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Ivy’s fight batch 5

👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Episode 21💓
🙉Ricky 🙉
I went outside Merissa’s house….
I opened the door of my car and close it with force….
Ahhhhh…. I shouted
Sir are you okay?? One of my guard asked
Come here,…. I shouted at him
Sir, I’m just concerned about you…. He replied as he reluctantly move closer to me ..
I said come here…. I shouted
I’m really sorry sir…. He said
I slapped him as he came more close to me…
Now, get out…. I shouted
Sir your dad said we should not leave your side … Another guard replied
Are you telling me what to do???? I asked
You’re fired…. I added
Sir .. he said
Get out, All of you…. I shouted and they all ran away
Nelsooonnnn…. I shouted
Hey…. I shouted and one of my guard who was leaving turned to me and came immediately
Get the boys ready, I have someone to deal with….. I said
I waited in my car for Nelson to come out..
He never came out
I sighed
It’s past 11pm
What is he doing inside??? I thought
No no no…. I said as I remembered what might be going on between Nelson and Merissa
I quickly got inside her compound
Sir, it’s late already…… One of her guard said
So??? I asked
I have to tell her that you are here ….. He said
I sighed
He called her and she talked to him through the phone …
Sir,…. She said that she can’t come down and it’s late …. He said
But I can take you to the guest house, it’s here in the compound…. He added
What??? I asked
Yes sir…. He replied
You’re insane…. I said and left the compound
I entered my car and zoomed off…
I’ll get Nelson…. I thought
Nelson is there in the same mansion with her and she said i…
I should go to the guest house??? I asked myself
I’ll have to get my plans ready…. I said as I speed off
💓 Nelson 💓
I felt someone tap me on my shoulder
I woke up and sat on the chair
You slept here??? She asked
Yes… I replied
Ok sir…. I’ll call my madam….. She said
I saw her madam(Merissa) coming down the stairs
She looked at me in surprise
You…. You… She said but couldn’t complete her s£ntence
Yes Merissa…. I said and nodded
But how??? She asked
I smiled
I’m still expecting your answer….. I said and she ran back upstairs
Merissa… I called
I’ll be right back…. She replied
I chuckled
I remembered Ricky’s statement…
I called my guards
I’ll be needing protection…. I said and hung up
I saw Merissa coming down…
You’re going to work??…. I asked
Yea…. She said
Ok…. Are you gonna say it now??? I asked
Say what??? She asked
Merissa…. I called
She looked at me
I really love you…. I said
Do you love me??? I asked
Nel, Nelson…. She stammered
Yes??? I asked
I love y……. She said
Really??? I asked feeling excited
Y..yes… She said
Wooo…. I shouted and carried her up from her waist
She laughed loud
But… She said
But??? I asked
Yes… But,.. she said
I have other priorities now so you have to wait a little….. She added
That’s not a problem…. I said
Ok,… I’ll drop you at work.. I said
No, you don’t have to worry… She said
Really?? I asked
Yes… Just go and rest
I never knew you slept here, I would have taken you to a room or the guest house…. She said
No problem,… I said and we both went out
I watched as her driver drove off
I smiled
Yes… I shouted
I saw more of my guards coming in with my chief guard…
I sighed
Sir, any problem??? My chief guard asked
No, it’s just Ricky…. I said
Ok… Sir… He replied
I got into my car and my guards drove off before my car did so they’ll be in the front to protect me
My driver drove off
We got home safely and I told my parents all that happened…
They were happy
That’s my son….. Dad said
I smiled
My phone rang….
📲 Sir…. He said
📲 Yes??? I replied
📲 We’ve gotten an information about ivy….. He said
📲What??? I shouted
📲 We found out that she was adopted but we don’t know the particular family that took her….. He said
📲 Really??? I asked
📲Yes sir…. He said
📲Ok find more….. I said and hung up
Who was that??? Dad asked
It’s about the business…. I lied
What happened??? He asked
I sighed
Talk to me…. He said
What should I tell this man now,mmm???? I thought
🥺 Ricky 🥺
I terminated the plans when I found out that Nelson was going home with his guards..
