In between episode 19

Episode 19



She stared at her phone for a long time, her mind was made up she was going to make the call.
Whatever the outcome maybe she was re-ady for the consequences.

She breathed in de-eply as she began to call and after the second ring he picked up.
She swallowed ha-rd before replying.

“Hey…is me. How’re you doing? Is been a while…”

“You…who? Who am I speaking with plea-se? He said confused

“Is me Jane. Dan… you don’t have my number again?

“Oh Jane… how’re you and how’s little Becca?.

“We’re fine. So you don’t have my contact again… that’s unfair.
Jane said feeling bad

“Well Jane, you said I wasn’t your type and can never fit in, I decided not to bug you again. is obvious your type is the high clas-s and I can never measure in. You made that clear enough…”

“No Dan… I’m sorry about those words. I apologise. Can we see… maybe we can talk about it. That’s if you are free and re-ady…”

“I don’t know Jane…I don’t want to promise anything…”

“Or…is there a woman in your life… now? I mean… do you have a girlfriend..? Sorry for asking I just want to be sure in order not to disturb or cause problem between two of you. I hope you un-derstand?

“I will let you know by weekend if I can see you or not Jane. Your other question is not necessary but I do appreciate your call. Byee…”

He waited for Jane to end the call so that he does not appear rude by doing so.

Jane sighed as she walked into her room feeling dejected.

Maybe Dan is alre-ady d@t!ngsomeone. She wouldn’t blame him for doing so because he really tried to woo her
He called, s£nt messages, visited, bought gifts and when she was in nee-d of financial help Dan was there for her but due to she was blinded by the high clas-s that Veronica was living in and how Pete showered her with lots of money and many good things she wanted something more for herself.

She wanted a guy far richer and famous. A man who will take care of her nee-ds without troubles just like Pete.

Dan didn’t fit into the clas-s of men she wished for and it was jealousy and foolishness that made her drove a good man away.
Like the saying goes “all that glitters isn’t gold”
She realized late that indeed Dan was a gold and he tried severally to prove how much he cared for her and her daughter.

She used to envy Veronica and kept wishing for a man like Pete, thank God that God didn’t listen to her wishes and bring such a man to her path.
Looking at what Veronica is going throu-gh, is not something she will wish for her enemy.
Is saddening, unbelievable and scary too.

“Thank you God for overlooking my foolishness and jealous thoughts. I want to get it right this time, plea-se help me and guide my ways and deeds to be plea-sing unto you. Give Veronica wisdom on what to do concerning Pete. May no harm come upon her or her two children. Forgive my sins, plea-se Lord. They stare at me day and night… I’m not worthy of your mercy but thank you for showering me with your grace and teaching me throu-gh other people’s mistakes not to totally dwell on the earthly plea-sure but to focus on you for the big picture. Align my thoughts in your direction so that I may not sin against in what I do or say….in Jesus name. Amen…”

Jane can only hope that Dan will call her so that she can apologies to him in person and if is not too late they can go on a d@t£ and see how things unfold from there.


Veronica had a changed of mind just as she was about driving out of her compound with her kids to see Patricia

Jane could be right, going with the kids may expo-se them to further danger.
She can’t bear it if anything should happen to any of her two children.

One thing is certain and that is she won’t let go of this fight staring at her in the face.
Pete can’t threaten her and thinks she will crawl into hiding like a scared cat.

The hurt and reality of the whole thing haven’t settled in yet.
She was still struggling to come in term with the whole thing and at the meantime she can only belt up and fight back.
Pete or whatever is his name can’t get away with his atrocities.

Veronica brou-ght out her phone, she cli-cked on some of the pictures that Pete took with her and some with the kids.
She also cli-cked on the wedding picture and began to forward to Patricia.

After s£nding the pictures, she called the number just to make sure is reachable and immediately Patricia answered Veronica ended the call immediately without saying anything.

She was happy that the number was reachable and Patricia is with her phone which means the whole pictures will get to her.
She does not nee-d to say much or start typing long message, pictures are clear evidence. It will pas-s the message fas-ter and better.

All she nee-ds to do is to wait for a feedback.
She was anxious to know what was going on with Patricia after she might have seen the pictures.

She just nee-ds to wait until Patricia calls her.

The war Pete wanted has started and she hopes it won’t be bloody because she was re-ady to war on until her rightful settlement comes to her.

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