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Ivy’s fight batch 4

👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Episode 16
I think I like her
🤐🤐🤐 Nelson 🤐🤐🤐
I watched as she drew her nice long sleeve more shorter and folded it….
She went to closer to them as they also came close to her…
I wanted to go front but she raised her f!ng£r and demonstrated in a ” Don’t come” sign….
I sighed
I watched as the first two approached her and she hit one of them and held his shoulder…
Why is she holding his shoulder from behind,…. I asked ask if someone is closer to me…
She held his shoulder and swing herself up, Making her leg to kick the other one face….
Woow…. I shouted as if I was watching an interesting movie…
She moved closer to the remaining as she hit them one by one on their neck region..
They fell one by one and I wondered what she’s doing to them….
Why are they falling with just a hit on the neck region….. I thought
I smiled as I saw her coming…
Merissaaaaa,…. I shouted as I saw one of the men coming with a stick
She smiled
Why is she smiling”…. I thought
Look…. I said and she ignored me…
The man got more closer to her and uses force to hit her, but she bent down and cleared him with one of her leg and he fell down….
I continued looking with my mouth opened….
She stood there as I stared at her….
After you’re done with your looks, close your mouth and come here, okay?? She asked from afar and I ran to meet her…
Let’s go,…. I said
I want to see if he will talk….. She said
About what??…. I asked
Ohh Nelson, you have to be careful….. She said
I nodded
She held his hand and twisted it, making him gr0@n in pains…
“Who s£nt you”she asked
Pls ma’am….. The man begged
That wasn’t my question…. She replied
Ma’am, even if you continue I won’t talk…. He said
Really??? She asked as she twisted it more
Ahhh…. He shouted
Ma’am, we were not here for you … He said
Then who?? She asked
He kept quiet
Who??? She yelled as she slapped him
I think he won’t talk….. I said
That’s right…. He replied
Shut up…. Merissa shouted at him
The police also arrived. I guess they must’ve heard about it
How did they know? I thought
Well, someone must have told them or there might be a CCTV camera here….. I conclude
Ma’am, sir…. We’ll take it from here”The inspector said
Pls, look into it more carefully and tell me the reason they were after us….. Merissa said
Okay ma’am…. He replied
Let’s go….. I said
She smiled
We walked into the car and I drove off…
We kept quiet as I drove…
She looked at me as I looked back and we both looked away..
I continued driving as we looked at ourselves together again
We looked away…
I nodded my head without saying a word…
After 3 minutes, we looked at ourselves again and we finally looked away…
I coughed
You know, you can speak what is on your mind” She said
I’m still thinking of how you did all that” I said
All what?? ” She asked as if she knew nothing about it
The fight of course….. I said
They were against us and we have to fight back”She said
But how??? I asked
How what???” She asked
Did you practiced fighting??? I asked
Anybody can fight back….. She replied
But anybody can’t possess those skills you displayed” I replied
She sighed
Is anyone after you???
Did anyone offend you???… I asked
How?? She asked
Ok Nevermind” I said
Wonder woman” I added
She laughed
Super girl” I said
She increased her volume of laughter and I smiled
“Why are you smiling?? “She asked
“Because you’re happy” I replied
She raised her eye brow
Yea… I said
She smiled…
I think I like her…. I thought
But what about my ivy??? “I asked myself in thought
😠 Ricky 😠😠😠
Thanks Dad…. I said
If not that you s£nt those police, these rats would have exposed me” I added
“No sir” One of the men said
Shut up… I shouted
“So, I want you to explain how you all messed up and were beaten” I said
Sir, it’s the lady with him” He said
What lady??. I asked
Merissa??? I added
The lady with him….
So??? What happened to her?? I asked
She’s really strong…. He replied
I laughed
So, Just the both of them did these to you all???” I asked
No sir… He replied
“Then who else was there” I asked
Sir, she was the only one that defeated us… He said
The others nodded positively
I began laughing uncontrollably
“Rats” I shouted as I laughed
They kept quiet….
