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Ivy’s fight batch 7

👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Episode 31🏇🏇
She’s something else 🤐
🙉😭 Nelson 😭🙉
I entered the burning house and began searching for her…
Ivy!!! …. I shouted
I went to the room she was supposed to be and I couldn’t find her
No… I shouted
Everything here is burnt…. I thought
She can’t be burnt….. I said
I bent down and started crying until I started coughing
The smoke is too much and I can’t go outta here without her…. I thought
I saw him coughing and I smiled
He has to be gone…. I said
I left him there and continued searching for Merissa
I’m gonna deal with dad if something happens to her… I said
I ran out of the house and left Nelson coughing there…
Sir… One of Nelson’s guard approached me thinking it was Nelson
Get lost… I commanded
Who are you? Can you take your cap and face cover down??… He asked and I hit him and began running
Go after him….. Nelson guard commanded and they ran after me..
I managed to escape from them and l hid in a particular spot until they all left
🏇 Nelson’s guard 🏇
Split yourselves
Some should go after the unknown man and some should check on our Boss…. I commanded
I followed the ones going to save our boss
We got there and started searching
I sighted someone lying down on the floor and without guessing if it was my boss, I just shouted “#overhere”…..
Boss….. I shouted when I got real close to him and Boss Nelson couldn’t respond
Take him out…. I yelled
They took him out and we all left
He was taken to the hospital and I ordered some of my men to make sure they get information from the CCTV footage concerning the fire incident
🔥 fighters are here….. One of my colleague
The leader came down
What took you so long??
Do you know the finish line of what just happened???… … I shouted
I’m sorry sir…. He said
Maybe you don’t know who Nelson is…. I said
I know sir….. He replied
His rest house is on fire and you just arrived now after he has been taken to the hospital and you call yourselves fire fighters??….. I asked
I’m really sorry sir…… He pleaded
Just pray he doesn’t lock up your branch…….. I said and left them to do what they came here for..
They thought I wouldn’t find out
I was still awake pressing my phone when I heard voices
I decided to open the window
Sir Ace, they are asleep……. An unknown voice said
I g@sped as I looked through the window and saw fire
I quickly came out of my room
Hey…. I called one of the maid closer to me
Go and wake everyone and tell them to go out…. I said
Tell Nelson that he should not bother looking for me….. I added and she nodded and left
I’ll not let this one sl!p…. I thought and left through the window
I drove out of the rest house and went straight to Ace’s compound
There will be CCTV camera…. I thought
I saw him drinking at one end.
So he is celebrating about someone’s misfortune….. I thought
The evil still runs in his blood…. I said
I decided to p@ss through a narrow way as I fought aggressively with all the security I find obstructing my way
I stood from a far distance and targeted his feet as I shot one of his leg
He gr0@ned in pains and I left immediately before more securities will be seen around
I smiled
Dad…. I called angrily
Sir, he was taken to the hospital…… One of our security explained
What happened???…… I asked
He was shot….. He said
By who??….. I asked
A stranger….. He said
Did u noticed where the bullet came from?? I asked
No sir…. He said
Idiots….. I shouted
Check the CCTV footage…… I commanded
Ok sir….. He said and left
Dad…. I called as I saw him lying on the bed
Son,…. He said
Why did you do that???…. I asked
He sighed
Now look at yourself….. I said
He kept quiet
Now, Nelson has been eliminated….. I said
What do you mean??…. He asked
I saw him lying helplessly and I left him in the fire… I said
And Merissa???…. He asked
I couldn’t find her….. I said
That means it’s done…. He said smiling
Dad you know I don’t like it…. I said
Keep quiet…. I said
Well, I’m happy….. I said
Why??…. He asked
Because I think Merissa is still alive…. I said
What makes you think so??…. He asked
Because she’s smart and she’s my wife and your daughter in-law….. I said as I laughed
He frowned
Dad, she fights as if she was trained for something dangerous….. I said
She’s something else….. He said
I hope she’s roasted…. He added
I frowned at him and I rejected it
What ???… He asked
Look….. I said pointing at the TV
Our young Master’s rest house was set on fire by an unknown terrorists……. The Journalist said
What.?…. How did they know??….. Dad asked getting worried
My phone rang 📲
📲Hello sir…… He said
📲Yes??…. I asked
📲Sir Nelson is alive…. He said
📲How?…… I asked
📲I don’t know sir, he’s pres£ntly in the hospital….. He said
📲 You’re fired….. I said
📲Sir??…. He asked
📲You gave me a bad mood, so you’re fired…. I shouted and hung up
I’ll have to end him by myself…. I said and Dad smiled

Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️

Episode 32
I snuck into the hospital and told some of Nelson’s army that I wanna visit my friend…
Of course they allowed me
Who wouldn’t allow His Excellency’s son??…. I thought
I went into the room and I saw him unconscious
This is the perfect time….. I thought
I looked around and saw that there was no CCTV camera
I sighed
So how should I kill you??? I asked him but of course he didn’t respond..
