her up please. She’s my girlfriend.” He said to me and I don’t know why I felt kinda hurt by that statement ‘My girlfriend’.

I inhaled and turned to Sumai.

“How do I save her? Im just wondering how I died, though im so glad im back to life. She saved me.” I said as I pushed back my hair back.

Sumai glanced at the staff in his hand, then back at me.

“You’ll save her by kissing her just like she kissed because she passed out after kissing you. It happen.” He said.

I’ll kiss her?

I glanced at the guy and his face is still pale and I swear I can feel his eyes becoming red.


I turned my eyes back to Sumai.

“Will I pass out after kissing her?” I asked.

“No.” Sumai said.

I nodded and turned to her.

I glanced at the guy’s pale face before turning back to her.

“Nana is her name. Call her before kissing her.” Sumai said.

I swallowed and bent down.

She’s so cute and that name ‘Nana’ it sound really familiar to me.

“Her name sound really familiar to me.” I said.

No one answered me, so I brought my lips closer to hers, closed my eyes and kissed her.

Her lips felt really soft… And at that moment..

I saw memories.

Me, falling into a swamp.

Trying to cup water from a stream but I couldn’t.

Cars passing through me.

Then someone… A girl she stopped her car cos…cos she saw me.

She saw me and she helped me.



Elementary school.

Juice spilling.. And she running away cos I told her something..

Then she taking me to her house..

But someone showed up.

And… that person is… is)

I widened my eyes… Is the guy standing here.

Memories flashed..

I remember Sumai.

He was the smoke man..

I got jacked out by a move.

Her lips moved and when I opened my eyes, and looked at her.

Her eyes were open and she was looking at me with wide eyes.

I quickly pulled away my lips and stared at her too.

She blinked.

“Jay?” She mumbled.

“Nana” I replied.

She stared at me for a while before looking at Sumai, then at the guy.

I can’t remember his name.

“Nana..” He called before rushing to her. Knelt and hugged her.

“Im sorry Nana. Thanks for coming back.” He said to her.

I looked at Sumai and he was smiling as he watched..

“I remember everything now.” I told him.

He nodded.

“It happen.” He said.

I glanced at the duo.

He’s still hugging her and now I can hear sniffs.

“Im sorry Nana. I will never leave you ever again.” He said.

I turned back to Sumai.

“Thanks so much Sumai.” I said.

He nodded.

“lord Cu maj did this.” He said, turned and walked out.

I inhaled, Glanced at the duo and stood up.

“Settle this. Im outside for a fresher air.” I said even though I don’t really know how I feel now watching him hug Nana and she didn’t push him away.

I turned and walked out of the little log cabin and once outside, with forest covering around.

I saw Sumai, beside joined woods of burning fire, with four big fishes roasting on top.

I smiled and walked beside him.

“Can you really finish all this fishes?” I teased.

He smiled.

“You people are hungry and need to eat.” He said as he turned the second fish, followed by the third.

I swallowed.

I don’t know if I can actually eat this, made by this Man.

He glanced at me.

“Why can’t you?” He asked.

I gasped.

Did he actually read my thoughts?

“Im sorry.” I said.

He put out a burning firewood and tried to scare me with it and I jumped away.

He laughed. I followed.

“Thanks Sumai for saving me. I really wish to know why you living here?” I asked him.

He looked at me.

“Because this is where I belong. So ask no question.” He said.

I inhaled.

“Just one more question.” I said.

“What’s that?”

“How did I die. I can’t remember anything.” I said.

“You will find out yourself. I don’t know Jay. But like I told your spirit hours ago, your friends would know about this.” He said.

I inhaled.

Rekado? What did they do to me?

“One more question please Sumai.” I said.

“What?” He asked.

“Will Nana forgive him?” I asked.

I don’t know why I had to ask this.

“They love each other. So they should be together.” He said.

I sighed and all I could do is watch the fishes roasting on the fire.



#Chapter 19 (Finale)

Story by, Rejoice


#Nana ‘s

Okay, I forgave Jardel..

He promised me alot and swore never to hurt me again.

I still love him and if you can remember quite well, I cried for my mom to make him come back to me and yes they did it for me.

They brought Jardel back to me.

Even though Jay seemed like he got quite a place in my heart but I guess he showed up just to bring Jardel back to me.

