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Ivy’s fight batch 1

👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Episode 1
Vrooomm!! Vroom!! I heard my stupid alarm making annoying sound as I immediately woke up from my sleep, but of course I took it and threw in on the floor, making it broke to pieces.
I have been in my room for the past three days without talking to mum and dad because they annoys me with their attitude all in the name of being in power and in a high position.
I have told Dad that he should stay away from Mr. Oliver and his family because of their dirty games in politics, even though their son is my best friend. But of course he ignored me, telling me that it is for my own good…
And what did Mom do??? She did nothing instead she was telling me blah blah blah…
Sorry, I did not tell you who I am because I expect everyone one in this country to know the president daughter who lives in the white mansion..
I am in 8 years but that doesn’t mean I’m a small girl, so watch it when you talk to me.
Mum, I want to be the first to be in school today, Ivy always arrives early to school…
You are the vice president’s son, so u can go to school anytime you like, mom said
But mom what about ivy who is the daughter of the number one citizen in the country..
And who said she is the daughter of the number one citizen.?? Dad said coming down from the stairs..
I kept quiet..
Are you deaf? He stormed at me
Our cl@ss teacher, I replied in a fearful tone
I will get your teacher sacked, dad said leaving the sitting room
Dad has always been like that, he behaves anyhow probably because he is the vice president. Sometimes he smiles at Ivy and her family and sometimes he and mum behaves somehow to them. I really envy ivy sometimes when she talks to her dad without being scared, I taught as I felt a pain in my head..
What are you thinking of ? Mum asked
Nothing, I said leaving the sitting room
I’m free with mum but she also behaves like dad sometimes.
Mrs. Michealson
Sweetheart, I’m worried about my daughter.
She doesn’t want to see us, I said
Don’t worry honey, she’s fine
Her nanny told u that she’s fine,right?? My husband asked
Yea I replied.. but..
He cut me off before I could finish… Honnnnnneeeyyy don’t but, you know our daughter is smart as small as she is..
She is just 8 and she acts matured…
Yea I replied reluctantly
But I understand why she doesn’t want us closer to the Olivers
Nelson must have told her somethings and you know ivy behaves somehow..
And come to think of it, Don’t you think you guys are playing dirty by lying to the media about somethings you did not do..? I asked
Honey, you know Mr Oliver does not like me doing things he doesn’t have.. he said
But you are different from him, I said
You don’t get it.. he fired back
I get it, you should do things your own way without being controlled by other politicians because you are the head. I said standing up
So u think I’m being controlled, Jade? He asked
Yes you are… I said
Jade, please get out, this conversation is over, he said..
I opened my mouth in shock,
So, you’re asking me to leave this room because of what I told you, which is the truth… I replied
Jade!!! He stormed
I left the room immediately as tears gathered in my eyes…
👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Episode 2.
🥺 Mrs. Michealson 🥺
It has been two weeks since my husband s£nt me out of our room.
He have been coming to meet me here in this room that I’m pres£ntly staying and has been apologizing to me for s£nding me out of the room. But of course I forgave him but have refused to go back to that room until he starts doing things by himself as a real president.
I can’t believe he lied to the media, together with Oliver. Oliver has been a good friend to I and My husband for the past 15 years. But recently he has been acting strange but of course I don’t give a damn, I just want my husband to do things that is expected of him.
I was still in thought when I heard the door opened, I thought it was my husband but was surprised to see ivy in tears.
Mum, I called
What is it sweety? Why are you crying? Who made you cry? She asked swiftly
Mum, I cried again making her feel worried
She looked at me with tears gathered in her eyes.
I have been observing you and Dad for the past two weeks and the two of you aren’t close like before. You know I hate our family being separated from each other… Pls mum, I want the two of you to reconcile with whatever is going on between the two of you please I said as more years flowed down my cheeks.
Mum looked at me speechless without saying anything.
