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Ivy’s fight batch 6

👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Episode 26💓
😭 Nelson 😭
I stood there crying as I watched the video….
How can he shoot your parents with a gun and still Carry you?? Ivy asked
I didn’t say a word as I cried the more
Ivy held me to herself
Your parents were very rich and a very good repres£ntative of this country. .
I worked with them for 20 years and they treated me like their own,..
Your mom has always told your dad to be careful of his best friend but your dad never took it serious…
As a result of their deeds, everyone liked them and they were being chos£n to always repres£nt the country.
Oliver was jealous of them and he decided to get rid of them in order for him to achieve his plans…….. The man explained
I sighed
But how did my dad got into the picture??? Ivy asked
The man sighed
Since I was aware that Oliver killed Nelson’s parents, I decided to trace some of his works but I can’t expose them because I’m not in power and I don’t have too many resources.
Ma’am, your dad knew Oliver after Oliver killed Nelson’s parents and I still wondered why Oliver and his colleagues chose him to repres£nt the country…. I don’t understand why…… The man said
It’s okay, no problem….. Ivy said
So, what work do you find out that Oliver does??? I asked
I know about his cocaine business…… The man said
I smiled
Nelson….. Ivy called
Yes??? I replied
I hid my identity because of revenge……. She said
What??? I exclaimed
You should have told me ivy…. I said
I was thinking you’ll get angry…… She said
No, I won’t….. I replied
So, what now??? I asked
We’ll do this together……. she said
It’s not my fight anymore, it’s our fight……. She added and I smiled
So, where are we starting from???? I asked
The cocaine…… She replied
I smiled
She called her driver and he came back with a guard and two power bikes…
Pls, show us the address……. I said to the man
Are you not gonna report them???? The man asked
No, we’ll make them suffer….. Ivy said
Besides I know dad,if we report them without a solid proof, he’ll definitely come out…… I said
We sat on the bike and zoomed off
We got to a quiet area and parked our bike
We saw many guards there
We walked slowly and fought aggressively
You’re really ready. … I said
Because I’m prepared…… She replied
“How can a lady fight like this?” I thought
Hmmm….. I hummed
What??? She asked
Nothing ma….. I said as I laughed
Who’s there???! We heard a familiar voice
We quickly covered our masks and hid in a store…
I know you’re here, show your face….. The voice spoke louder
I saw another door and I opened it
We got in and saw a lot of loaded cocaine
I was surprised as I g@sped
How can dad be in this shit??? Nelson asked
We bent down and hid in a corner when we saw someone coming
It’s Ricky…… Nelson said feeling confused
Why are you surprised??? I asked
How can Ricky be here??? He asked
You haven’t seen anything……. I said
What else have you seen ivy??? Nelson asked
I sighed
He arched his brow
Your dad and his friends including Ace was there in my house that night….. I said as I felt sad
He g@sped
It’s okay dear, don’t say anything again….. He added as he noticed the tears that’s threatening to drop down my cheeks
I nodded my head…..
We stayed there for over twenty minutes and we saw Ricky leaving the place
Immediately he left, we came out and we started fighting….
One of the men hit me and pointed a gun at me…
I remembered the same way they pointed gun at mom and dad and I was filled with anger ..
I went closer to the man who was trying to shot me…
I guess you didn’t put enough bullets…… I said and I hit him on the floor and he fainted
Take everyone out….. Nelson shouted
If you don’t take them out , the police are on their way here….. I threatened
They all ran out and we set the place on fire….