Can’t talk??…. I asked
I smiled
You are the cause of my problem
You didn’t let me have my girlfriend
You are always taking everything…. I said
Sometimes my parents compare you to me and call me names
You’re so down now and I’m gonna reap you apart
You’re good for nothing…… I said as I spat
I don’t wanna use my gun because of noise…. I said
I don’t wanna use my knife because you might make a stupid sound that’ll attract anyone here
So I’ll use the pillow…. I said and concluded
I raised the pillow to kill him and she entered
What are you doing??…. She asked
Merissa??… I called
Yea?? What are you doing???…. I asked
I… I…. I……. I stammered
You what??…. She asked
I want to place his head properly on the pillow….. I reluctantly answered
By raising the pillow up??….. She asked
Yea…. His head wasn’t in a good condition so I decided to put it well and of course I have to raise the pillow up….. I said
Ohh … I see… She said
Yea…. I said
He’s doing fine…. I added
Of course, I trust him….. She said
Really??… I asked
Yes….. She said smiling
Merissa… I called
Yes ..she replied
Pls give me a chance… I said
For??…. She asked
To be my girlfriend…. I said
She smiled
I love Nelson…… She said
But what about me??…. I asked
You’ll definitely find the perfect person for you…. She said
But you’re the perfect person for me…. I said
No …. She replied
Nelson coughed and he opened his eyes
She ran and embrace him as he laid on the bed
Stupid!!! …. I muttered
How are you??…. She asked Nelson
I’m fine…… He said
Did you miss me???….. He added
Yes…. She said
He sat up as he gr0@ned in pains
Ahhh… He gr0@ned
Sit….. She commanded
He laughed
Just give me a klzz so I’ll be okay…. He said smiling
You wish…. She said
They both laughed and Nelson klzzed her
I looked at them angrily
Ricky…. He said
Yes??… I replied
Thanks for coming…. He said
Ok…. I said and walked out
You were just lucky, I’ll get you next time and no one will be there to help or set you free…. I thought
Idiots…. I added
I walked into my car and drove off
I can see the anger in Ricky’s face…. I thought
This is just the beginning…. I thought
Nelson we have to be careful…. I said
What’s the matter??…… He asked getting worried
Ricky would have killed you @ssuming I didn’t entered and there would have not been any evidence to prove that he did it…… I said
He g@sped
Why wouldn’t there be any evidence..??…. He asked
Because…. There is no CCTV
Your guards were not here with him
He wants to use pillow and he was putting on a hand gloves and lastly, His father will make it possible to cover his crimes…. I explained
Thank you ivy, I love you….. He said
I smiled
You have to be extremely careful….. I warned
His phone rang 📲
Son??…. I heard his Dad called because I was sitting very close to him 📲
Dad….. He said 📲
I and your mom are on our way… His Dad replied 📲
Dad you don’t have to be worried….. He said 📲
Don’t worry…… His Dad replied and hung up📲
Dad and mom are here….. He said to me
The door opened and they both came in
Good day ma’am
Good day sir…… I greeted
How you doing??? His mom asked
I’m good ma…… I said
I can see your queen is with you….. His Dad said and I smiled
Hi Dad…. Nelson greeted
Son how did you get into this mess?? ..His Dad asked looking sad
It was planned and I guess it’s someone….. Nelson said
Who is that person??…. His mom asked
He kept quiet and I answered their questions
It was Ace….. I said and Nelson looked at me
Which Ace.. ??… His mom asked
My Best friend??…. His Dad asked and I nodded
Dad, I never really liked him….. Nelson said
His Dad sighed
His Dad called Ace and Ace denied
He said he wasn’t the one….. His Dad said
Are you sure Merissa?? Nelson asked
Yes, I told one of the maid to tell you all to go out immediately…… I said
She never did….. He replied
You have to fire that stupid maid that can’t take care of my baby….. His mom said
I overheard one of Ace’s men from the window….. I said and brought out my recorder and played it for them to listen
That’s sangano’s voice….. His Dad sàid
Who??… Nelson asked
The leader of his men…… His Dad replied
I’ll show Ace that I am his leader in playing dirty…. His dad concluded and held the wife as they left the hospital
Take care of my son Merissa…. His mom shouted as she left and I smiled
Why did you tell my Dad…?? Nelson asked
Just watch and see how they help us fight our revenge as we sit and relax…. I said and Nelson smiled