Now, Jardel and I hold hands at the back seat while Jay is the one driving now.

We are driving out of the forest..


I can’t thank him enough.

We promised to come see him soon with lots of gifts…

He only smiled and said we won’t be able to see him again.

“I love you Nana.” Jardel whispered into my ears as he squeezed my hand lightly.

I smiled.


#Jay ‘s POV

We drove to my house and there were cops.


My mom and Vitoria with Rekado! and my other friends in Handcuffs.

They all stared as we drove in.

I got down, followed by Nana and Jardel and my mom screamed my name and rushed forward and pulled me into a tight hug.

“Jay. Where did you go!” She yelled, hugging me tighter.

“Im gonna explain everything mom.” I said, and kissed her cheek.

Vitoria just stood watching us and I withdrew from mom, walked to her and hugged her.

“You gotta explain everything, you punk!” She said and slap my head.

I smiled as I withdrew and then looked at others.

The three cops and my three friends.

“You are mr Jay Danne right?” One of the cops asked.

“Yes.” I said.

He nodded.

“Do you know them?” He asked, referring to Rekado, Bran and Leo.

I nodded.

“My friends.” I said.

“Your friends have something to explain.” They said.

I looked at Rekado, Bran, Leo.

They all had their face down.

“Rekado. What’s up? Why you guys here in handcuffs?” I asked.

Rekado looked up and got his face down.

“We did the shit.” He said.

“What shit dude?” I asked, confused.

He didn’t say anything again… So the cops had them go into the car and zoomed off with them.

I turned to mom.

“Mom, what’s that. Im going to release them. They got nothing to do with what happened to me. Even if they are. Im back and they got to be freed.” I said.

“The cops wouldn’t have arrested them if they got nothing to do with what happened to you.” Mom said with tears in her eyes.

“So what did they say?” I asked her.

“They drunk you and threw you into a forest because you had sex with one of their girlfriend. Is that true Jay?” She said.

I sighed. That wasn’t true. Yeah that was Rekado’s girlfriend, Babra. But I didn’t do that shit, even though I wanted to.

Babra could have lied to Rekado that I had sex with her!

I looked behind and Nana and Jardel are behind me.

I sighed and turned back to mom.

“I never did that. She could have lied to them that I did. I can’t believe they wanted me dead cos of Babra.” I said.


Later that day, I narrated everything that happened to me to mom and Vitoria. Nana also introduced herself and narrated her own part.

Jardel did too.

And mom just kept shedding tears.


I was happy to be home.

I was happy that mom could see me and Vitoria too.

Im no more a fucking ghost but a human again!

I was grateful to Nana and grateful to Jardel too.

Maybe Nana wouldn’t have gone to the forest alone with me if he never showed up.

Outside, as they headed back to the car to leave.

I took Nana’s hand.

Jardel saw us but he walked on into the car.

I stared at her till she let out a sweet smile.

“Nana.. Thanks for everything. Im a human again cos of you. You did this and I owe you so much in this world.” I said as we stared at each other.

She smiled, “Im happy you are back as a human. And im happy you made me get Jardel back. Cos you did this.” She said.

I sighed.

“Promise me something Jay.” She said.


“That you’ll become a good dude.” She said.

I smiled and pushed my hair back..

“No late partying, no sneaking out without mom knowing. You just gotta learn from what happened to you and learn not to trust your friends too much.” She said.

I nodded.

“I will.” I said.

Then I brought my lips to her forehead and kissed her before hugging her.

“I love you Nana. If he try any shit. Call me.” I said with a smile.

She hit me slightly.

I withdrew the hug

“Bye Nana. I’ll come around soon.” I said and she smiled, turned and walked into the car.

They zoomed off.

I breathed.



#Writer ‘s POV (Rejoice)

Few days later, Jay was able to bail his friends.

He forgave them but cut off his friendship with them…

Such friends are not worth to have..

And few days after too, Jardel proposed to Nana.

Kiania was really happy that she’s gonna become a flower girl soon.

She went with Nana to spend some time at Jay’s house and Jay couldn’t wait to be the Best man.

But who will be the Bride’s maid?

“Jay would need to find a girlfriend soon.” Vitoria said and they all laughed at the dinning while they ate lunch.




…They All Lived Happily Ever After.


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