I drove to the office….
I quickly took the elevator and went to Merissa
Merissa… I called
Yes??? She asked
Do you love me or Nelson????I asked.
She looked surprised
What??? She asked
I sat down
Merissa, Nelson likes a girl called ivy and if she comes now, she’ll be with him and he’ll Abandon you….. I said
What makes you think she’ll come??? She asked
Because she might come…. I said
So??? She asked
You should love me instead…. He said
Really???? Vivian asked as she walked into my office
She sighed
Ricky, what has this thing done to you??? Vivian asked
Because he can’t do with a trash like you…. Merissa replied her
What????… She asked coming close to Merissa
I stood up
Vivian get out…. I shouted
Come and see your dad…. Vivian said to me
I followed her outside and she went into Merissa’s office and closed the door…
Vivian, open up…. I shouted as I hit the door
You just made the wrong decision….. I heard Merissa’s voice
👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Episode 22💓
I watched her as she took Ricky out…
She came back quickly and locked the door..
I smiled
You’ve just made a big mistake….. I thought and muttered
So, what’s this supposed to mean??… I asked
She smiled
I want to deal with a bitch exactly how she should be treated…. She said
I ignored her and sat down
She threw some of my files on the floor
I stood up and slapped her…
Ahh….. She gr0@ned
How dare you???… She asked
No, how dare you???
How dare you walk into my office??
How dare you s£nd someone out of my office by lying to him without my permission??
How dare you lock my door??? I yelled at her
She looked speechless and surprised at the way I just reacted…
Surprised??? I asked
She couldn’t speak out…..
Now, you have to be more surprise….. I said
What do you mean by that??? She asked getting scared
Wooo…. I exclaimed and smiled
You’re scared???? I asked
You shouldn’t be because I’ll not humiliate you but I’ll deal with you….. I added
I went close to her and dragged her hair
I threw her on the floor and gave her a serious beaten…
Somebody help…. She shouted
Merissa…. I heard Ricky shouted from outside
I ignored him and continued beating her…
I stood up and left her on the floor…
I sat down on my seat as if nothing happened
She was busy crying as she got up and opened the door slowly…
Bye…. I said and smiled
I’ll deal with you, you just drew the line…. She said and walked out
Ricky quickly came in
Merissa….. He called
Yes??? I asked looking at him
What have you done??? He asked
What did you think I did??? I asked him
Merissa, I’m sorry for what Vivian did….. He said
Warn your girlfriend…. I said
Girlfriend??? He asked
I looked at him
Come on Merissa, you know you’re my girlfriend….. He said
I laughed
Why laughing??? He asked
I ignored him
Don’t tell me you’ve fallen for him???? He asked
Who??? I asked
Nelson of course….. He replied
What if I have??? I asked
He g@sped
You two wouldn’t dare??? He said
Is that a threat??? I asked
No sweetie, I’m serious….. He said and smiled
I smiled back
Do you know what I do to empty threat??? I asked
He looked at me confused
I laughed
I feed them back to the people who made them….. I added
He nodded and left
💓 Nelson 💓
I came to Ace’s family company and I saw my close friend coming out….
Ricky…. I called
He ignored me
Ricky,I called again
What??? Do you want to steal my company again….. He shouted at me
Are you shouting at me because of Merissa??? I asked
Yes Nelson, Yes….. He shouted again
I looked at him without saying a word
And I can also deal with your crazy parents because of Merissa…… He added
I went closer to him and b!0w him on his mouth
I saw blood on his lower l!ps
He stood up and attacked back
We started fighting and different people gathered…
I saw Nelson and Ricky fighting and I immediately knew it was because of that silly girl….