Bad girl…. He teased me and I hugged him as we klzzed
👩‍✈️ Ivy’s
fight 👩‍✈️

🍇Episode 33
💓 Nelson 💓
You’re free to go….. The doctor said to me
Ivy smiled
Let’s go…. She said
Ok…. I nodded
Stay safe ma’am
Stay safe sir….. The doctor said
Thanks doc…. I said and we left
We hopped into the car
📲My phone rang 📲
📲Mom… I called
📲Son, are you out of the hospital??…. She asked
📲Yes Mom… I replied
📲Can you come to the house first??… She asked
📲Why mom??. I asked
📲I wanna hug you.. she said
📲 Really??… I asked
📲Yes… She replied
📲Ok mom… I said
I hung up 📲
Merissa, mom asked if I can visit her…. I said to ivy
Sure… You can go ahead… Ivy said
I don’t know why she’s still doing as if she knew nothing about my real parents… I said and ivy sighed
She might not know but she definitely knew something about my parents…… She stopped as she looked down
It’s okay dear .. I said and i smiled at her
My phone beeped and I checked the message
📲”Sir, pls turn on your radio”📲… It says
I quickly turned on my radio and it was in my favorite news channel
“One of the company of our responsible politician Mr. Ace, is being burnt down due to some faults in it’s machine…”. The newscaster said
What??… I asked looking really surprised
We finally got home
Ivy followed me to my house and mom and dad were both surprised
Mom ran and embraced me
How u doing dear…. Mom asked
I’m good mom…. I replied
How are you my daughter… She asked referring to ivy
I’m fine ma… Ivy said
Pls come in…. Mom said and the maids ushered us in and led us directly to the dinning room
Mom,… I called
Did you heard what happened to Ace company… I asked looking at both mom and dad
They ignored me and I suspected with the way they behaved
We all sat down to eat without ivy
Aren’t you gonna join us??… Mom asked
No ma, I’m okay…. Ivy said
I’ll be at the entrance… Ivy said and left
I walked towards their swimming pool
I can not eat in a table with you… I thought
I remembered that night and I sighed
Murderers… I said
I picked my phone 📲
How’s the search going 📲… I asked
We’re still working on it ma’am…📲… He said
When you’re all complete, call me immediately.📲…. I said
Ok ma’am.📲…. He replied
I hung up 📲
Merissa…. I heard Nelson’s voice
I ignored him
He came closer
Is there anything bothering you??…. He asked
No… I replied immediately
I think he did it… I said
Of course…. He said
Dad is something else… He added
I was surprised to see her coming
I looked at her without paying attention to Nelson
Are you okay??… He asked
I ignored him and he target my gaze and saw her coming
She came really close to us
Surprised??… She asked
What are you doing here??…. Nelson asked
I came here for my love….. She said
Go in and meet him…. Nelson said and I burst out laughing
She looked at me and I continued laughing
Meet who??… She asked Nelson
Mr Oliver of course….. Is he not the one you’re looking for… Nelson asked
She pushed him and he ignored her
She angrily went into the mansion
🙈 Vivian 🙈
Hi ma’am
Hi sir…. I greeted
How are you??…. Oliver asked
I’m not okay… I said
Why??…. His mom asked
Because Nelson chose that bitch over me… I yelled
They kept mute
You aren’t saying anything??… I asked
It’s not like that dear…. Mr oliver said
So, you support her over me??… I asked
I’ll get Nelson and he’ll be mine… I said and left them
I went to meet Nelson and Merissa
Nelson, I want to talk to her… I said
So??… He asked
Girls talk… I replied
He sighed and left
I stood as I face the swimming pool
What do you want??…. She asked
What do you mean??… I asked
You just came here and you snatch my boyfriends away… She said
Seriously… I asked
Yes, seriously… She said
What do you really want??… She asked
Should I get more do¢vments so you’ll be able to steal as many companies as you want??… She asked me
What??…. I replied
Yes, you are an individual in this company who has the highest investment, what do you still want??… She asked and I smiled
You stole Ace’s company and you are also the one who has been causing a lot of troubles….. She added
I just looked at her without saying anything
I don’t know what you’re really planning but I’ll definitely expose you, you’re a very stupid woman… She barked
Vivian, you can bark or vomit trash from your rotten mouth because you’re a very beautiful, spoilt and a miserable bitch and I don’t deal with someone like you because I don’t have enough bones to feed a barking dog .