“I told you, we should have have killed her by hitting those sticks on her” One of them said
What?” I shouted
I went to him and punched his face without stopping
I left him and warned all of them…
You are a lucky that the police said no one laid a f!ng£r on her, I would have burnt that person”…. I said
They all looked confused
Don’t you know I love her” I asked
Sorry boss
Sorry boss
Sorry boss….they all said
“Sorry for yourselves”…. I shouted
Now get out…I yelled
They all ran out
That means Merissa fought for Nelson???” Dad asked
“You see, I told you Nelson might take her …. I said as I almost started crying
“Son” Dad call
“Yes?? “I replied back
“Pls, don’t let that woman get into your head “…. He said
“Don’t you get it?? “I shouted at him
“What???” He yelled at me
“She has gotten into my head already”… I shouted
And I’ll do anything for her”… I added
What had gotten into you…???…. Dad asked
Merissa…. I shouted and I walked out leaving him in the sitting room
“What is his problem?” I heard Dad said and I ignored him as I walked out
👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Search for her💓
Episode 17 💓
💓 Nelson 💓
Merissa and I finally got to the place where she kept the do¢vments….
She handed it to me …
Thanks…. I said
So, you can take your leave now…. She said
What about you??? I asked
I’ll be fine…. She said
Ok but how will you get home?? I asked
I’ll call Walter…. I said
Who?? I asked
My driver….. She said
But what if they attack you?? I asked
I can defend myself….. She said
Hmm…. I hummed
What?? She asked
Nothing,….. I said
You should get going before it gets dark….. She said
Ok… I said
I walked to where I parked my car
I turned and saw her making call…
She looks worried…. I thought
Did the Walter guy picked her call or the call is not reachable??? I asked myself as I opened the door
No, I can’t leave her here
I walked back to where she stood…
What is it?? She asked
I ignored her question..
I carried her in a bridal style
What are you doing?? She asked
I ignored her as I got to where my car was parked
I dropped her and opened the door for her
She got in and I took the other door..
I started driving back to her house..
I’m sorry…. I said
For what?? She asked
For ignoring your questions…. I said
It’s okay… She said
I can’t just leave you here alone….. I said
But I’m okay…. She said
And besides, I was the one that made you not to use your car…… I said
She smiled
Why are the vehicles stopping?? I thought
I stopped driving as well..
She sighed
It must be the traffic…. I said
Suddenly, the rain started
After the green light, we continued out journey
We finally stopped at the front of her gate…
How are you gonna get down? I asked
I’ll call one of my workers… She said
She dialed Walter’s number
“The Walter might be too close to her because she calls him mostly” I thought
📲Walter,…. She called
📲Ma’am… He replied
📲 I’m at the gate… She said
📲 Ok ma’am… He replied
She hung up…
Two maids finally got outside with umbrellas
The gate was opened and I drove in
Merissa got down and they covered her…
Bye… I said
Why? She asked
Come in…. She added
Really? I asked
Yes, the rain in getting more heavier…. She said
Ok… I replied
They brought an umbrella for me and I got in…
We were served and I ate to my satisfaction
We stayed in the sitting room and chatted till 12:00 Am…
Hailey will show you your room…. She said
Goodnight…. I said
Goodnight…. She replied
I sighed
I got into the room which was prepared for me and I slept off….
🤐Ricky 🤐
Dad, I have to see Merissa as early as possible… I said
Ok…. Goodnight…. Dad said
💓Next Day 💓
Ricky, it’s too early…. Dad said
That’s why I’m going there…. I said
Ok, suit yourself…. He said
Naughty man…. I said
I got into my car as I drove to Merissa’s home…
Good morning sir….. The securities greeted
I ignored them….
I got in and sat down on the expensive chair
I smiled as I remembered her cute face
My smile changed as I saw Nelson coming down the stairs…
I stood up…
Hey bro…. Good morning……. He said and brought his hand closer to me
What!!!?? I shouted
Noooooo….. I increased the shout
Is anything the problem??? He asked
I Ignored him
I heard a loud voice and I quickly ran down
I saw Nelson and Ricky ….