I watched the news as I saw my cocaine being burnt alongside with the building
Noooooo….. I shouted
What is it???? My wife came out and asked
I ignored her
Who did this???? I asked as I almost fell down
Take it easy dear……. She said
Don’t talk to me…… I shouted at her
Are you blaming me????? She asked
I ignored her……
Nelson came in
Where are you coming from???? I asked
I went to see Merissa,…. He said
Dad, any problem??? He asked
Nothing, it’s my business……. I said
What business???? He asked
It’s none of your business…… I said
Really??? He asked
You’re nothing like me and you should learn to be like me because you are my son…… I shouted
Are you really my father???…… I asked without knowing when it came out…
👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Episode 27💓
🤷🤷Nelson 🤷🤷
What do you mean???? Dad asked
Emmm….. I mean
I’m your son and you are hiding somethings from me…… I lied
Like what???… He asked
The business you refused to explain to me about….. I said
Nelson… Mom called
I went closer to her
The business is illegal….. She said
But it’s the money your dad is using to train you…… She added
What..?. I exclaimed
How can you do an illegal business????? I asked as I pretended
Don’t question us …… Dad shouted at me
Is it not the money we are using for you?.? Mom added
I sighed
That’s why I don’t want him to know, he’s just weak and stupid…… Dad said
Dad….. I shouted
Don’t you dare call me … He warned
Are you not weak??? …. He asked me
I’m not…… I shouted
Ace’s have taught Ricky already….. Dad said
So???…. I asked
Go and do it and be like me….. He shouted
But it’s burnt already…….. I said
I know…… He said
And I’ll look for those who did it and make them pay….. He added and I felt a little bit uncomfortable
I just want everything to go as planned
I went to the company and joined the board members in their meeting….
The highest share here is Miss. Clifford’s and she is the only one who can raise our company a bit……. Mrs. Johnson said
Will you help us ma’am???…….. She asked as I saw the board members all staring at me…
Of course she will……. Ricky said
How sure are you??? I asked
Because you’re a sweetheart…… He said
I smiled
Of course I’ll do it, that’s exactly what I planned……. I thought as I nodded to Mrs. Johnson questions
They all clapped and the meeting was over…
Why did you not ask from your dad???? I asked Ricky as we left the board room
Because we are in need of money and my dad money for now are budgeted for his campaign and elections…… He replied
I smiled
Bye…. I said
Let me take you home….. He insisted
But my driver is here…… I said
He went out….. Ricky said and I looked around and couldn’t find him….
Merissa…… We heard Nelson’s voice
He approached us
Any problem??? I asked
I s£nt your driver on an errand so I’ll be taking you home…… He said
But I insisted first…… Ricky yelled
And I also need a do¢vment from her…… Nelson said
What business do you two have.??
What do¢vments???…… Ricky asked
I sighed
Merissa let’s go…… Ricky said and grabbed my hand
Merissa let’s go……. Nelson said and grabbed my second hand
Stopp!!!! ….. I shouted and they stopped
The workers were busy starring at us as we displayed drama for them…..
What is it???? Ricky asked them and they all walked away
Ricky….. I called
Yes???….. He replied
Let me go with Nelson…… I said and walked away
We hopped into Nelson’s car and zoomed off as we left Ricky standing there alone…
I must have you and if I don’t have you, I’ll ruin you both….. I said as I saw them leave
I hopped into my car and drove off
Hi Dad….. I greeted immediately I arrived home
How was the meeting and how did you talk to the shareholders??? He asked
Merissa helped….. I replied
Ricky, you have to be careful and be close to Merissa so we’ll get more of her wealth….. Dad said
So, how’s your engagement plans going??? Mom asked
Mom, i haven’t even been with her because of that Nelson……. I said
We have to forget the fact that we are friends with Oliver and act on our own….. Mom said
Why??? I asked
Because Merissa’s money alone is more than his family’s money altogether….. She said
Do you know how rich the Clifford’s are???? She asked
I smiled
I’ll have to get her even if it is to kill Nelson…… I said
But you have to do it in a way that his dad won’t suspect….. Dad instructed.
Ok….. I said as I walked into my room
💓 Nelson 💓
Thanks….. I said
For?????…. She asked
For coming with me…… I said
I would have followed Ricky……. She said
Really????…… I asked
Yea….. She replied
Ehhhhh, follow him now… I said
Try me and stop the vehicle……. She said
I stopped the car
She opened the door and left
I laughed and came down from the car
I ran after her and held her hand
She laughed
I held her waist and we laughed really loud..
