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Immortal episode 7 & 8

Immortals Episode 7
Written by Johnny Patel
(Nyla, Aurastine and Tamara return to the castle with Nathan)
Queen Hepthia: (confused) What’re you three doing back here? Shouldn’t you be on your way to the outside world?
Nyla: (pants) My queen, We were about leaving when we spotted King Dracula leaving Olympia with Philomena…. He’s awakened!
Queen Hepthia: (shocked) What?
Tamara: Its true my queen.
(Malinda enters the throne room just then)
Malinda: Mother what’s happening?
Queen Hepthia: Not now, Malinda…. No, no, This can’t be happening. I locked him up with chains and only a key which I possess, Could open it.
Alexandra: Looks like the powers Thanatos gave him are manifesting once more.
Queen Hepthia: I have to rush to the tomb.
Alexandra: We’ll all come with you.
(Queen Hepthia, Alexandra, Malinda, Nyla, Tamara Aurastine and Nathan go to King Dracula’s tomb)
Queen Hepthia: (she sees the coffin opened) No…
Alexandra: He’s gone. Philomena must’ve freed him.
Malinda: But why? Why would she do this?
(Alexandra sees a hand in the shadows)
Alexandra: (points) My queen, There’s someone there…
Queen Hepthia: (she looks to the shadows) Who’s there?!
(They get no response)
Alexandra: Hold on a minute….
(Alexandra drags the hand out of the shadows and they all see who it is – Its Alina’s dead body)
Alexandra: (shocked) Alina?
Malinda: (she rushes to Alina’s dead body and crouches over her) No, no, no, Alina…. This can’t be
Queen Hepthia: Philomena used Alina’s blood to awaken him. She has betrayed us.
Malinda: (visibly enraged) Philomena will pay for this!
Queen Hepthia: (she closes Alina’s eyes) May the gods watch over you as your soul rests in peace.
(King Dracula and Philomena cross the borders of Olympia)
Philomena: My King, Why did you insist on us coming here? You should’ve gotten your revenge on that bastard queen first before deciding to conquer the world.
King Dracula: I’ve been weakened for a very long time, The only way I can fully regain my powers is if I find the dagger given to me by Thanatos when he made me reborn.
Philomena: You mean the dagger with a ruby embedded at it’s hilt?
King Dracula: Precisely.
Philomena: I know where it is. And I’ll take you there.
King Dracula: Philomena, What changed you? You weren’t always like this.
Philomena: Over the years, I realized Queen Hepthia was wrong to keep us seperated form the outside world. She restricted us all and for that, I hated her. I only endured her idiocy all these while so I could wait for the perfect moment to free you…. my King
King Dracula: I’ll prefer if you just called me “Dracula”
Philomena: No problem….
Dracula: But the name is only temporary for when I conquer the world, I shall be called the Supreme Overlord.
(In Olympia)
(At the castle)
Queen Hepthia: (To Nyla, Tamara and Aurastine) The three of you have another mission. You will find Dracula and bring him back to Olympia no matter what.
(Two Olympians enter the throne room holding three armor, three swords and three pairs of boots)
Queen Hepthia: These apparels and weapons have been blessed by the gods. The armors gives it’s wearer invincibility, The sword are very powerful and can cut through the hardest substance and the boots gifts it’s wearer speed and agility.
(Nyla, Tamara and Aurastine take the armor, sword and boots )
Queen Hepthia: Wear them once you venture into the outside world. It’ll aid you greatly in your mission to defeat Dracula.
Nyla, Tamara and Aurastine: Yes my queen.
Queen Hepthia: May the gods protect you.
(They leave the castle)
Malinda: Mom, I can go with them, I can help them to capture my father and….
Queen Hepthia: Malinda, How many times will I tell you this…. I will never allow you venture into the outside world and do not ever speak of this again!
Malinda: That’s what I thought.
(She leaves the throne room)
Alexandra: Take it easy on her my queen.
Queen Hepthia: (sighs) I don’t know why all these is happening…. Alina’s death, Dracula’s escape, Philomena’s betrayal, Malinda’s eagerness to go the outside world…..I don’t even know what to do anymore.
Alexandra: Things will get better someday… I hope
(Malinda rushes to her room, She grabs her pouch and a cloak then sneaks out of the castle)
(That night)
(Nathan, Nyla and the other Olympian female warriors reach a river)
Nathan: Where are we?
Nyla: We’ve reached the Nahil River which separates the outside world from Olympia.
Nathan: How will we cross it?
Nyla: Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered.
(An Olympian brings them a boat)
Nathan: (he enters the boat) What’re you waiting for? Come in. The sooner I get back, The better.
(Just then, Tamara goes unconscious just as a large rock hits her in the back of the head)
Nyla: (turns around) What was that?
Nathan: I don’t know.
Aurastine: (grunts) Uh!
(Aurastine falls to the ground just as someone breaks her spine)
Nyla: (confused ) What happening? (she looks at Nathan) What’re you up to?
Nathan: (puts his hands up) Nothing. As you can see, I’m not doing anything. I’m over here and you’re over there.
Nyla: (she takes out her sword from it’s sheath and looks around defensively) Who’s there? Show yourself!
(Just then, Someone puts Nyla in a headlock. She quickly headbutts the person and turns around to see who it is – it’s Malinda)
Nyla: Princess? Why’re you doing this?
Malinda: Would you believe…. I’m having a bad day
(Malinda rushes to Nyla and sweeps her off her feet, She quickly collects her sword and uses it’s hilt to knock her out)
Nathan: Whoa…
Malinda: Good to see you too.