I went to her office again…
You’re here for round two???? She asked
Silly…. I muttered
Because of you the two lover boys are fighting…. I said
Really??? She asked as she stood up
I ignored her and left
She followed me and got to the fighting ground
I stood and watched her struggled to get to the fighting ground where Ricky and Nelson are…
Crazy…. I said
I noticed everywhere suddenly became quiet
What’s going on??? I thought
I managed to find a way and get to the front to see what’s going on
I saw both Nelson and Ricky holding Merissa’s hand…
I stood and a tear dropped down my cheeks
📲Hello….. I called Black
📲 Sweetie…. He said
📲Get your boys ready and make sure they take in more drugs because they’ll have to rape someone…. I said
📲Ok ma…. He replied
I hung up
I looked at Merissa again
Don’t worry, Black will definitely suit you. He is coming for you…. I said in a Low tone
I smiled and walked out..
👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Episode 23💓
😫Vivian 😫
I watched Merissa as she stood up…
I smiled
I have to spy on her” i thought
I ran into her office and hid beside a table
Everything is going exactly as want…. I thought
She came in
She moved towards her own table and I could peeped her from here because she’ll get a h@rd time suspecting that someone is here
She stared at her wrist watch….
What??? She exclaimed
It’s late already, she said
I smiled
Who is she talking to?? I thought
This girl is insane….. I said
She walked to the door and opened it
I sighed and rest on the table that I hid beside
A book fell down from the table
No no no, …. I said
Not now…. I said and peeped
Who’s there??… Merissa asked as she was coming close to where I stood
Is someone here?? She asked and I kept quiet
She was coming real close to me and I closed my eyes
Her phone rang and I sighed
She picked it up….
📲 Nelson??? … She called
📲Ok, I’m coming,…. She said and cut the call
She walked out and locked the door
What??? I said
How can she lock me here…. I thought
I should have gone to hide outside instead of coming to her office to hide…. I thought
Who will I call now that have the same key with her or who can help me???. I thought
I called Ken….
📲 Come and get me out of Merissa’s office…. I said and hung up
2minutes later
Ma’am…… Ken called
Open this door….. I said from the inside
But ma’am I’m not with the key….. He replied
So??? I asked
Can’t you break it….. I added
I can do that ma’am but miss Clifford will suspect….. He said
So??? You want me to sleep here???? I asked
No ma’am…. He said and began to push the door
He broke the handle and I came out
I sighed
Are you okay ma’am??? He asked
Yes, Anything??? I asked
No ma’am…he said
Ok…,. I said and left
I called the leader of the boys
📲 Ma’am…. He called
📲 Have you seen her???…. I asked
📲 No ma’am, the road is really dark…. He said
📲 Ma’am, there’s a car coming…. He said
📲Ok, just deal with her driver and you guys can enjoy her…… I said and hung up
I smiled
Merissa, Merissa, Merissa…… You shouldn’t have messed with me….. I said and walked out
📲 Nelson I’m on my way, just hold on….. I said
📲Tell me where you are so I’ll come and pick you…. He asked
📲 Don’t worry, my driver is here…. I said
📲 But it’s dark already and I’m really worried…
. He said
📲 Don’t worry,…. I’m okay…. I said
📲 Ok….. Do me a favor. …… He asked
📲What is it?? I asked him
📲Where are you??? He asked
📲Ok….. David Collins bustop
I’m already getting close, so keep your surprise….. I said and laughed
Hey get down…. We heard some men shouting
My driver got down and they hit him with a big stick…..
I shouted
🏇 Nelson 🏇
📲She laughed and I smiled….
she’ll definitely be surprised when she sees my surprise….. I thought and laughed
📲 I heard her screamed
📲 Hello merissa, Merissa, Merissa, hello…… I called but she didn’t respond
I hung up
Shit!!!!…. I said and stood up
I got into my car and I finally got to David Collins bustop
I looked straight and saw her car opened
I looked at the right side to see her fighting…
The men were too much for only her to fight…. I thought
I saw one of them hit her from behind and she fell down
Merissa….. I shouted
One of the men started rubbing her face while he was smiling
Others were laughing
He unbuckled his belt and I ran as fast as I could and hit him on his head…… He fell down on the floor and I gave him a serious beaten
Others were busy hitting me but I endured the pains
I stood up and face them
I started fighting with the remaining but they were still coming
I helped Merissa to stand up and we fought together and defeated them….