You’re really beautiful…. I said
You’re Handsome……. She said
I smiled and klzz her cheeks
What is going on here???? We heard her voice
Vivian….. I called
You again Merissa….. Vivian said pointing out her f!ng£r
What is your problem again…. Merissa asked
Stay away from Nelson and Ricky…. Vivian said and I arched my brow
Really?? Even on the road? Merissa asked
Yes…… Both of them are mine…… Vivian warned
Ivy laughed as I watched them both…..
👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Episode 28 💓
😫☺️Vivian ☺️😫
Really……. Merissa asked
Yes, I and Nelson dated in secondary School….. I said
She g@sped
Surprised???? I asked
I laughed
She hasn’t seen anything … I thought
Nelson just stood as he stared at us
Nelson,. …. I called as I moved closed to him
Merissa frowned and I gr0@ned
Don’t come close… Nelson said and I stopped
It’s been long since we broke up… He said
So??… I asked
So, go and find your person because Merissa is mine…. He said
I frowned
I’ll get you both… I said and walked out
Bye… Merissa said and I stopped
Shut up… I commanded and she laughed
I walked out angrily
Did you really dated her??? I asked Nelson
Yes. He replied
I kept quiet as he drive…
Are you jealous??. He asked
Of course not… I said
Hmmm……. He hummed
What??? … I asked
Nothing….. He said
I ignored him
Come on Merissa or ivy…. He said
What???… I asked
I never slept with her. He said
Really??? …. I asked as I felt happy
Yes…. He replied
I have always been waiting and expecting you to return back and guess what??? ….. He asked
What???….. I asked looking at him
I’ll tell you when we are ready……. He said
I looked at him confused
What do you mean??? I asked
Let’s focus on our fight first…. He said
I smiled
My phone rang📲
📲 Ma,.. The board members are coming together this Afternoon…… I heard
📲 Which company are you calling from, can’t you introduce yourself or are you working for the first time??….. I asked
📲I’m sorry ma’am, it’s from the Ace’s family company….. He said
📲Ok…. I’ll be right there….. I said
📲Ok ma’am….. He said
I hung up..
I’ll take you there…. Nelson said
Ok…. I replied and we drove to the company
I saw the two fools walked into my company…
I smiled
We are having a board meeting…. A worker said
Is there a problem???…. I asked
No sir…she said
“This way sir” she said and i followed
We walked into the meeting and I saw Nelson holding Merissa’s hand…
I felt angry
How dare they??…. I thought
Merissa, it’s time….. I said because I want Nelson out.
And besides, he’s not a member of this company
Time for??…. Nelson asked
I wasn’t referring to you….. I yelled at him
He sighed
Well, it’s time for you to let go of her hand…. I added
They looked at me and I walked to my seat
Nelson stood up with his guards as they walked out
So, we should commence the meeting….. I said
Good day every one
We all noticed that Miss.Clifford have many of the company do¢vments registered under her name and I signed the do¢vments making her the highest in the company because of her donations….. I explained
Yes….. They all nodded in agreement
Now we really need money now and we have to get more loans and we also need to payback when necessary…. I added
I was told by my father that our company has been lacking for years in our financial aspect and it was caused by one of our master who ruled us and committed suicide….
He also stole from our company many years back…… I explained
He is a thief…. I yelled
I sighed as I suspected
Who is that man????….. A lady asked
He is a Michealson
One of our former leader…. Ricky said
Shut up….. I shouted at him without knowing when it came out
They all looked at me with surprised faces
Is there any problem my lady??….. Ricky asked looking confused
Yes there is a problem you fool….. I shouted
He g@sped and the other members looked surprised
How can you say a man, just one man has made your family company stagnant???…
So, since he did that, your company or your family members never had the money to repay the debt…??? I asked looking more angry
No, it’s been many years and he took a lo….
