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intim-acy Episode 19 & 20

Episode 19
🍷intim-acy 🍷
👗[My v!rg!nGirlfriend] 👠
By: Blessing D writes.
Next day.
🍷Charlie’s POV 🍷
I sat down in the sitting room with the television turned on. I honestly don’t no how Mike is gonna solve this but I hope he clears this up one way or the other.
“Dad!!!” I heard Ria’s voice and looked up to see her at the entrance coming in with her nannies.
I haven’t set my eyes on her since yesterday.
“Baby?” I called standing up.
“Dad!” She called again and started running towards me while I waited for her to come closer.
She got really close and I picked her up and hvgged her to myself.
“Dad I really miss you” she said with her tiny voice.
“How are you doing?” I inquired.
“I’m good dad, I love my new mansion, it’s so big and lovely, I started counting the rooms but couldn’t finish counting them all, I’m gonna show my new mansion to all my [email protected] on my birthday” she hollered.
“I’m glad you like it honey” I coed and k!$$£d her forehead, then sat down placing her on my [email protected] As always she is with her teddy.
She goes everywhere with that teddy even to school. I wonder why she loves that doll a lot tho.
“Dad I’m so so happy right now, I was angry at you yesterday, I planned never to talk to you anymore but you’ve made me happy, so you’re forgiven and you no what??? You’re the best dad in the whole universe!!” She hollered again and hvgged me, wra-pping her tiny hands around my n£¢k, her hands could ba-rely even reach my n£¢k but I helped by hvgging her back.
“Thanks baby, you are the best daughter a father could also wish for, I promise to always make you happy, I will never leave or abandon you alright” I cooed and she dis£ngaged from the hvg and nodded her head.
“Alright, I wanna go take my birth now, will be attending a friend’s birthday too” she explained climbing down from my b©dy.
“Huh! A friend? What friend? I’ve never seen you with one before” I questioned.
“Don’t worry dad, he is also one of my [email protected], I heard he has a crush on me, that’s the only reason I’m attaching his birthday [email protected], I’ll go now” she replied and ran up leaving me staring at her.
A he? Crush? What does she no about that? I wondered and chuckled.
“Anyone!” I called out and one of the guards [email protected]£ to me.
“Find out who’s birthday [email protected] Ria is about attending and make sure she gets back safely” I instructed and he nodded and left.
Then…I took my attention back to the screen to see Mike alre-ady coming up the stage. Where he went to clear things up.
A lot of [email protected]£ras kept flashing. I bet hundreds of reporters are there taking pictures, they are there to know about what he is gonna say about the [email protected]£ incident, which I obviously did.
He cleared his voice and started.
“The video that was re-leased on the net yesterday about Charlie [email protected] and the fast rising model and foodie and chief winner Rosanna Scott. I am here to address what really happened in that video that night.”
“Yesterday, it’s showed Charlie [email protected] following the young model into her car and obviously forcing himself on her, at least that’s what most of you believed but I’m here to explain what really happened.”
“Yesterday Charlie and Rosanna went on a [email protected]£ but unfortunately Charlie got a bit drun!k, what he did wasn’t really forcing himself on her but they both did it willingly….”
“So you mean Charlie didn’t [email protected]£ Rosanna?” A reporter cut him in and asked.
“He didn’t, it was well agreed by them both or do you think it’s concidence that they both were alone together last night without guards or anyone? They obviously planned it that way but…”
“So you mean Charlie and Rosanna are [email protected]!ng? They are a thing?” Another cut him in.
“Yes, they are” Mike responded and more questions flew in.
I sighed and bent my head.
Is this what he is planning.
[email protected]!ng? Agreed?
I switched off the television and immediately stood up, then left for my room.
👠Tara’s POV 👠
“Geez, I can’t believe this, after forcing himself on you, they are tryna cover that fact up? Who do they think they are?” Matthew fled up just after the what CB’s manager said at the national conference room.
“I can’t believe this, he doesn’t wanna go to prison, they are all demons, how could they cover things up this way?” He kept ranting.
I took my eyes to stare at Rosa who hasn’t been speaking much. She has been really quite and only managed to come out from her room this morning.
She stood up from the couch without uttering a word still and left for her room.
“$h!t!” I heard Matthew mutter.
“I know what to do” I heard him say again and he vanished.
I took my eyes back to the television and they were alre-ady showing other things.
As long as you have money, you can do whatever you like.
I didn’t expect them to do this tho. They lied to the general public about the whole thing.
I rested my head on the couch properly to think on what to do when one of the doors fled open and Matthew stormed out headed for the main door.
“Matthew? Matthew? Where are you going?” I asked worriedly. He is acting strange.
What is he planning to do?
He got to the door, opened it but paused and didn’t step out.
“I’m here to see Rosanna” I heard that familiar voice and quic-kly got up.
I ran to the door to see Mike there.
He’s eyes shifted to mine and he re-leased a sigh.
“Tara, I’m here to see Rosanna, we have an important issue to discuss” he stated.
“No, you’re not seeing her, you all are gonna rot in jail, first for ra-ping my sister and second for denying you ever did” Matthew fumed but Mike maintained his expression as if Matthew didn’t just reply him, he was still expecting an answer from me.
“Well…her brother has alre-ady replied….”
“Yes I’m here, what do you want?” I couldn’t complete my s£ntence but got interrupted by Rosanna who appeared from behind and answered him.