I sighed
What’s up Ricky…. I said
Good morning…. I added
Did Nelson slept here??? He asked
Why asking??? I asked back
Nothing…. He replied
Yes…. I did.., Nelson said
Ok…. I just came to pick you up …, Ricky said
Why??? I asked
For work…. He replied
Really??? Nelson said
Yea Nelson,. I invested in their company
Ok,…. I’ll get going now… Nelson said as he left
Give me 5 minutes…. I said to Ricky and he nodded
I went upstairs and finally came down
I’ll take my car….. I said to him
But I’ll take you to work and bring you back…. He said
Don’t disturb yourself sweetie…. I’ll be okay….. I said
I saw him smiled…
I got into my car and my driver zoomed off..
He must be really obsessed with me, I have been observing him….. I thought
I think Ricky will make my revenge on Ace family very easy for me….. I concluded
😌Ricky 😌
Did she just called me sweetie?? I thought
So, that’s what she reserved for me
I smiled
I’m really falling for you, Merissa…. I said
📲Hello Dad…..I said
📲Son… He replied
📲 Merissa and I are heading to the company…. I said
📲Ok, do your best son… He said
📲 I laughed
📲 Why are you laughing,…. He asked
📲 Because I’m really Happy…. I said
📲Why?? He asked
📲 Don’t worry Dad, I’ll make you and Mom Happy…. I said
📲Ok…. He replied
👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Episode 18💓
💓Ivy 💓
My driver finally drove into Ace’s family company and I came out from the car…
I took the elevator and noticed that someone was running after me, he is trying to get into the elevator…
I sighed as I saw that the person is Ricky..
Another worker tried to get in the elevator together with us and Ricky blasted him…
Are you stupid?? He asked the worker
I’m sorry sir….., The worker replied
Get out and take the stairs…. Ricky said
Don’t you see your Boss here or have you forgotten what I usually do to people like you??…. He added
I’m sorry sir
I’m sorry ma’am…. The worker replied and wanted to leave when I stopped him back
Don’t worry, you can stay…, I said
What ?? Ricky replied
Ricky, pls let him be…. I said
Ricky sighed
Thanks ma’am…. The worker said
Don’t try it again…. Ricky warned
So, what made you ran into the elevator like that…??? I asked
Ma’am, I was asked to quickly get this file in 2 minutes by Mr. Anderson
He wants to give it to Miss. Victor Vivian…. He replied
Miss. Victor??? I asked
Yes ma’am…. He replied
You mean, Miss Victor from the s£nate house?? …. I asked to be sure
Yes ma’am… He replied
Ok… I said
Do you know her??…. Ricky interrupted our conversation
Yes…. She was my course mate…., I replied
She was my cl@ssmate when we were young…. Ricky said
What?? I shouted
Yes….. He replied
Then, how was she schooling where I was….. I asked Ricky
She left here when she was eight years old, but my Dad still use to communicate with her family…… Ricky replied
When were you two coursemates?? He asked
Not long ago…. I replied
So, she was the daughter of one of those animals that came to murder my parents…
But why didn’t I noticed??? I thought
Well, they are many other Victor Vivian and my mind wasn’t there……. I thought
What are you thinking of?? Ricky asked
Nothing….. I replied
Did she offend you when you were in school??? He asked
Not at all……. I replied
Ok, I would have dealt with her…… He concluded
Really??? I asked
Yes…. He said
That’s bad…. I replied
Bad??? He asked
Yes….. I said
The elevator opened and he stopped talking..
Won’t you get out??? Ricky yelled at the worker who have been in the elevator with us
Ok sir…. The worker replied and ran away
I sighed as I got out of the elevator
Wait for me…. Ricky said
I ignored him…
Ricky showed me places in the company…
I already know here…. I said to him
Yes, the board room…. He replied
We saw Vivian coming out…
Woow…. She said
Nice meeting you again…. I said
She nodded
Hi Ricky…. She said
He ignored her
So, baby let’s continue….. Ricky said to me
Baby??? Vivian asked
Yes ….. Ricky replied
You’re mine….. Vivian said
Merissa, don’t spoil our friendship….. She added
What’s that suppose to mean??? I asked
It means that if you are really his date, you’ll end up being my enemy…. She said
I laughed
Why are you laughing?? She asked
I ignored her
I can see you want a fight…. Vivian said
Vivian Pl…. Ricky wanted to say something but I cut him in..
