intim-acy Episode 17 & 18

Episode 17
🍷intim-acy 🍷
👗[My v!rg!nGirlfriend] 👠
By: Blessing D writes
(You won’t die on me)
👗Rosanna’s POV 👗
I let out a muffled gr0@nas I sat up on the hospital be-d hours after Tara had told me about Charlie wanting to see me.
How could he even dare show up? After what he did.
The ward door opened and Tara got in.
“Ros? You’re up?” She asked coming closer to me.
“Yes, get me discharged, I wanna get out of here” I mouthed and she sat down beside me on the be-d.
‘Why? You’re gonna be discharged tomorrow, not today” she inquired.
“I’m just tired of lying here, plea-se get me discharged, I wanna leave this hospital” I insisted.
“plea-se?” I cut her off and she stood up.
“I’m coming” she stated and left.
I sank my f!ngersinto my hair and bent my head.
I can’t still really believe this happened to me. I never thought I’ll be losing my vir-ginity like this, being f0rç£d on, by someone that is drun!k?
And the worst of all is that it’s CB.
How did this happen?
I’ll have to leave this hospital if I wanna get rid of this pains, in order to forget this, I’ll have to go on with my normal daily life. I’ll have to try and forget this ever happened quic-k.
The door opened and Tara c@m£ in.
“You’re good to go, I’ve sighed the necessary papers nee-ded to get you discharged” she said and I nodded and managed to drag my feet down the be-d.
Last night, the pains I felt were the worst but it was more painful because it happened to be him.
I stood up and changed into the dress Tara gave to me. Even walking is a little bit difficult but I’ll manage, I’ll have to get over it.
Tara followed me and we pas-sed throu-gh the backside of the hospital, Tara had made us pas-s there.
Then we got to the garage, got into the same car I was R@p£d in, funny.
And then left.
We got home few minutes later, as we were about to go into the ap@rtment we lived in, we heard a muscular voice.
Tara and I turned back and I saw my younger brother.
Huh! How come he is here?
“Matthew?” I called and watched as he walked up to me then he embr@ced me.
“I’m sorry for what happened Rosa, I didn’t believe my eyes when I saw the video, I didn’t believe it up until now” he said remosely and I turned to stare at Tara who has taken her face away.
“Tara? What video is he talking about?” I questioned curiously, suddenly getting scared.
🍷 Mike’s POV 🍷
When Charlie drove out speedily, I and few other guards got into another vehicle, a black van actually and followed after him.
He drove at a crazy speed and we were f0rç£d to follow.
Sometimes, he acts like a kid. He doesn’t think, he just act.
I’ve known him since, we actually schooled together, he never had friends up until now but I still stick by his side, one of the contracts his father made with me.
I’m not only his manager, if anything happens to him, I don’t think his father won’t spare my own family that’s the reason I’m always concerned about every little thing he does. I regret it,I shouldn’t have left him yesterday.
I should have followed him yesterday night, secretly. I should just have.
Now the unexpected has happened.
The worst is that the news is everywhere, the video.
Now,I’ll have to be even more protective of him because like I said before, he acts without thinking.
He kept driving at a very fast pace valuating traffic rules and signs, we had no option, we had to break those rules too in other to catch up with him.
He continued driving going to some unknown place, it started becoming dark and he was still driving.
At a point he reduced the speed of his movement and finally st©pped. He st©pped on t©p of a bridge then he c@m£ down.
We were quic-k to also come down.
There were much breeze which blew sand up, it’s as if rain is gonna be coming down anytime soon.
I walked up to him and st©pped, he was facing the ocean with his hands on the railings dividing the bridge from the ocean.
He didn’t bother turning to look at us but he knows we were behind him.
After a very terrifying silence, wondering what he was thinking, I decided to speak up.
“Charlie, you nee-d to get back, it’s gonna rain anytime soon” I told him.
He didn’t reply or make any movement, he just continued starring at the ocean as if there was something in there he was searching for but then after a while he spoke up.
“You guys should leave me, I wanna be alone” his voice c@m£ out husky.
🍷Charlie’s POV 🍷
“You guys should leave me, I wanna be alone” I hushed but as expected non of them moved.
“I said leave, I’m not asking you to leave me, I’m ordering you” I half yelled getting annoyed.
Why won’t they just let me be for once?
The guards stared at themselves and started moving back but Mike didn’t.
“Aren’t you listening to me? I want you to leave me” I gro-an ed.
“I’m afraid I can’t CB” he retorted looking elsewhere.
“Alright then, if you don’t leave, consider yourself fired, you won’t work as my manager again” I told him blurtly and he looked at me in surprise.
He wasn’t expecting it – obviously.
This is the very first time I’ve threatened to fire him too.
He hasitated for a while before he took a step back then the next until he was far from me.
I took my eyes back to the ocean.
Maybe I should just do it, once I’m dead I won’t be able to feel this pain again, yes I won’t, it’s better I just end everything here.
It was supposed to be peaceful and quite but Mike and those stupid guards followed me. I was supposed to think in peace but nevertheless I’ll do it. I don’t think I will be able to live with her hating me.
