intim-acy Episode 9 & 10

Episode 9
🍷intim-acy 🍷
👗[My v!rg!nGirlfriend] 👠
(I like you)
👗Rosanna’s POV 👗
After we were done eating and the table was cleared.
He faced me again and re-leased a soft smile which made my heart skip.
Like it was kind of unexpected. I wonder what he really wants from me.
“I was planning on taking it slow but I don’t think I can do that anymore, I just can’t” he started ma-king me wonder what he meant.
“Sorry? I don’t get you CB” I f0rç£d myself to say.
He adjusted properly with his hands placed on the table.
“Rosanna” he called ma-king a very serious face which got me more curious.
“Yes..yes” I answered.
“If you were asked to take care of my kid will you accept?” He asked shocking me.
“Your..your kid?” I asked wi-de eyes.
I didn’t expect that from anywhere but thank goodness it’s not what I imagined it to be.
“I..I don’t no CB” I answered with my eyes fixed on the table.
“You won’t do it free, it will come with a lot of benefit Rosanna, think about it” he said further ma-king go into de-ep thoughts.
“B..but why me?” I suddenly asked and he cracked.
“Well, I won’t beat around the bush, it’s because I like you” he stated blunty and my heart skipped multi-ple times. I restricted myself from pinching myself.
It will be very embarras-sing if I pinch myself to check if I’m dreaming or not.
“What?? like me?” I found myself glaring at him.
Like, is he the real Charlie? The popular billionaire? Or an imposter? I wondered.
“Yes, I like you, well it’s might be more than that but I don’t no yet” he said simply.
I coughed and drank from my bottle of water that was still there.
“It’s kind of weird right? Well I want you to think about both request, I’ll be expecting both answers by tomorrow” he continued.
My heart was still beating real fast and I was started to get sweaty.
How did this happen? This must be a dream right?
Yes, there is no way this is real.
“Rosa” he called after a while of silence and I raised my eyes to his.
“Think about it carefully, tomorrow let’s meet, same place, same time and this is my card in case of any emergency” he said and placed his card on the table for me.
I picked it up and starred at it with disbelief.
“Let’s go, you should get home now” he cooed standing up.
I picked up the small handbag I c@m£ with and also stood up with him then we went of the restaurant then to the garage where my car was parked.
“Get home safely so you can think about it, I’m expecting a positive answer tho” he smiled and said and I only nodded.
I was sure lost of words.
I opened my car door and got in then ignited the engine and drove out slowly from the h0tel.
🍷Charlie’s POV 🍷
I watched as she drove out keenly with a smile plastered on my handsome face.
She’s really beautiful, I thought and walked to where my car is.
Mike stood on my way as I was about to enter.
“I’m afraid someone took pictures of you and her, I wasn’t able to get the person on time” he stated worriedly.
“Well, it’s okay” I smiled and placed my hand on his shoulder.
“But CB” he st©pped me again as I was about to pas-s.
“What do you really want with her?” He inquired.
“You wanna know? Why don’t you find out everything about her for me?” I asked back.
“I just did, heard she’s one of the constestant in foodies and chief competition” he revealed.
“Really? Well make sure she wins that contest” I instructed.
“Yeah heard she might win even without you getting involved but I’ll still make sure of that but tell me why you want her” he kept pressuring as we got into the car together and the driver took off.
“Let’s just say I’m more than attra-cted to her” I replied him.
“Really? So you want her this time as your girlfriend, not just a one time se-x p@rtner girl?” He inquired.
“More than that Mike, I hope she accepts” I cooed and rested my head on the chair.
👗Rosanna’s POV 👗
I drove into our ap@rtment and gracious! I found Tara waiting outside for me.
I c@m£ down from the car immediately and went to her.
“Why on Earth are you standing out here? You wanna freeze to death, let’s go in” I said to her and we went in together.
“I might sleep off and won’t be able to hear the gist of you and CB tonight, that’s the reason I stood outside” she replied and I shook my head.
Gosh, she sure wants to know everything.
“Okay then, I’ll explain everything that happened” I started then explained everything to her.
She exclaimed immediately and jumped up.
“Really? Oh my gosh that’s really nice.”
“I know I really like CB but it’s nice hearing that he likes you. So he wants you to be the daughter of his child or babysit his daughter for him?” She inquired and I nodded.
“Wow girlfriend, you’re so lucky, I wish I was in your shoes. plea-se promise me you won’t let go of this opportunity alright” she said and I managed to nod.
Right now I’m still in doubt.
I don’t no what to even think but tonight I’ll give it a long thought because I have till 8:00pm to accept or reject his proposal.
“Lemme go in and rest babe” I cooed standing up.
“Yeah, go on, goodnight” she yelled to me as I went to my be-droom.
🍷 Charlie’s POV 🍷
I got to Ria’s room and walked to her be-d without ma-king much sound so she won’t wake up from her sleep.
It’s been a long day. She surely nee-ds someone by her side.
I hope pretty Rosa accept the proposal, it’ll really mean a lot, I thought and fondled with her hair before leaving her room.
Next day.
👗 Rosanna’s POV 👗
I got to the modelling company the next day with Tara and noticed all eyes on me.
I don’t no why tho but they all seems to be talking about me.
“Babe, what is happening? Seems they are all starring at you” Tara asked and before I could open my mouth to say a thing one of our colleagues ran up to us.
“You’re really lucky Ros, I can’t believe CB had dinner with you last night” she said eyeing me.
“What??” I found myself shouting.
There was no reporter or anything yesterday so how come they are talking about it? I wondered.
“It’s all over the social media” she further said and showed us her phone.
Tara and I starred at each other and I sighed.