You wouldn’t like to go on a fight with me… I said to Vivian as I got more closer to her
Try me… She said and wanted to walk out but I held her and draw her back
No, you try me….. I said and to her before I let go of her hand
😌 Nelson 😌
How was your time with her?? Dad asked
I ignored him
Are you deaf…. Mom yelled
It was Good…..I said
I want to go on a trip…. I said
What about the business…??? Dad asked
I’ll still take care of that….. I replied
You can go for your trip, but make sure you do all your work….. Dad said and walked out
That includes Merissa…. Mom added and followed Dad
I sighed
I went in and packed my things
Bye mom
Bye dad…. I said to them as I hopped in my car
Bye… They replied
I drove off with two of my closest guards
You must not tell them what I’m about to do no matter what…. I warned them
Yes boss…. They replied
I dialed Merissa’s number
📲 Hi Nelson….. She said
📲Hi… I replied
📲I’m on my way to go on a trip…. I said
📲Why??? She asked
📲 Pls Don’t Tell anyone…. I said
📲About??? She asked
📲I’m going to look for the Girl I told you about…. I said
📲She kept quiet
📲Are you there???? I asked
📲Yes…. She replied
📲Why are you telling me?? She asked
📲 Because I trust you and I don’t want you to feel that you don’t know where I am…. I replied
📲But where do you want to look for her…. She said
📲 I sighed
📲 I don’t even know….. I replied
📲 Nelson, you cannot find her, she’ll come to you because she knows where you stay but you cannot find her because she was the one that left you…. She said
📲 But I can’t just sit back…. I replied
📲 Nelson, just give her two years… You’ll see her….., She said
📲But I have given her more than that….. I replied
📲Just two more, trust me….. She said
📲You don’t even know her but u are telling me to wait…. I replied
📲If she truly remembers you, she’ll come….. She said
📲 Really?? I asked
📲Yea…. She replied
📲 Thanks…. I said
📲Ok Nel…bye….., She said
📲Bye…. I hung up
Nel??? I thought
Did she just called me that??? It’s only ivy that does that… I thought
Merissa…. I called
Boss…Are you okay???….. Johnson asked
Yes Johnson…. I replied
Let’s check the map,…. Johnson added
Forget about it….. I replied
What??? My guards chorused
But boss, what did she said to you that made you changed your mind??? Johnson asked
Nothing much…. I replied
But we and your parents have been trying to convince you, you didn’t agree but just one call on Merissa, you changed your mind.. Johnson said
Just drive us back home…. I said to the driver
It’s true, why am I listening to you Merissa?? Who are you to me?? I thought as we head back home….
Story by Sam Uel 💓💓
Who is Merissa to Nelson? Pls tell him who she is oo. He’s asking us🙄🙄
👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Episode 19 💓
🤷 Nelson 🤷
We headed back home….
Are you not going for your trip again??? Dad asked
I’m not going again dad…. I said
That’s good…. He said
I ignored him
Come and sit with us dear…. Mom said
Mom, I have things to do… I replied
So, we don’t have things to do right????….. She asked as she looked at me
Come on son… Dad said
I sighed
Come here… Mom said
I went to them and sat down
Have this…. Mom said as she fed me with pizza….
Mom, I can take it by myself, I’m not a baby….. I said
Dad laughed
What’s funny…???? I asked looking at him
He kept quiet
I continued sitting quietly
Son??? Dad called
Dad…. I replied
You know, I missed when you tell I and your mom jokes, but you suddenly changed…. He said
I ignored him because he knows exactly why I changed
Dear, pls answer us…. Mom added
I frowned
Or is it because of you’ll be getting engaged??? She asked and I immediately stood up
What’s that??…. I asked
Yes… Mom said
You heard her right…. Dad added
To who??? I asked
To Merissa of course….. Dad replied
I laughed
Why are you laughing???? Mom asked
Because Merissa isn’t ready for a relationship….. I replied
Dad smiled
Why are you smiling???? Mom asked Dad
Because your son had already asked her…. He replied
What??? I arched my brow and demonstrated
If you haven’t asked her, then how do you know that she isn’t ready???? He asked
Because Ricky did…. I yelled
Why am I yelling ??? I asked myself in a low tone..