I usually dispose my bones so you’ll have to excuse me… I said and walked
What??…. She shouted and drew my hand back
She drew me and I removed her hand and pushed her away but she landed in the pool..
Ahhhhh…. She screamed and I walked out
Come back here, I’m not done with you… She shouted and I ignored her
Silly….. I muttered
I heard that, I’ll get you…… She shouted and I smiled
👩‍✈️ Ivy’s
fight 👩‍✈️

Episode 34
😫 Nelson 😫
Hey…… I called as I saw her walk towards my direction
Where’s she??
What did she say??….. I asked
She’s having her bath….. Ivy said
Bath??…. I asked looking confused
I need to go for a meeting now…. Ivy said
Ok, let me see you off…. I said
I followed her till she drove out together with the guards she called to come and pick her…
I sighed and walked in
The guards opened the door and I went in
I saw Mom and Dad sitting on the couch
I need to deal with some do¢vments…. I said as I head to my office in the mansion
Son??….. Mom called and I stopped
Mom…. I said as I went closer to her
What happened??
Who do you really wanna choose??…. Mom asked
I don’t understand…. I said as I tried finding the correct puzzle
It’s about Vivian and Merissa…. Dad said
And so??…. I asked
Son, who do you want??…. Dad asked
Of course it’s I…. I paused
Merissa….. I said
They looked at each other
Why did you asked??….. I asked looking at them
Vivian came here shouting and you know she likes you …. Mom said
But you guys know I don’t like her…. I said
Please I have things to do….. I added
Ok no problem….. Dad said and I walked to my office
I heard screams and I turned and went back to the sitting room
What is the problem???…. Dad asked and I saw his gaze at Vivian
Where’s that idiot???… Vivian asked
And who are you referring to??…. I asked
Your dumb girlfriend of course…. She yelled
I looked at her as all her body is soaked
I remembered when Ivy said she’s having her bath and I burst out laughing
They all looked at me
Why are you laughing??…. Vivian said
Nothing….. I said
Just bring her out….. She said
She’s not here….. I replied
Don’t you dare lie to me….. She warned
She left a while ago and besides her car is not here……. Mom said
Well, just watch what I do to her….. Vivian said as she left
I smiled
I saw two cars blocked ours
Some men came out with guns
They dragged my driver out and hit the four guards with me
They took me away together with my car
What do you want??…. I asked getting angry
Ma’am pls keep quiet before I give you this….. He said showing me the gun
I kept quiet
We drove for two hours and they brought me out to a very quiet area and we went into a well furnished house
Who s£nt you???….. I asked and they ignored me
Don’t let her out until the boss instructed you to do so even if she wants to urinate….. One of them who seems like the leader commanded
Seriously??….. I asked and he looked at me
Yes…. He replied
Pls can you help me with something??… I asked
What is it??…. He asked
Ask your boss if this is all he can do….. I said and the man smiled
He left
😫 Nelson 😫
I saw Merissa’s driver ran into my compound
I quickly ran closer to him
What is the problem isco????…. I asked
Sir, she…..she……. He stammered
She what??…. I asked
She has been taken away….. He said
What???….. I exclaimed
Sir, I’m in a problem now because Mr. Wilson and madam will totally blame me
…… He said
Why???….. I asked
They instructed me to always go out with Ma’am Merissa and Ten other guards using five cars anytime she’s going out, but it’s not my fault sir, ma’am didn’t agree to go with 10 guards….. He explained and I felt pity for him
Don’t worry, I’ll secretly call some armies and I’ll make sure no station announces it
We’ll do the searching ourselves….. I said and he smiled
He has always supported I and Merissa in many things we do and he also tells me things about her so why won’t I help him???….. I asked myself
Let’s go….. I said
He hopped into my car and my driver drove off
I picked my phone 📲
📲Hello…… I said
📲Sir,…. He replied
📲 General pls s£nd some of your men I need to carry out on a secret search…… I said
📲Done….. He said
📲 Thanks….. I said and hung up
Don’t worry….. I said
This is where they carried her from…… He said and we stop the car and wait for General’s men
Hey….. I wanna use the toilet….. I said
Ma’am pls……. One of the men said
I laughed
They looked at me
Why are you laughing??…. One of them asked
I said I want to use the toilet and you are apologizing to me?…… I replied
They ignored me….