Spare me those trash coming out of your filthy mouth…… I yelled at him as I interrupted his statement
Sincerely speaking…..
You can’t handle a company….. I added
All of you, I called as I faced the board members
How much profit do you receive in this company?? I asked
Rate your profile over hundred……. I asked as I looked at each staffs
50% ma’am…… A man said
I’ll make it 78% and it’ll definitely have a good interest in your salaries and allowance……. I said
They all clapped
Just make me your……
Chairman and head…… A man shouted as he completed my s£ntences
They all nodded in agreement except Ricky, Vivian and two other persons
Well, majority rules…… I said
Dismiss…… I concluded and all of them left
I went out and looked for Nelson and I smiled as I saw him….
What happened in there??? He asked
Ricky made my plans to collect their company more easier, now I’ll see where their money Will p@ss through in a high rate…… I said
You’re a darling….. Nelson said and he klzzed me
Well, well, well….. Ricky said as he clapped came closer to us
I don’t know your plans but you really have to let go of Nelson because he’ll lead you to the wrong paths……. He added
Nelson smiled
Why are you smiling???….. Ricky asked Nelson
He ignored Ricky
Don’t test me Nelson because you already know me…….. Ricky said
Yes…. I know a murderer like you… Nelson fired back
Ricky wanted to hit him but I prevented him from causing a scene
I’ll be back….. He said
And trust me I’ll be back for the both of you…. He added and left
I sighed
Nelson held me as we walked out
Hey….. We heard a loud voice and turned to see the crazy girl
I told you to stay away from my Nelson……. Vivian said
We ignored her and hopped into Nelson’s Benz
👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Episode 29
Just ignore Vivian…… Nelson said
Of course I don’t have time for her rubbish….. I said
I’m really proud of you….. He said
Why??? I asked smiling
Because you are brave and you are my baby….. He said
I laughed
And I’m proud of you….. I said
Why??? He asked
Because you’re my Nelson….. I said
He stopped the car
Really????…. He asked
Yes…. I said
Wow…. He exclaimed
I smiled
He brought his l!ps closer and I closed my eyes expecting him to klzz my s£×y l!ps…
I waited and I never received anything
I opened my eyes and I saw him laughing with his hands on his mouth to prevent it from making sounds..
When he saw my eyes opened, he began laughing and teasing me..
I frowned
Hey jelly, why frowning???… He asked
I’m not a jelly…. I said
Of course you are not a jelly but you’re Nelson’s jelly…. He said
I frowned and faced the window
He laughed
Won’t you drive???…. I asked
Ok sweetheart… He said
Huyp. …. I said
Meaning??…. He asked
Secret…. I said
Tell me ….. He said slowly like a little boy
I won’t… I said
He began tickling me….
I laughed till I was really tired and I began begging him….