Just a dinner, I’m becoming more popular with just a dinner with a superstar.
This is awesome.
I got to the restroom and entered one of the toilets to ease myself when I started hearing two different female voices.
“It’s obvious CB wants to use her too, I mean that’s CB for you or he might just get her pregnant and later pay her off” one of the voices said.
“Yeah,what else.. everyone knows CB but she’s really lucky to be chos£n tho, it’s a thing one can die for” the second voice said.
“Yeah, I bet she gave in her best for CB to notice her the last time he c@m£, she’s really lucky” the voices continued saying until I st©pped hearing them.
I concluded that they were out alre-ady and I c@m£ out to wash my hands
I starred at myself in the mirror and signed.
I really don’t want people to think I’m his next scre-w girl.
I guess I’ll just have to reject his proposal no matter what. I have my dignity to keep.
Yes, I think that’s what I’m gonna do. I’ll just have to reject him, I concluded in my mind then brou-ght out my phone and texted him.
Episode 10
👠 Rosanna’s POV 👠
Immediately I dropped my phone it’s started ringing.
I picked it up and he was the one on the line.
“Let’s meet up like we planned” his voice rang out and then the call ended.
I sighed and dropped the phone.
Well I didn’t text him the answer. I just texted him that I was re-ady to give him a reply.
I felt it was better telling him face to face so he’ll know how serious I am.
🍷Charlie’s POV 🍷
I dropped the call and my eyes fell on Mike who has been with me in the recording room.
“Mike, I’m kind of feeling weird about this” I told him.
“Because I expected her to give it a long thought but she alre-ady has an answer” I replied.
“So? Girls are like that, am I the one to educate you on them? Which lady in her right s-en-ses will refuse the offer? Expect well..”
“Expect what?” I asked when he st©pped half way.
“Well, expect nothing but I haven’t seen that kind of lady before, they will be very rare if at all they exist and those kinds should be made to stay with you at all cost, like considering..”
“What exactly are you saying Mike? You’re ma-king me nervous” I cut him in.
“I’m sure she is gonna accept, no nee-d for long talks” he replied and I nodded.
Hopefully she will.
A lot of hours later.
The time is currently 7:45pm.
I decided to go alone to the h0tel for the dinner with Rosanna. It took a lot of effort and bribing for the guards not to follow me.
I drove at a high speed and soon I got to the h0tel to surprisedly see her standing in front of the h0tel.
I quic-kly c@m£ down from the car and went to her.
“Hey” I called and her eyes met mine.
“Why are you standing outside? You should have gone in, let’s go…”
“No Charlie, I wanna leave now, I have a contest to prepare for, I wanna tell you my answer here, I’m sorry for acting like this” she rushed her words surprising me the more.
Truly, no one has ever acted like this to me. No lady.
“Alright then, you can go ahead” I gave her a go ahead to talk.
“Charlie, I’m sorry but I don’t think I’m the right person, how can I be? You should look for someone better, I aren’t fit for the position of both…” she paused and sighed.
“Your girlfriend and your daughter’s mom” she completed her s£ntence which made me scoff.
Like i felt bad a little about it. I suspected something like this after her text but she just proved my suspicions.
Like did she just reject me? It’s really shocking.
“I’m sorry about that, you should find someone better, I’ll get going now” she added and started leaving in a haste but I st©pped her.
“What makes you think you aren’t fit for it?” I questioned and she st©pped walking but didn’t turn to stare at me.
“I’m sorry but I gat to go” she said instead which left my mouth opened.
Never in my life have I experienced something like this. A very bad rejection.
I watched as she got into the car she c@m£ with and then she drove out of the h0tel.
“Ahhhhh!! It’s CB!!” I heard screams behind me but didn’t even bother to turn back or anything.
Right now I nee-d to get my head straight, I can’t seems to process the whole thing well.
I got into my car and drove out of the h0tel too before anyone could get to me.
👗 Rosanna’s POV 👗
I drove out of the h0tel but immediately parked on the road side and then placed my hands on my fast beating che-st.
Did I really do that? I did it, I rejected both his offer and him.
I can’t believe it.
I had been practicing the way I was gonna face him and say it’s straight without stuttering or something and I did it.
Oh gosh! Hope he is not gonna get mad tho.
It’s must have come as a big shock because the face he pu-ll-ed when I rejected him was as if I was speaking a foreign language.
I placed my head on the steering and continued p@n-ting.
At a point I thought I couldn’t be able to do it.
Tara is gonna get really mad at me for sure because what I’ll tell her is not what she’s expecting.
Slowly I ignited my car engine and started driving to the ap@rtment we lived in.
I really nee-d to practice for the upcoming contest that’s just coming up next week.
The whole of next week I’ll be really busy and CB is gonna be modelling for the company same next week.
Thank goodness I won’t get to see him because I won’t be around. It will be really weird seeing him honestly.
I got home and as expected Tara bombard me with thousands of questions but I only told her one thing.
“Tara, I rejected him and right now I don’t nee-d disturbance okay” I replied and left for my room.
She didn’t say any other thing again and I bet she must have been so shocked.
🍷Charlie’s POV 🍷
I decanted large quantity of vodka into my drinking glas-s.
I didn’t mind the fact that I was getting drun!kalre-ady.
Like it’s still unbelievable to me that she rejected me.
I can’t seems to comprehend the feelings I’m feeling right now.
Like I felt stabbe-d. Like a feeling of betrayal i no I aren’t supposed to feel.
If it’s concerning Ria, I can still get another person if I search but I guess my heart is too wounded.
I guess I’ll have to deal with it like this. I’ll have to accept the fact that I got rejected for the first time.
TBC Charlie.