Tell your boss that I want to use the toilet….. I yelled
Let her go…… I heard a voice from the window outside and I looked towards the direction
I couldn’t see the person
Hey you boss or what should I call you?…… I asked
Show your face if you aren’t scared of me…… I added
He didn’t respond
I was led to the restroom
Are you gonna enter with me or I should wait for you to pull of your clothes….. I asked and they all left me and I closed the door
I sighed
I started looking for a way out
I checked the windows and they were all small
I can’t p@ss through here……. I thought
What should I do???…… I asked myself
Ma’am, you have to come out now….. One of the guard said and I frowned and opened the door
We went back to the room
Where’s your boss???….. I asked getting pissed
They ignored me as I thought of ways to get out of here
Nelson….. I remembered
I know you’ll come …… I said without being too sure if he had known about it
Cover her face and make sure she doesn’t see anything…… I heard his voice again from outside
Are you scared of me??? I shouted
He didn’t respond
I saw three guards coming close to me with small clothes on their hand
They started covering my eyes one by one
Hey!!! ….. I shouted and they ignored me
I must find a way out…… I thought
The third man came close to me and was about to cover my face completely but I held him tight and hugged him as I took his phone from his back pocket…
What are you doing???….. I heard the voice again and I g@sped
I hope he didn’t see me…… I thought as I got scared a little
👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
🍇 Episode 35🍇
💓 Nelson 💓
Some experts were brought
Sir, I think we should rest so we’ll be able to find her tomorrow….. One of the men said
I can’t rest until I find Merissa…. I said
Ok you all should go and rest….. I added
Sir what about you??… Another man asked
I’ll keep on searching since we already know that they are in this area but we don’t know the particular place….. I replied
Sir we can’t leave you alone so we’ll stay with you…… One of the men said and others nodded
And who said that??…. I asked
There’s no need to be told because we know what to do and you’re our leader…. The man replied
Just go and rest….. I said
Sir we’re going with you….. They all chorused and I nodded and left with them
We went to different places as we shared ourselves in groups
We searched the whole mansions and asked questions from different families but we got no clue
We were about leaving when I commanded that we should continue checking till we find no mansion again even if we have no clue…
They all agreed and we continued
Sir, there’s an empty mansion here….. One of the men reported
We all gathered at the large gate
We have to search…… I said
We all took different positions and snuck into the compound
I went with two men to the kitchen entrance when we heard noise of two people hitting themselves
Sir, pls stay back…… One of the men told me
I should go with you guys…… I requested
No sir, we can’t let even a paper to hurt your skin so please sir, understand us…….. One of the men pleaded with the other one nodding
I sighed
Ok….. I said
They went in and I heard more sounds as if the fight increased
I went in and saw that the army men had beaten the two criminals
Good job….. I said
I held one of the criminal and hit him countless times……
Where is Merissa??……..
Sir, they noticed that you guys are here and they quickly took her away…… The man said
Shit!!!! ……..I shouted as I stood up
Where did they go to???…. I asked
Sir pls don’t hit me I’m not lying to you, I don’t know where they went to…….. The man said
Ok when did they left this place?….. I asked as I looked at the man
Not too long ago, you can still see them if you leave now…….. The man said
Let’s go….. I said
Favio arrest this man……. I ordered before leaving
We drove out with speed and we met a security guard on the floor of the entrance to this area…
I came down
Sir…… The security guard called when he saw me
What happened??…… I asked
They told me to lie down here and they shot my colleague’s hand because we asked for the permission to search their car……. The man explained
I saw the security guard that was shot and I ordered that he should be taken to the hospital
We got into the car and continued driving
We saw people gathered in the streets and decided to stop
I asked a lady standing what was going on..