Tell me,… He said as he continued tickling me
Ok…. I love you. I shouted as I laughed
I can’t hear you… He said
You’re my sweetheart, honey, my brother, my love
I love you Nelson… I shouted as I was still laughing like a mad woman
Are you sure??… He asked
Yes my husband…. I said as I laughed
He stopped and I breathed loud
Nelson, pls don’t do that again…. I said
Well, I heard what I wanted… He said
He started the car and it didn’t respond
What’s wrong with the car??… I asked
Let me check… He said
I’ll come with you…. I said
Ok…. He said and we got down
I need some tools…. He said
I laughed
Why laughing??… He asked
Because you are rich and didn’t learn anything about work and you wanna repair a car….. I said
Watch and learn from your husband… He said
I laughed and nodded
I followed him to get some tools from the boot
I dialed a number and called one of my guard
📲 Yes ma’am,… He said and I hung up
Nelson opened the boot and we screamed
What are you doing here???… I asked
I can’t believe you Ricky……… Nelson said
You entered into our boot just to spy on us???… Nelson added
I entered your boot because of my lover, my wife to be, my………. I said
Keep quiet…. Nelson cut me off from completing my statement
I slapped Nelson and Merissa g@sped
Nelson hit me and I saw blood dropped down my mouth
So, you want blood??… I asked
Let’s do it….. I added and we began fighting
Stop….. Merissa shouted
We ignored her and continued fighting
She went to Nelson and hold his hand
Pls sweetheart, … Stop… She said
Woow…. , So he’s now your sweetheart…..I asked
They ignored me and was about going into their vehicles when I shouted and my boys came out
They stopped Merissa and Nelson…
Now, I will take you two out…… I said smiling
What do you want????… Merissa asked
Don’t pretend…. I shouted
You know I want you….. I replied
Keep quiet….. Nelson warned and I slapped him
Nelson wanted to react but was stopped by my men
Where is the gun……???… I asked
Sir, you said we shouldn’t bring gun anytime we are after Ma’am Clifford…… One of my men replied
I went to him and slapped him…
Why didn’t you ask me before commencing this plan….. I asked feeling frustrated
We are sorry sir…. They all chorused
That’s good….. Merissa said
Meaning??…. I asked
Your silly men didn’t bring gun so that’s good…. She explained
Get her….. I said pointing to two of my men
They went to her but she surprised me
She used her two knee caps to hit them on the floor and they fainted..
I remembered when my men told me that she is strong because I have never met her fighting
Anyone else?? .. she asked and all my men went closer to her but she uses fighting skills to beat them up..
I looked surprised
Don’t be surprised Ricky….. It’s me
Who are you?
Why did you learn that?
Where did you learn that from???? I reluctantly asked
She smiled
Why don’t you try me …. She asked
I don’t fight women and I love you…. I said
She hissed
Your skills made me love you more
Let’s get married…. I asked
Nelson laughed and I sighed
Merissa pls…. I pleaded as I ignored Nelson’s laughter
She ignored me and rested on their car
Nelson went to her and they held hands making my blood boil
My phone ràng
📲Dad, I called
📲How can you stupidly let a woman take over our major source of income??.. he asked
📲Dad….. I called
📲 You’re a shame…. He said
📲I sighed
📲Tell that gold digger that I want to meet her….. He said
📲 Ok… Sir… I said
He hung up
Merissa…. I càlled and she arched her brow
My dad wants to meet you…. I said
I’m a very busy woman so he’ll have to meet me up…. She said
I saw her guards came with different cars and she and Nelson left
I sighed
Idiots…. I shouted at my guards and they all knelt down
You all can’t beat a girl??… I asked
They kept quiet and I left them there….
👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Episode 30💓
What???… I asked
Yes Dad….. Ricky replied
How dare she??…. I asked
She must really be a tough lady… My wife said
She asked me to meet her??…. I thought
I’ll show her that I’m tougher than her…. I said looking at my wife
Dad, don’t hurt her, she’s mine…. Ricky said
Shut up….. I commanded
Does she even like you??… I asked
It doesn’t matter., Just don’t hurt her…… Ricky said
Keep quiet because you’re the cause of our problem, you let a lady take over our company without doing anything because you’re weak…. I said to him
Dad, don’t test me …. Ricky warned
Are you warning me??… I asked
Of course…. He replied
I stood up and went to him to hit him but was stopped by my wife
Just because of Merissa, we are all misbehaving…. She said
Talk to your weak son…. I said
Talk to your foolish husband…. Ricky said and I picked the flowers verse on a small table and threw it to him but he bent down and move to the other side making the flower verse to break into pieces