Mum…, I called
Don’t worry sweety I and your dad are ok and I promise you that I’ll talk to me ok? She asked
Promise?? I asked back
Yea baby, I promise…. She said and I smiled.
She drew me closer to her and I hugged her tightly and immediately we heard the door opened and dad came in, breathing heavily.
He told us to pack our things and run downstairs.
What is it sweetheart? Mum asked
😫Mr. Michealson 😫
I càme inside and saw my wife and daughter.
Pack your things, we’re leaving… I said
What is it sweetheart? Jade asked
Jade, I’ll explain later but for now we’re leaving. I said
Tell me what the problem is? She asked
Jade, if we stay here, we’ll get killed I said packing my bags.
She looked at me speechless and with tears in her eyes..
Yes Jade, Oliver wanted me to cover up for him because the Governor of Los Angeles threatened to report his corrupt act to the media.
What corrupt act? And what did he asked you to do in order to cover up for him? She asked looking confused…
Jade, I’m so sorry I said
For what sweetheart ? You’re getting me worried. She asked.
I have been keeping quiet when I have seen Oliver murdered a journalist because he posted against his acts in politics..
An now he wants me to help cover up by s£nding men to kill the Governor but I refused and he told me to watch my back. And I know what that means honey..
I shouldn’t have joined politics….
I shouldn’t have let Oliver helped me in gaining power just because he has connections..
I shouldn’t have break you and Ivy’s heart..
I said as tears gathered in my eyes..
It was then I realized that my princess was there listening to me and was shedding tears like a baby..
I bent down and hugged her and apologized to her…
But dad you never murdered anyone right? Ivy asked..
I dis£ngaged from her..
No dear, dad will never do that… I said to her
And immediately we heard the door bell rang..
Jade pls take ivy and go through the back door, I shouted…
👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Episode 3..💓
Jade, pls take ivy and go through the back door,dad shouted
And immediately I became scared
Dad, what about you? I asked
Don’t worry honey, i will distract them so you and your mum will be able to go out easily, dad said
But dad you said he wants to deal with you, I asked
Mum, stood there without saying a word as tears ran down her cheeks
I will go and beg him, mom finally spoke out
No, dad shouted
Jade, you don’t know who Oliver is
Pls, don’t go…he said
Then, maybe you’ll go with Ivy and I’ll stay, mum said crying..
Mom, I said..
Pls Jade, I love you and I can’t let anything happen to you and my princess, so pls Jade
Take her and go through the back door, dad said with tears in his eyes
But dad i want you to come with us… I cried holding his hand..
I love you dear, go with your mom and I’ll come, okay..
Come out Fredrick, we heard my best friend dad’s voice.. and mum began crying.
Mum, but uncle told me that he loves us.. I said going close to her..
Mom hugged me and took me out through the back door
💓 Mrs michealson 💓
I carried ivy out as my husband instructed me
Ma’am, Anna cried coming close to me
Anna has been working for us as Ivy’s nanny and she like a sister to me
‘Anna, what is it?? I asked impatiently
Ma’am, mr oliver is with a gun Anna said
and I quickly dropped ivy down..
Anna, pls take ivy and leave mum said
Pls ma’am, don’t go , she said crying
Anna, my husband is out there and I have to go, I said
Mum pls stay with me, ivy said
Sweety, I promise you I’ll come back ,okay? I said
Mum, you promise? Ivy asked
Yes dear, I promise
🏇 Mr. Michealson 🏇
I went downstairs and was surprised to see Oliver with six other governor who are also my friends
Well well well, Ace said..
I know he must talk
He has always been against me since I joined politics .
It was Oliver that has been telling him to trust me, but of course he didn’t. He hated me for no reason.
I told you this man is not capable, let’s do what we came here for, Ace said bringing out a gun
Pls, Jade said coming in..
Jade, I told you to go, I said
I guess we have two animals to kill, Oliver said
Oliver, is this you?? Jade asked
I thought you were our closest friend, I trusted you, I loved your family, I….