We saw one of them trying to stand up
Calm down Nelson…. She called
I ignored her and took the one on the floor who was trying to stand up
I gave him countless b!0ws and blood gushed out of his mouth
Who s£nt you???? I yelled at him
Pls sir…. He pleaded
Who s£nt you!!!!! I shouted and he wasn’t replying
I unbuckled my belt and tied it round his neck
If you don’t speak up, I’ll choke you right here and your leaders will definitely forget about you…. I threatened
Ma’am….. It’s miss Vivian
Pls I’m sorry…….. He replied
That bitch……. Merissa muttered
Who’s she??? I asked
Don’t worry honey, I’ll treat her well……. She said
I stood up and hugged her….
We dis£ngaged and she was looking surprised
Why the hug?? She asked
I love you…… I said
I love you too…… She replied
We klzzed and found out that the man was watching us while he smiled as he sat on the floor
What!!!!…. I asked him
He knelt down and pleaded again
Don’t worry but next time don’t act dirty again….. Merissa said
The man stood up and ran away
Weird…. I said
Really???…. Merissa asked
Yea….. I said
We took her driver to the hospital and he was treated
He took Merissa’s car and drove off while Merissa and I made use of my car
I smiled as I took her to where I prepared the surprise
She sat down……
I clapped
A man came to where we were and started playing violin
We were served and we ate and drank
So, why all these…….. She asked smiling
I sighed
Merissa, I want to officially make you my girlfriend…… I said as I brought out different kinds of flowers and gifts
She g@sped
So, will you accept??? I asked
Nelson, I’m sorry but I really won’t accept it now…. She said
Ok… I understand. … I said
But when you’re ready…. You’ll accept it right??? I asked
Yes…. She replied
I bowed my head
Nel, she called…… I raised my head
I love you….. She said
She called me Nel again…… I thought
I love you too…… I replied
We saw someone clapping
What about me Merissa???? I love you too…… Ricky said
Don’t allow this boy to do this to you…… Ricky added
We ignored him…..
He turned to me
What about your ivy??? Have you suddenly changed???. He asked me
I ignored him
He pushed me and I stood up to fight back but Merissa stopped me
Let’s go….. She said
She held me as we left the place
That means he has been following us…. Merissa said
I don’t blame him…… He saw a very pretty lady….. I said and Merissa smiled
You have to be careful…… I added
Why???? She asked
Because Ricky can kill…… I said and she nodded
Just a nod??? Aren’t you surprise??… I asked
I’m not….. She said
I looked more confused
How did she know??? I thought
She kept quiet as we walked to the car…
Noooooo…… We heard Ricky shouted
This is just the beginning…… She muttered
What????? I said
It’s nothing….. She said
I have to find more about you my dear Merissa, I think you have something you really want to do because sometimes you sound strange……. I thought
We got to the car and got in
👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Episode 24
😠 Ricky 😠
Mom, I shouted as I walked in
What is the matter….. Dad asked
I didn’t respond as I sat down
Mom came in
What is the matter ???? She asked
Dad, mom…. I called
Yes???? They chorused
I think she has fallen for Nelson…. I said
You think???? Mom asked
Well, you might be wrong…… She added
I hissed
I saw them klzzing the other day and ….. I paused
And what???? Mom asked
They said I love you to each other….. I said as I started crying
Why are you acting like a baby??? Dad asked
Ohhh, now I’m acting like a baby??? I replied
Yes…. Mom said
I laughed
If I don’t have Merissa, I’ll turn this house into a forest…… I threatened
You can’t do anything….. Dad replied back to me
Really???? I asked
And if you talk more, I’ll lock you up for a long time…. He said and I kept quiet
We’re trying to help you and you’re behaving like a rat….. Dad said
I sighed