Yes, this is me getting revenge for her. I hope she forgives me when she hears of my death, I thought sadly, really depressed, frustrated and useless. Yes I felt useless.
If she doesn’t want me,why should I just continue living?
Lemme just st©p thinking and do it. The more I think about it, the more it’s hurts.
I held the railings of the bridge and re-leased myself into the ocean.
As I was falling, I felt someone gr-ab my hand.
“No, I won’t let you die Charlie. You won’t die on me” I heard Mike say.
Episode 18
👠Tara’s POV 👠
Hours ago.
“How could hide such things from me Tara? How on Earth could you hide such videos? Why didn’t you tell me?” Rosanna yelled tears spilling from her eyes.
“I’m sorry but how could I tell you such things? How could I be the bearer of such news Ros? I couldn’t bring myself to tell you” I replied calmly.
“How the hell did it get out? What in heaven’s name is all this?” She asked no one in p@rticular.
“I’m sorry Ros, I’m sorry this has to happen to you but I learnt that the video has been taken down from the net not too long ago” I responded.
“When everyone has seen it alre-ady, gosh I’m ruined. Will I ever be able to face the public? What did I ever do to deserve this ill fate?” She continued crying.
“Ros..calm do..”I tried consoling but she immediately turned and ran into the house.
Oh gosh! I knew this was gonna happen but I should have revealed it to her.
“Rosanna! Rosanna!!” I called and ran after her but she quic-kly got into her room and slammed the door close.
“I’m sorry this happened but I’m sure it isn’t gonna ruin your career for you? I’m sure they will un-derstand that you didn’t plan for all these to happen” I said softly but got replied by the sounds of her sob.
I turned back slowly and walked up to her junior brother – Matthew who was dragging in his luggage.
“Matt, plea-se talk to her for me, I didn’t want to make the situation worst, that’s why I had to keep everything from her” I told him and he nodded.
“I un-derstand, the real problem lies with that musician, that spoilt br@t couldn’t control himself,I’m gonna sue him to court for ra-ping her” he fumed and walked pas-s me.
Things are just getting worst.
Back to the pres£nt time.
🍷Mike’s POV 🍷
The guards ran and helped me in pu-lling Charlie out. As if I knew the exact thing he was planning.
The way he left was really scary. He c@m£ all the way here from his house to kill himself?
“What do you think you’re doing Charlie? Did you even consider Ria in all these? Did you consider the little motherless girl? You want her to grow up without a father or a mother by her side all by herself? You want her to grow up with the knowledge that she wasn’t loved or cared for? Did you even think of your aging parents? Your dad could give up all his wealth to make sure you don’t see the four walls of the prison.”
“Your mom might end up having a heart attack once she learns you committed sucide? What about your die ha-rd fans, huh!? Damn, what about me?”
“You’re really selfish, you don’t care about any other person expect you. I’ve been by your side for almost 17 years now yet you only consider yourfu-ck*ng self.”
“You know what? You can give up if you want to, I’m tired of your selfish acts alright. It’s time you grow up to a real man, you are still a mommy’s boy.”
“Damn I’m tired!!!!” I didn’t know when I yelled at him in anger.
It was really frustrating.
“And if you want me to quit, it’s okay. You can find a manager of your choice” I added and turned to leave in anger but his voice st©pped me.
“I’m sorry” I heard him mutter and I st©pped walking then turned to face.
“What did you just say?” I inquired for him to repeat it again. It’s rare to see him apologize, honestly.
“I said am sorry, I was being stupid. I didn’t really think about all those. I was in haste to end the pains I felt, I’m sorry for doing this, plea-se don’t tell Mom or Dad” his voice cracked up as if he was gonna cry anytime soon.
I exhaled and stared at the pathetic figure in front of me.
“It’s okay as long as you don’t try it again. Rosanna will surely forgive you even if it takes years, I’m sure she will, even if she doesn’t I’ll make sure of it. Right now I’ll start by clearing your name” I said more calmly this time and he nodded like an obe-dient dog.
Next day.
🍷Charlie’s POV 🍷
Yesterday’s event still repla-ys in my head. How I almost committed sucide.
Yes almost, because Mike was there to prevent it.
I really didn’t think like he said. I just felt like ending everything there.
I didn’t want to continue hurting as the pains are something I’ve never felt. Growing up was so easy for me.
I never had to ask for something twice before I got it. I was envied by a lot of kids, mostly the reason I had no friends.
I met Mike as I was about finishing high school. He was the only one by my side but I never really considered him friend.
I never knew what that was in the first place but yesterday I actually got to know that I have someone more than a manager, he is more like a friend to me. A friend I never had.
Thinking about it, it’s a bit selfish of me too.
I never thought about everything he mentioned.
Geez how could I have forgotten Ria. My baby.
I wouldn’t have forgiven myself even in hell if those things he said happens to her. Thank goodness he was able to st©p me and like he said, Rosa might end up forgiving me one day.
I just have to continue trying to earn her forgiveness. Yes I have to continue.
TBC Charlie
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