Shut up… Oliver shouted shooting the gun up..
Jade knelt down
Pls, Oliver… Let us go pls, she begged and I felt angry
💓 Ivy 💓
We heard the gun shot and I screamed..
Pls, Nanny let us go and see
I beg you…
You know you are like my mum sister, I cried
Ok.. she said carrying me up..
We went to one of the window and started peeping..
Close your eyes the both of you, We heard the voice of one stupid man
Pls, mum begged
I cannot leave you Jade, your husband betrayed me, Mr Oliver said
But he is saying the truth, mum said
Ohh, he already explained it to you.. Mr oliver asked
Crazy Man, one of the men said hitting dad on his head
All the men inside started laughing
I brought out my phone and took a picture of them all while my nanny was looking at me without saying a word..
My phone started ringing out.. and all the men looked at the direction including mum and dad
Run!!! Mum screamed..
I she knows my ringing tone
Nanny quickly took me and p@ssed through a very dark narrow way and we realized that someone is coming after us..
👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Episode 4
💓 Nanny Anna💓
Immediately we saw all eyes towards our direction, I heard my Madam voice when she shouted Run !!!..
I carried Ivy and we immediately p@ssed through a narrow way..
I heard footsteps as if someone was coming after us..
Nanny, I think we are being followed.. Ivy said, almost crying
Don’t worry dear, we’ll get through this, I said
Nanny, I’m scared… She replied
Ivy, you don’t have to be scared, okay? I asked
Yes nanny but are u not tired?? Put me down so that I’ll run with you and you’ll save your strength, She said
Ivy, Just close your eyes and pray as I’m running, okay?? I said to her immediately she replied to me
Ok nanny , she said in a low tone..
I looked at her while running and noticed that she closed her eyes
I smiled a little..
We got to a bush path and I find out that someone was at my back and another guy was at my front..
Though, it was really dark but I know that the two criminals who are after us were men due to they appearances..
They appeared huge with broad shoulders but their faces weren’t seen…
Stop now before I shoot, we heard a voice and I became scared
Ivy started crying..
Ivy pls don’t cry, okay? I spoke to her
You cannot run anymore, so just stop…you have me at your front and another at your back, so give up… The man at the front said..
🏇 Mrs michealson 🏇
I just hope they get your little rat, Mr Oliver said while the other men started laughing
My husband sighed
I hugged him as I went closer to him and kneel down
I love you, he said
I love you too baby, I replied
Woo, woo, wooo…. Ace shouted with a smile
Woo, woo, woo
Woo, woo, woo,
Woo, woo, woo….All the men chorused
They started laughing
Love birds, Oliver said
Instead of you to be scared and start urinating on your body, you’re saying trash, Ace added
Well, tell yourself whatever you want because I’ll kill you both and you will not escape, Oliver said
But Oliver, what did we do to you..? I asked
Woman, don’t ask me rubbish again, else I’ll b!0w your brain, he said in a angry tone
Why don’t you ask your husband, he added
But I taught he told her already? Ace asked
Yes, another man said
Tony, I replied to the man… Remember you have a wife and daughter like us ?
Why are you doing this? I asked
Tony became speechless..
Tony, can’t you answer this fool? Ace said
Maybe Tony wants to join them, right Tony?? Oliver asked going close to Tony
No no no pls.. Tony replied moving backwards
Then, talk to her.. Oliver commanded
If you ask me rubbish again, I’ll strangle you
Tony said pointing a f!ng£r at me..
I noticed that Tony was scared but he cannot back off because of Oliver and the remaining..
I kept quiet and held my husband’s hand
Then, the electricity light want off…
👩‍✈️Ivy 👩‍✈️
Pls sir, leave us alone
Pity us, I cried…
No smally, I can’t he replied moving closer to us
I saw my nanny moving to the right direction then I became suspicious of her..
She immediately dropped me and shouted, ivy run and don’t come back
I began running into the bush..