Episode 20
🍷intim-acy 🍷
👗[My v!rg!nGirlfriend] 👠
By: Blessing D writes
(You really love her?)
👗Rosanna’s POV👗
“Are you gonna talk to him after all that?” Tara asked glaring at me.
“I will, come inside” I replied referring to Mike in that last s£ntence.
I walked to the dinning area and sat and he took a sit across facing me.
“So, what do you want?” I asked sternly.
“I just wanna discuss about the conference I had, I want you to do something for me” he said.
“What is that? You’ve alre-ady covered up everything by lying, what else do you need from me?” I questioned.
“I need you to agree to it, tell your fans, let them know that you are [email protected]!ngCB” he replied and I scoffed.
“For real? You want me to agree to your lies? Did you forget I’m the one that got [email protected]£d, really? You lied without even considering…”
“I considered you too, you can log in and take a look at the internet. People knowing that you weren’t [email protected]£d is better, it’ll save you from pittifull looks and all that, getting to know that you’re actually in a relationsh!pwith CB is better Rosanna, it’ll help delete those hurtful images, a lot of people will get to envy you, you’ll become wealthier just because of the news. I considered you too and that’s the very reason you need to agree to it, you might be called out for interviews, you just have to prove to them that you guys are [email protected]!ng.”
“I’ll also be re-leasing pictures of you two to the internet. I’m sorry this has to happen to you but this is the only way to clear things up. You can go back to your normal life in few days knowing that the looks on people’s face will different” he explained.
“So, you are not giving me a choice, are you? You planned everything yourself, me saying it’s a lie, will it even change anything? I’m sure you’ll still find a way to save your face.”
“I’m sorry Rosanna, I don’t want to do this but if you feel cheated then you can soft things out with Charlie, I’m just doing my job as his manager, he also isn’t aware of all this, I planned them myself because they are the only way to end all these quic-kly” he retorted.
“So I’ll be going now, plea-se think about it, think about yourself too, I’m sorry for what Charlie did, take care” he concluded got up and left.
“Are you gonna do it? This wealthy people are so irritating, he doesn’t wanna get punished for what he did? He wants to bury it all?” I heard Matthew ask and huff.
“Ros, are you gonna agree to it? It’s kind of [email protected] you no but I also think that’s the only way to save your face,It’s kind of better but he’ll have to go unpunished” Tara added and I sighed.
“I’ll be in my room, for now* I said to them both, got up and left for my room.
“Come on Tara, Charlie will go unpunished, it’s better he gets punished by the law and he’ll learn his lessons, the rumour and all these will die down with time, if you ask me I won’t agree with the m at all. The situation if favouring them too well. He’ll escape prison” I heard Matthew say to Tara as I got into my room.
I sat down on my be-d and buried my head in my palm.
I wish to just disappear to where no one knows me. I think that situation will be much better and easier than all these.
🍷Charlie’s POV 🍷
I heard a knock on the door of my room after some times.
“Come in” I hushed and the door opened revea-ling Mike.
“Mike?” I called and stood up on my feet.
“Why did you do that? It’s just like betraying her, she’ll hate me even more now for lying” I asked and said.
“Charlie that’s the only way. If you want to continue with your dreams,if you want your daughter Ria to have a bright future then it’s the only way. What do you think will happen when she wants to turn 5 and realizes you aren’t there for her but in prison, if it’s keeps going on am afraid the cops might come back, so Charlie I did you both a great favour” he cooed and sat down in one of the couches.
“What will she do then? Do you think she’ll agree to it?” I inquired.
“Well, you’ll have to keep trying to earn her forgiveness so she won’t misbehave one day, she doesn’t have a choice, she will agree to it” he replied and I proceeded to my be-d and sat on it.
“How is Mom and Dad? What are they saying about this?” I asked changing the t©pic.
“Well, your mom is gonna be coming over here, I forgot to inform you, she wants to make your favorite meal for you, expect her soon” he narrated and got up.
“I’ll get going now, I haven’t gone home since all these started.”
**Few hours later**
I stood behind mom in the kitchen as she cooked.
“Mom, so what do you suggest I do? I can’t let her keep staying mad at me” I inquired.
“You really want to earn her forgiveness?” She turned to me and asked.
“Yes” I cooed.
“You really love her?” She asked again.
“Of course mom, I really do, for me to become happy for you again then she’ll have to forgive me, since you’re a woman then you should no how she feels and no things that can make her forgive me” I said.
“Well, in that situation it’ll take time. It’ll take time for her to heal as a woman but if you keep apologizing sincerely, don’t try bribing her with money or anything since she’s the type of lady that is not crazy over material things, once you keep showing her how sincere you are, she’ll naturally forgive you. Do you think she has some kind of feelings for you?” She explained and asked.
“Um..that’s zero. She doesn’t, but why do you ask?” I answered and asked.
“It’s weird to no a lady that doesn’t like my handsome son, if she has some kind of feelings for you then I bet before next month she’ll forgive you once she sees that sincerity, only if she knows how sincere you are about her but since she doesn’t then it’s fine, it’ll take time tho just keep trying.”
What do you think?
Do you think Charlie’s mother is right about that?
And do you think Rosanna even has even the tiniest feeling for Charlie?
If yes, state your reasons. If no, do the same.

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