My wife g@sped and shouted
Do you want to kill your son??…. She asked
He’s already a murderer…… Ricky said
And are you not ??… I asked him
You have always been doing it so I’m not surprised seeing you throwing it to me…… He said
Will you two stop? …. My wife shouted
I’ll deal with you and your stupid Merissa…… I said
You can’t even try her….. Ricky said
Watch…. I said and walked out
Good day sir….. She said
Good day…. I replied
Pls, I want to ask you something…. I said
What is the problem??? She asked
You already know…. I replied back getting more angry
I don’t think so….. She said
I hit the table real h@rd
I snap my f!ng£rs and one of my army came with the manager
Your Excellency….. The manager replied
Hope there’s no one else here??… I asked
Yes sir….. He replied
You can go….. I said
He greeted and left
You can take your order…. I said to Merissa
I’m a very busy woman and I have meetings to attend to so I don’t think I’ll be needing that…. She said
Ok…. Why did you want to take over my company and why is it mine???… I asked
She smiled
Why are you smiling??….. I asked
I’m smiling because the company is mine…… She said
I don’t understand….. I said
Who are you? Why are you here?. What do you want??….. I asked
I’m Merissa Clifford, I’m here because this is my company and I want the best for the people…. She explained
But you can as well help instead of taking over it…. I said
I don’t have space for that….. She said
Her phone rang and she nodded after replying the call and hung up
I have an important meeting now sir. My pres£nt is needed there. it was nice meeting you…… She said to me
So our meeting is not important??… I asked
It’s not like that sir, it was nice meeting you…… She said as she stood up and was walking away
I don’t blame you, I blame Ricky who allowed a desperate lady like you to invest in our company and made you signed important do¢vments…… I said
She stopped and came closer to my ear…
That’s right Ace, you should blame Ricky…. She whispered smiled in a very strange way
She cat walked out of the restaurant
Weird …. I said as I sat down there looking more confused
💓 Nelson 💓
She came into the car and I drove off
How was your meeting in there with Ace.?… I asked
Ok… She said
Nelson when you called me that night, I was at the path way closer to the president house that night….. She said
So??…. I asked
There was memory in my phone but I threw the Sim away so that your mom won’t locate me…… She said
And.?….. I asked
That’s what will expose your parents and the others….. She said
We have to to get that memory card if that evidence still remains there but I can’t remember where I dug it into but I know that I dug it After that bush path
Really?? I asked
Yea .. she said
But most of that side have been reconstructed….. She added
That’s Norman’s avenue……. I said
Yes…. She replied
We’ll get it….. I said and she nodded
💓💓Evening 💓💓
I and ivy went to one of my rest house
We chatted and we laughed and discussed…
Sir…. One of my guards called
Yes??…. I replied
Your room is ready……. He said
Ok…. I replied
We went inside our different rooms by midnight after chatting for long
I coughed as I woke up and saw smoke
I saw fire ….
No…. I screamed
I went outside and saw my guards outside
How did this happened??? Where is ivy???….. I asked
Dad have been drinking and laughing since and I suspected him….
Dad why are you drinking?? … I asked as I smiled
I don’t wanna tell you…. He said
Why???… I asked
Because you’ll go and save your Merissa……. He said
What have you done??…. I asked
I told my men to burn she and Nelson… He said
What??….. I shouted
She messed with the wrong people……. he said
I sighed
Dad where are they???… I asked
He ignored me
Dad you are the one who wants lot of money….. Let me go more close to her and get what you want…. I pleaded
You can’t do it, she’s a little witch…….. He said
Where are they??….. I asked
In Nelson rest house….. He said
Which one??…. I asked
Find out yourself, I gave you clue….. He said and I ran without knowing where to begin from
I remembered when Nelson told me he loved his rest house in California more than his other rest houses and I began heading to California
I got there late because it was burnt already
I saw Nelson standing with his guards and some other people
I close my face and move closer to them
Where’s ivy??… I heard Nelson asked
What??…. Is he missing ivy that he have to call Merissa ivy…
Is Merissa inside there???……. I thought
Sir pls don’t go there??…. I heard Nelson’s guard say
Nelson pushed the guard away and ran into the burning house
I need to save her…. I thought as I ran into the burning house without thinking of my safety
TBC…… Nel Nelson and Ivy 💓☺️


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