Everywhere is looking scary
Immediately I reached a tall tree, I turned back and saw my nanny being held by the two men..
Nanny, I shouted and started crying
Ivy run, she replied and I started crying loud
I noticed that one of the men started running towards me and I saw nanny jumped on his body…
Immediately nanny jumped on his body she hit his head and I heard a loud gunshot…
I saw that nanny was not on the floor and I realized that the other man has shot her..
No, I shouted and I fell on the floor
👩‍✈️ Ivy’s fight 👩‍✈️
Episode 5💓
😫Ivy 😫
I saw that my Nanny was on the floor and I fell down feeling shocked…
I kept on calling my Nanny’s name while I cried bitterly..
Hey!!, I heard a voice and remembered that the two men were still there
I stood up and began running as fast as I can
Stop little girl, I heard again as I continued running into the bush..
I stopped on a particular tree covered with gr@sses and noticed that the men were coming very close to me..
I hid behind the tree and bent down so that the gr@ss will cover me properly
Go to this side and I’ll check here…. I heard one of the men said
She couldn’t have gone far, another one replied
I covered my mouth with my hands as I began crying but of course I cannot forget to pray…. I thought and I prayed silently
One of the men phone began ringing and I sighed
Mr Oliver… He said as he picked the call
No, we haven’t seen the little girl but we have shot the nanny
Ok sir, we’ll find her and bring her to you,. He said as he hung up
He left the spot he stood and I saw a drum closer to the bush part…
I guess it was abandoned
I got there and entered the drum..
I sighed as I remembered all that has happened and wished it never happened..
🏇Mr Michealson 🏇
Immediately the light went off, I held my wife’s hand and took her out through the balcony..
Sweetheart, we have to get out of here but Oliver’s men are outside, Jade said
That’s why we have to think before we act so that we’ll be able to get away outta here..I replied
What about my daughter?? She said feeling worried
I wonder where she p@ssed through, I replied
She was with Anna and I know that Anna will save her, she said
We have to hide in the store…. I said to her and we left…
Immediately we entered the store, we hid at a place where different goods were stored and bent down there hugging ourselves
I heard the door opened and my wife g@sped
I covered her mouth with my hands
Come out now, we heard Oliver’s voice
We kept quiet
Jade, I know you are here with your husband so come out before I take it to the next level.. he said again
Jade began crying..
I know she’s scared
Jade, you have to be strong for ivy, I said holding her cheeks
Okay?? I asked waiting for a response from her
She nodded without saying a word
Come out by the count of three..
We didn’t replied and he began shooting everywhere, making things gets spoilt…
Hey, what are you doing here? We heard Ace voice
I saw this door being closed and I know that someone entered here, Oliver replied
Let’s Check, Ace said
After about 20 minutes, he began coming towards our direction
Jade became more scared as she held my shirt tightly
Look what we get here, Ace said and I raised my head up to see him staring at us
Oliver… Ace called without getting a response
Then I noticed that Oliver has left the store..
I hit Ace on his head and he shouted in pains..
Run Jade, I’ll be at your back, go back inside and p@ss through the back door,… I said and Jade began running..
I hit Ace again on his head before heading outside to go after My wife..
Hey…. Oliver said as he brought out his gun
I stopped
He shot the gun at me and I gr0@ned in pains
😠Mrs michealson 😠
I heard a gun shot and I turned back to see my husband on the floor..
Noooo, I shouted
Jade, go and find ivy, he shouted
No, I’m not leaving you, I said as I began running backwards
Jade, pls do it for me, our daughter needs your help, don’t come here…. He shouted and dropped his hands on the floor
I bent down crying as I heard Oliver’s voice
Go and kill her, Oliver said and I stood up and climbed the small step…
I entered the sitting room which was still dark but of course, even though my house is dark I still know the way out… I thought as I reached the road leading to the back door…
To be continued 🌺


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