Ok, sorry…… What now???? I asked
I’ll see what I can do….. Dad said and brought out his phone
📲 Oliver. … He called
📲Yes…..he added
📲Ricky likes her too….. He said
📲 That’ll be a huge problem oooo….. He said
📲Okay sir…. Dad said and cut the call
What did he say???? Mom asked
He said Ricky should look for another girl
… Dad said
What’s that supposed to mean??? I asked
He said you can have Vivian….. Dad said and sat down
I frowned
You must have Merissa…. Mom said
I stood up and left the sitting room
“Oliver wanna cause a problem” I added
“I know he wanna have her money to himself” Dad said as he continued thinking of what I don’t know
I came to work and saw that my lock was changed
Security?!!!I shouted
Ma’am,…… One of them called
What happened here??. I asked
Ma’am there was a problem so I have to change it…. He said
But we have been over secured……. He added
I want to see the CCTV camera……. I inquired
Ma’am, there was no one there
….. He said
I’ll have to report this company then….. I said
Ma’am, pls don’t… I’ll call all the security guards that were pres£nt the day it happened….. He said
Then do your job and get me the criminal that broke into my office without my permission…… I said
Call Mr Henry…… The security guard told another worker who was p@ssing by
Few minutes later….💓💓💓
Henry, who broke into my office……. I asked
Ma’am, it’s ma’am Vivian….. He said
I walked into the office and sat down
My phone rang and my driver told me that Vivian is coming in….
Show time…. I said and smiled
She came up straight to my office and entered without knocking…..
I stood up and slapped her…..
She fell on the floor and stood up again
How dare you???? She yelled
I slapped her again
I took her to my cupboard and lock her there
She started crying and screaming for help
Next time, you’ll know who to mess with….. I said
Merissa, Merissa….. She called
Pls, let me out……. She pleaded
Wow….. So the madam can also beg….. I said as I laughed
I left her there…..
💓20 minutes
I opened the cupboard and she came out coughing.
I laughed and left her on the floor
She stood up and looked at me before living…..
I ignored her
💓 Nelson 💓
Sir……. He called
Yes….. I replied
Your phone is ringing…….. He replied
I came out of the pool and collected it….
📲Phil……. I called
📲Boss, …… He replied
📲 I’ve found out the country ivy ran to but I’m yet to find the family who took her….. He said
📲Phil, Don’t call me again until you find the family okay??? I asked
📲Ok boss…. He said
I hung up…
I went in and freshened up
I laid down on the bed and was about sleeping when Phil called again
📲 I told you not to call me until..
📲Sir, your ivy is with you….. He said as he cut me up
📲What??? How??? Where??? ….. I asked feeling excited
📲 Sir it’s Ma’am Clifford…… He said
My phone dropped on the floor as I opened my mouth in surprise
I wore my clothes and ran out of the house
I drove carelessly and I finally got to her house
The security opened the gate and I got in
I ran inside her house…
Merissa….. I shouted
Sir she’s not back…… Her maid replied
I sighed and went outside her mansion sat on the floor
I began crying…..
I have been looking for you and you were this close to me but never said anything about it talk less of explaining the pains you went through….. I cried as I began soliloquizing
I laid on the floor and heard the sound of the big gate
I looked up to see her car coming in
Stop…. I said to my driver
I came down as I noticed someone on the floor in my compound
Who is that???…. I thought
I came down and went more close and he stood up
He stared at me and I g@sped
Nel… Nel…. Nelson…… I stammered
Why is he crying??? I thought as I suspected him
Ivy…… He called and I was shocked
What???? I asked
How??? I thought
👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Episode 25 💓💓
💓 Nelson 💓
She stood there speechless….