I ignored my question and continue with my conversation
Yes, Ricky did…. I said
How, mom asked
He likes Merissa….. I said
You shouldn’t let Ricky be ahead of you in getting to be with Merissa…. Dad said
Like I care…. I replied
You must care… Mom said
You better forget about ivy, Dad added
No, not again… I shouted
Not what??? Mom asked
Were you not the one that brought Ivy’s matter back???? She asked
When did I do that??? I replied
He wanna pretend…. Dad said
I looked at him confused
You think we are not aware of your plans on searching for her….. Dad said
I g@sped
Yes dear, have you forgotten that we have a lot more connection than you do??? Mom asked
I’ll deal with the two of you…. I thought
Don’t even blame your guards…. Dad said as if he knew what I just thought of
Why not??? I asked
Because they weren’t the one who told us about your plans…. Dad replied
I ignored him
Dear, If ivy truly likes you she would have searched for you because she knows where you live unlike you who knows nothing about her pres£nt resident…. Mom said
It’s true…. I thought
Maybe I should forget about her,…. I thought
But it’ll not be easy because I remembered when last she spoke to me, her voice, her fear, how close we were, everything….. I thought as tears rolled down my cheeks
Forget about what you’re feeling now and get Merissa before your friend Ricky does… Dad said
I sighed and walked out
Where are you heading to??? Mom asked
I need to be alone…. I said as I walked away
I am on my way to work
I noticed that two cars were at my back
I speed off
I reached Ace family company and the workers began greeting
I smiled at them and they were all looking free…
Ma’am we love you…. Some of them shouted
I love you guys too… I said
Yaaayyyyy!!!!!!many of them exclaimed
I smiled
I took the elevator and finally got up
I looked down and saw those two cars following mine when I was coming to work
I saw Vivian coming down
I should have known…. I said
Ma’am, are you okay??? One of the worker asked
Yes dear… I said
Thank you…. I added
I went to my office
She came upstairs
She opened the door and barged into my office and entered
I looked at her…
I ignored her…
Hey, you are lucky that you speed off, I and my girls would have dealt with you… She said
I ignored her
How can you just snatch away someone else’s boyfriend….. She asked
I ignored her
Hey, am I not talking to you,…?? She yelled
I stood up
I went to the door…
When you’re done, you shut my door …. I said and walked out of my office
What??? I heard her exclaimed and I chuckled
She quickly ran after me and dragged my hair…
I told you I’ll deal with you…. She shouted as her actions made the workers came to watch…
Let go off my hair Vivian…. I said
No,… She shouted
I held her hand and drew her closer to me…
I looked at her before I gave her two slaps
Everyone was surprised
She raised her hand to slap me back but I held it and dragged her hair as I took her out of the company while everyone followed me…
I’ll have to throw her out of this company
.. I thought
I took her out and I took the elevator together with her
Leve me alone,…. She shouted
I ignored her
We got down and I pushed her away
She fell on the floor and got up immediately…
I’m not done with you…. She said
Ill teach you a lesson…. She added and entered her car
I sighed and I went back
Where’s Ricky??? I asked as I looked around the company
I dialed his number but I heard another voice….
📲 Hello…. He said
📲Hi…..I said
Do you know who’s speaking…. He asked
📲Of course…. I replied
📲 Who?? He asked
📲 Nel, what are you doing with Ricky’s phone …. I asked
📲You remind me of Ivy
He said
I kept quiet
📲 Merissa… Do you love me??? He asked
My mind started beating fast
What should I say??? I thought
Why am I feeling nervous…???
Ohhh no…..
Should I tell him??
What is wrong with me…???
