intim-acy Episode 7 & 8

Episode 7
🍷intim-acy 🍷
👗[My v!rg!nGirlfriend] 👠
(Meet up with him)
Two days later.
👗 Rosanna’s POV👗
I was busy preparing for the contest that is gonna hold tomorrow.
Geez I’m so so excited, if I emerge as the winner I’ll be so so happy.
I have confidence in myself that I am gonna win tho,even if no one tells me that I alre-ady know that I’m a good cook.
The money involved in it is a wow. Even the popularity I’ll gain is mas-sive.
I continue cutting the tomato I am gonna use when sudden I started hearing sounds from my phone.
I went to my phone to see a new message s£nt by Tara, then I cli-cked on it and viewed it .
Babe, you won’t believe this come over to the company now!!
Hmm what’s it again? Its sounded urgent,I thought then dropped everything I was doing, rushed to the bathroom,had my bath and soon I was off to the company with the only car I have.
I actually got the car with my savings tho I don’t really use it often, let’s say its hasn’t really mastered me.
I drove with a little speed and soon I got to the company.
I got down from the car and rushed in to search for her. Everything in the office seems fine I wonder why she sounded urgent.
I continued searching for her but was informed by one of my colleagues that she is at the roof t©p.
What could she be doing there? I hope she is not in danger.
I climbe-d the stairs to the rooft©p quic-kly and soon I sighted her but she Wasn’t alone.
There was a guy standing with her there.
They were both backing me.
I paused for a few seconds starring at them both.
Who is he? I wondered then started walking towards them.
Tara immediately turned and saw me.
“Hey sweetheart” she beamed.
“H..hi” I replied my eyes fixed at the guy who was still backing me.
“What’s up? You gat me running all the way here” I inquired then spared her a stare.
“Well…” she paused then starred at the guy who turned to look at us.
What? Isn’t he Mike? Like mike charlie’s manager?
How come he is here? I wondered starring at him.
“I…i guess i’ll have to leave you two” Tara said after a while then started leaving.
“Huh, Tar…”
“Hi, I’m Mike” I was about asking Tara to stay but he cut me in then I took my attention to him.
“Yea..hi, what can I do for you?” I questioned curiously.
🍷Charlie’s POV🍷
This past days I’ve been thinking seriously,like more than before.
First about the elevator lady and model, then second about what mom and i discussed about getting Ria a mom – more like a fake mom tho.
I hope she forgives me in the future but i can’t just help it.
But the main problem now is who am i gonna introduce to her?
I don’t want someone that is bit*hy, i nee-d a cool lady. When its comes to my daughter things gat to change.
I don’t no any lady that will pl@ythat role in my daughter’s life for the main time and that seems to be the bigger problem here.
All the lady I’ve had one or few things to do with are unfortunately the same.
I don’t even have friends who can do that.
Its seems like a very big problem.
But then still thinking about it, my mind went to her.
The elevator girl, the model.
She seems to be quite different from the other ladies, like I can’t even get her off my mind even with the pressing issue on ground.
Wait, what if I use her as Ria’s fake mom at least for now?
Hmm that will give me a good chance to get closer to her and probably find out the very reason why I keep thinking about her.
Yea, she’s different and perfect for it and that’s the very reason I’ve s£nt Mike to go to her.
My very plan will start from there.
👠 Rosanna’s POV👠
“I’m here to pas-s a very crusial information to you.”
“I heard your name is Rosanna right?” He inquired.
“Ye..yea,what message is that and from who?”
“You’re to meet up with him at land mall h0tel” he started.
“Land mall h0tel?” I half yelled.
“Who the hell is that?” I found myself yelling even if I am alre-ady suspecting who its might be.
“CB, he wants a meeting you and it’s not actually the h0tel room p@rt but the resturant p@rt tonight by 8:00pm” he announced.
“W..why..why could CB wanna meet up with me?” I asked trying not to sound too shocked.
“You’ll find out once you get there, remember tonight by 8:00pm” he replied then started walking away.
Like is he being serious?
CB? Tonight? Land mall h0tel?
Episode 8
👗Rosanna’s POV👗
“Girlfriend be fast, your hair is still not packed, it’s 7:00pm alre-ady” Tara kept shouting as she ran up and down the house to get me a dress.
I just sat down in front of the mirror thinking about about the outing.
Why on Earth could he want to meet up with me?
Did he find me attrac-tive and wants to have me in his be-d cause I know that’s the only thing he does with ladies, especially celebrities.
“Rosanna!! Come on, get up and try this dress” Tara yelled standing behind me.
I turned and saw a red armless dress with her, one of my best dresses actually. Then I sighed, got up and collected the dress from her and changed into it.
“Gosh Ros, what are you thinking? You have been sitting down without dressing up your hair all this while?” She shriked then pushed me to the be-d. I sat down and she started working on my hair while I kept thinking.