They drove recklessly without caring if anyone is on the street, they also destroyed many properties…… She explained
Where did they p@ss?……. I asked and she pointed straight
I’m sorry about their uncaring attitude and we’ll get them……. I said and she smiled
Straight, one of the army shouted and demonstrated using his hand and we all drove out
Immediately I took it without him suspecting they tied my two hands with a strong rope..
We have to get out of here… The man said
I wish I can see his miserable face….. I thought
They took me out and started driving recklessly…
Can’t you see that you are destroying many properties and you’re causing harm to the people on the street??…… I asked
Ma’am pls I don’t want to hear your voice…… One of the men said
Where’s that your boss?? Why didn’t he use this same car with us.?….. I asked
Is he scared of me or he doesn’t care about you guys…..??…… I asked
What do you mean??…. One of the men asked
I mean if the police probably meet up with us now, you’ll all be arrested and I’ll definitely be free alongside with your f”*king boss….. I shouted
And what makes you think the police Will???…. One of them asked
And what makes you think we’ll go against our boss??… Another one asked
You that said what makes you think that the police will, I’ll answer your question later…. I said
You that can’t go against your boss, what makes you think your boss cares about you???…… I asked and they all looked at me
Yes, the only person who cares about you are your family members.
If anything happens to you, they’ll be the one to suffer the pains and your boss won’t be moved at all
You might have a loving family but you failed to understand how much they all love you.
Your wives and parents as well as your children always pray and hope you be the best but what are you doing???
You are all criminals……. I explained
It’s time for you to be the best Dad, parents and brothers…… I added
They all looked at me surprised
Ma’am, thank you for showing me what is right…… One of them said
What are you doing??
Are you going away from the boss??…. Another one said
Yes I am……. The changed man replied back
Then I’ll report you to the boss…… he said
The driver drove with speed and the changed man decided to hit him on his head
The driver lost control
What have you done??….. One of the men asked the changed man
He wants to take me to the boss……. The man replied
Did you realized we are on a bridge…… I asked
It’s still the same as taking me to the boss
I never wanted to do all these but I find my self in it already…… He explained
I felt pity for him
One of the men moved to the driver’s seat and continued driving
I sighed
We are being followed……. A voice said and I turned back to see different cars and I felt relaxed
Our car speed increased and the man who was driving lost control
Everyone was scared
One of the men opened the door and jumped down
I noticed that the car might lead to a very dangerous location and I moved closer to the right door that was opened…
I looked at my tied hands and decided to put my legs closer to the door
I noticed that there are gr@ss on the floor and I waited for our car to get there…
I jumped down on the floor and I rolled countless times till I stopped
I stood up as I watched the car moved down till it gets into the water….
I stood there still shocked
Merissa…… I heard my name and saw Nelson close to me
I went closer to him and hugged him
Nelson I….I…..I……. I stammered
Shhh……it okay…. Nelson said patting me gently on my back
.I… would…h.a….ve……. I stammered
It’s okay dear…… Nelson said and took me into the car
Check all and investigate on everything that happened…… Nelson said
Yes sir….. The armies replied
We went into the car and drove off to the hospital
I laid on the bed as Nelson stared at me
I said I’m fine and you insisted on my coming to the hospital…….. I said
Yes as my queen,no scratch must be on your body …… He said and I smiled
I was discharged and we went home together
Ma’am, you have a visitor……… one of my guards said
Let the person in……. I said
Hi my dear
I heard what happened to you
How are you doing??
I need to find who did this to you???
The person must pay……….. Ricky said as he came in
I’m good…..I said
You can join us for lunch…… I added
Really????……. He asked
Yes…… I said
We all ate together and chatted till they left
My phone rang 📲
📲Hello ma’am…… He said
📲 Yes???……. I replied
📲 I’ve gotten them…… He said
📲Ok, set the tent, foods, drinks, and every necessary thing that would be needed because we’re staying there for two days……. I explained
📲Yes ma’am…… He said and hung up
📲I called Nelson
📲 We’re going tonight……I said
📲Where??…. He asked
📲To get my phone which contained the evidence…… I said
📲I’ll be there…… He said
📲Ok……. I replied and hung up

TBC……. Nelson and Ivy 💓☺️

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