I….. I replied
You what??? He asked
👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Episode 20💓
I quickly hung up as I felt my mind beating very fast…..
I went back home as I continued thinking about Nelson’s question
I sat on the couch immediately I got home
How can he ask me that??? I thought
Well, what’s my answer?
What if he asks me that question again, what will be my reply???…. Of course I do love him
But I can’t tell him… I thought
Dear, what are you thinking of?? Nanny called interrupting my thoughts
Nanny .. i called
Nelson just ask me about the words that needs a sincere answer….. I added
And what was your reply??? She asked
I hung up of course…. I said
She sighed
What if he sees you face to face and ask you directly???? She asked
I’ll not let him get to me for now…. I said
Seriously??? She asked
Yes…. I said
So, you’re gonna be avoiding him??? She asked
Yes Nanny… I replied
Merissa…. You don’t have to avoid him.
That’s a little too childish……. She said
Then what now?? I asked
It’s left for you…. She said
She wanted to go when I stopped her…
Anything??? She asked
Nanny, I really need an answer…. I said
So??? She asked
Ok, if you were in my shoes, what would you do??? I asked
I’ll tell him the truth but I’ll tell him to wait for now because I have a revenge as my priority…. She said
Thanks Nanny, you’re the best…. I said
But that’s after you’ve told him your true feeling ohhh… She added
Yes Nanny, Thanks a lot…. I said
I love you Nanny…. I added as I saw her climbing the stairs
Tell that to Nelson….. She shouted and laughed
I laughed also
You’re the best,….. I muttered
I remembered mom and sighed…..
I’ll do this for you…. I said as a tear dropped down my cheeks
💓 Nelson 💓
“Weird” I muttered immediately she hung uo
How can she stay silent then the next thing is to hang up…. I thought
I quickly went to mom and dad
I’ll have to tell Mom because she advises me on some relationship stuff since I was in high school..
Mom…. I called
Son?? She replied
I ask Merissa something… I said
She smiled
Why??? I asked
Why what??? She said
Why the smiling…. I asked
Because you’ve ask her about the love stuff… She said
How did she know…? I thought
What’s with this woman
I smiled and decided to pretend
What love stuff??? I asked pretending as if I don’t know what she’s talking about
Ohh, you don’t have to pretend…. She said
Ok … Yes ….. I said
Wooh… She exclaimed
And what was her reply… ?? She asked
She was quiet first, then she hung up….. I said
Mom smiled
Why the smiles mom?? I asked
I think she likes you but she’s shy…. Mom said
Really??? I beamed
Yes son… She said
Thanks Mom, I said and smiled
Now, she’ll make you forget about your worries as well as ivy…. Mom said
Mom, must you always change my mood… I asked
But…. She wanted to complete her s£ntence when I stopped her
Pls mom, Enough…. I said
I stood up and walked out..
I went to Merissa’s home…
The guards let me in
I went in and sat down on the chair
I saw her coming down
Merissa… I called
Hey… She said
How are things going…???? I asked
Very well thanks…. She said
So??? I asked
What??? She asked
You hung up on my question and I thought maybe you want to tell me face to face… I said
Emm…. Nelson??? She called
Yes… I said and stood up
Don’t stand ….. She shouted
What??? I asked
I mean don’t come close…. She said calmly
Ok… I said
So??? I asked
I…. I…… Don’t…. She said
What??? I asked
Yes Nel… Nelson… She stammered
I went closer to her and she moved backwards…. I went more close until she reached the wall…
I klzzed her without stopping as my tongue moved round inside her mouth….
What??? We heard Ricky’s voice and we broke the klzz
No, Merissa… He shouted
Yes Ricky…. I said
I’ll make you suffer Nelson…. He said
Ricky… I called
He ignored me and left
I looked at Merissa and saw her speechless
Do you have anything to do with Rick??? I asked
She shook her head negatively
I sighed
I love you… I said
I love…. She said and paused
Say it Merissa…. I said
She ignored me and ran upstairs
I’ll not go out from your house until you say it to me…. I said and sat down on her chair in the sitting room
Few minutes, I slept off on her chair


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