I hope he doesn’t wanna get ti-ght with me cause that’s a big no, but hell! How I’m I gonna face someone like him?
How am I gonna do that and in public? I might as well faint.
“Go check yourself out in the mirror” Tara’s voice distrupted my thinking then I stood up and went to stand in front of the mirror to check myself and I was looking really great.
“I’m sure he is gonna trip for you girlfriend, I’m quite sure because you look so pretty, now sit for your makeup, it’s gonna be light and quic-k because there is no more time” she kept rushing me.
🍷 Charlie’s POV🍷
I stood in front of the mirror with a creepy smile on my face bu-ttoning my shi-t.
“CB, what do you seriously want with that model?” Mike who was standing behind me kept questioning.
“Mike, must I tell you everything? Can’t I have my own privacy?” I asked.
“No, you can’t” he retorted.
“Why? Why can’t I?”
“Because I’m your manager and I deserve to know every little thing you do or say” he answered.
“I’ll reveal my plans but not now Mike” I said then faced the mirror again and continued dressing myself while he kept giving me dangerous stares from behind.
He always wants to know every damn thing! Everything!
👗Rosanna’s POV 👗
I got into my car after getting done with everything.
“Be careful girlie and make sure you don’t loss this opportunity cause I know he wants something with you” Tara grinned holding my car door.
“Okay, I’ve heard you, the time is far spent, can you let me go now?” I asked rolling my eyes.
She re-moved her hand from the door and I shut it close and ignited the engine.
“Make sure you charm him with your pretty looks alright” she yelled to me as I drove out of the ap@rtment.
The time is almost 8:00pm, I hope he won’t get mad that I didn’t arrive earlier, I thought then increa-sed the speed of my car.
I got to land mall h0tel and parked inside the garage.
I sighed de-eply and got down from the car, as I was about to go in I saw one of his cars driving in.
I stood there and watched as one of his guards upended the car door for him and he stepped out.
My mouth fell open immediately as I watched him.
Gosh, is he a human being? Why is he so handsome? I wondered still with my mouth slightly opened.
Then his eyes ran into mine.
From there, he re-leased a light smile which made my heart pound.
I don’t think I can face him. What do I do? I don’t think I can face him.
I re-moved my eyes from his direction and fixed it on the floor as his guards guarded him to me.
Then he asked them to leave us.
“Hi Rosa” he called with a very sweet voice.
I lifted my eyes and stared at his. They were sparking white which made my heart beat increase.
“H..hi Charlie” I responded.
“Sorry i arrived a bit late, so shall we?” He said calmly and beckoned on me to go into the h0tel first.
“Ye..yes” I answered and got into the h0tel with him behind me.
Then a waitress took the both of us to the VIP louge of the h0tel’s restaurant as requested by Charlie.
We both sat facing each other as he sipped from the c0cktail he ordered few minutes ago.
“Are you sure you don’t want this?” He asked and I nodded positively.
“I don’t drink, I can only take water” I replied and heard him chuckle.
What’s funny? I wondered but couldn’t stare at him.
My eyes has been fixed on my legs ever since, I couldn’t bring myself to stare at him.
“Alright, so can we order now?” He asked again.
“Order? What are we..”
“Aren’t you gonna eat anything? Of course you are, this is actually a dinner so you have to” he cut me in and said.
“Oh..okay” I mouthed still unable to stare at him.
He pressed something that looks like a bell on the table and a waitress c@m£ in.
“What’s your order CB?” She asked smiling.
“What could you like to take Rosa?” He turned to me and asked.
“Well, I’d love to” I paused and thought for a while.
I seriously don’t no what to say, I’ve forgotten everything I use to know just because of him.
“The menu can help you” the waitress said after a while of waiting then she handed the menu to me and I just picked out a meal randomly.
“What about…”
“Give me whatever she ordered” the waitress was about to say but was interrupted by CB.
“Okay, I will be right back with the meal” she smiled and said then left.
I took my eyes to my legs immediately but felt him starring at me.
He kept quite. Everywhere bec@m£ quite ma-king the whole situation more terrible.
What is he thinking? Why is he looking at me like that? I kept thinking but couldn’t even bring myself to ask him.
No, this is the height of it. I will have to ask him why he called me out.
I have to so we can round things up and I can go.
I cleared my voice then took my eyes up to look at him. Due to the fact that he was staring at me our eyes ran into each other’s and I felt my heart skip.
The worst is that he continued starring at me without blinking and for me to quit looking at him bec@m£ difficult.
Just like that, our eyes remained fixed for about 5 straight minutes until the waitress accompanied by two other waitress c@m£ in and served what was ordered.
“Go on” he urged me to start eating.
“Wait..CB..why do you ask to meet up with me?” I inquired.
“Because i have a very great proposal in which you won’t be able to reject” he answered.
“What is it? The proposal” I asked again.
“After we are done eating I’ll tell you, let’s eat” he said then begin eating slowly.
Proposal? I wonder what it is.