I’ve been thinking and looking for you right from the day you disappeared…..i said as I move closer to her
Do you remember that night???
That night you called me????
I told you to tell me where you are but it was risky…
I’ve felt sick, I’ve been hearing and having nightmares about the pains that I felt in your voice when you spoke to me….. I said as I cried like a baby
I knelt down and fell on the floor as more years flowed down my cheeks….
I looked up and saw her crying too….
She came very close to me and hugged me as we both cried….
We stayed there for ten minutes and we finally went into her sitting room….
The maids served us as we sat down in the dinning room
I missed us eating together……. I said
She smiled without saying a word
We continued eating till we were done….
Ivy….. I called
Nelson, it’s Merissa…… She said and I nodded
But why did you changed your name??? I asked
She didn’t respond….
So, what really happened to your parents…..??? I asked
She didn’t respond….
I sighed
I saw her crying….
Why are you crying??? I asked
Because of your silly parents…. She yelled in tears
I looked at her as I felt more confused
I stood up and went closer to her
Don’t touch me….. She said in anger
Iv,… I mean Merissa….. I called
I’m really sorry and I want to know everything that happened… I added
Sorry??? She asked
Ok….. I’m sorry Nelson… I can’t tell you…. She added
Pls, Merissa….. I pleaded
I said Noooo….. She shouted
I took a knife from her dinning table and pointed it to my hand….
What are you doing???? She asked
If you don’t tell me, I’ll cut my hand….. I said
Go ahead then….. She said
I cut my hand a little and blood came out and dropped on the floor…
She g@sped
Pls, Merissa…. Tell me. ….. I said
My phone started ringing
It’s an unknown number….. I said to Merissa
📲Hello….. I said
📲 Nelson Oliver…. The voice spoke
📲 Who’s this??? I asked
📲If you want to know about your real parents?? Come to the address that I’ll show you….. The voice said
📲What are you talking about??? I asked
📲 I can see Oliver has brainwashed you but if you really care about your real parents…… Come and see me in the address that I’ll s£nd to you….he said
📲 I don’t get you…. I yelled at him
📲 Then forget about your real parents…. He said
📲Ok…. s£nd the address……. I stammered
📲I’ll s£nd it but don’t try anything funny as to involve the police or any trained personnel
I only want you. . He added
📲Ok. I said and hung up
💓Ivy 💓
Who was that????… I asked
He said I should come and find out about my real parents…… He said
What’s that supposed to mean???? I asked
I don’t know either…… He said
You should go and find out…… I said
What??? He exclaimed
It’s your choice…… I said and walked out
I looked back and saw him sitting on the chair thinking
I sighed and left the sitting room
📲My phone rang
📲Hello ….. I said
📲 Ma’am…. It’s your time to strike on Ace’s family company……. She said
📲 Really???….. I asked
📲Yes Ma’am, the company is now bankruptcy….. She said
📲 Yes, you’re the best….. I said
📲 Thanks ma’am….. She said
📲I hung up
Let me start with your company……. I said as I smiled
Merissa….. Nelson called
I came down stairs to meet him…
Look at the address…… He said showing me his phone..
So??? Are you going…… I asked
Yes….. He replied
Should I come with you??? I asked
Yes but he said I shouldn’t come with anyone……. He said
Come on Nel….. I’ll come with you….. I said
He laughed
Why are you laughing???? I asked
Nothing, it’s just that I missed you calling me Nel…. He said
I smiled
Let’s go…… He said
Now??? I asked
Yes…. He said and we left
We finally got there and we came down from the car….
We got inside the quiet old house and met a man sitting down
Welcome….. He said
I have been waiting to tell you the truth….. He said
What truth??? Nelson asked
Oliver killed your real parents….. He said
What???? Nelson exclaimed
Yes…. The man replied
I need proof….. Nelson request
The man brought out his phone
I know you won’t believe, so watch this…… The man said as he handed his phone to Nelson
I stood there speechless


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