(Malinda carries Nyla, Tamara and Aurastine’s unconscious bodies and hides them in a bush then takes out sleeping daffodils from her pouch and places it beside them)
Nathan: Are those plants poisonous?
Malinda: Not at all. These are sleeping daffodils. It won’t kill them, It’s just meant to put them to sleep for a very very long time.
Nathan: I thought your mother didn’t want you out of the castle.
Malinda: Like I told you, I make my own decisions.
(Malinda enters the boat and starts it)
Malinda: Look like I’ll be the one taking you back to the outside world…..
Immortals Episode 8
Written by Johnny Patel
(On the boat)
Nathan: You know, You’re really fearless. Going against your mother’s wishes.
Malinda: Enough of that. Right now, We have something more important to worry about…..We have to prevent my dad from waging a war on the entire universe.
Nathan: Yeah. By the way, How will you be able to identify your father if you see him?
Malinda: Well… He’s a vampire, That’s a very noticeable hint.
Nathan: Oh yeah, Good thinking. Wait, wait, wait…
Malinda: What’s the matter?
Nathan: What about the weapons that’ll allow you to defeat him?
Malinda: (she looks around in realization) Oh no, I forgot about that, They must still be with Nyla, Aurastine and Tamara.
Nathan: So how’re you gonna…
(Before he completes his sentence, Malinda jumps into the river and swiftly swims back to the riverbank, She comes out of the water and goes to the bush where she hid Nyla, Tamara and Aurastine. She then takes an armor, a sword and a pair of boots)
Nathan: (he drives the boat back to the riverbank) What the hell….You could’ve just turned the boat around.
Malinda: I didn’t see a need for that and besides, I’ve gotten what I need. Let’s go.
(She enters the boat and they take off once more)
Nathan: I’m sorry about the death of your friend.
Malinda: (sniffles) Alina was more than a friend to me, She was a sister. She was always there for me when I needed her. (sighs) Once I get you back, I’ll find my father and Philomena and I’ll make sure they pay for what they’ve done.
Nathan: You know what? I’m going to help you in your mission.
Malinda: (smiles) Nice idea. We make a good teamup.
(Malinda puts on the armor and boots then she uses her cloak to cover herself)
(Philomena takes Dracula to a warehouse)
Philomena: The dagger is hidden somewhere in this warehouse, The people of the outside world thought of it as a relic and kept it here.
Dracula: You’re sure about this?
Philomena: Yes. I usually sneak into the outside world, I know most of what happens here. But no one in Olympia ever knew.
Dracula: (smirks) That’s surreptitious. Who would’ve thought you would’ve been the one to free me?
Philomena: The key is to be very subtle, So no one can predict your next actions.
Dracula: I like how you think… You see, When I become the Supreme Overlord, I’ll need someone to be by my side, A queen. (He glares at Philomena) Someone cunning, calculating, understandable….
(Dracula pecks Philomena on the cheek)
Philomena: And what about your wife, Queen Hepthia?
Dracula: She doesn’t matter to me anymore, None of my family do.
Philomena: Even your daughter, Malinda?
Dracula: Like I said, None of them do. When I regain my powers, One of the first things I’ll do is to reduce Olympia to dust! (he looks around the warehouse) Now let’s find that dagger.
(Malinda and Nathan cross the borders of Olympia)
Nathan: We’re here. Welcome to America.
Malinda: (glances around) Wow. It’s beautiful! It’s even better than I imagined.
Nathan: Come on, Let me take you to my favorite bar. We should enjoy ourselves before going into battle.
Malinda: If you say so.
(At the bar)
Nathan: This is it. Brigg’s bar.
Malinda: What’s a bar?
Nathan: Well, It’s just a place where people come to drink and have fun. (To the bartender) Two bottles of soda.
Bartender: That’ll be $4
(Nathan pays him and collects the soda)
Nathan: (he hands her a soda bottle)
Malinda: What’s a soda?
Nathan: You ask too many questions, sweetheart. Just drink!
Malinda: (she opens it and sips) Tastes….good
Nathan: Yeah, Look around…You see people drinking and dancing, This place is for refreshments.
(While Malinda looks around, Nathan takes out a sleeping pill from his satchel and drops it in Malinda’s drink)
Malinda: (she turns back to look at Nathan) Wow, We don’t have bars in Olympia.
Nathan: Stop talking and finish your soda.
Malinda: Do you think I’m stupid? You wanted me to look around so you could drop a pill in my soda… You wanted to drug me
Nathan: What?
Malinda: Don’t even try to deny it, It’ll only make you look dumb. I trusted you and you tried to drug me? That was pretty low, I hope you’re proud of yourself.
(Malinda angrily leaves the bar and Nathan follows her)
Nathan: Malinda wait, I can explain…
(Malinda enters an alley and Nathan follows her )
Malinda: Explain what? You tried to get me unconscious, So you could have your way with me?
Nathan: Malinda, It’s not that…
(Nathan notices two thugs approaching them)
Nathan: Oh shit…
Malinda: Oh yes! I knew exactly what you wanted to do and do not use that “Oh shit” around me!
(Just then, They are surrounded by three more thugs)
Thug 1: Good evening folks, Sorry to bother you but we’re collecting stupidity fines. (To Nathan) Bringing a date into a neighborhood this dangerous and this late? That’s fucking stupid.
Malinda: (confused, To Nathan) Are they robbing us?
Nathan: Yes, Apparently. (To the thugs) Umm, It seems like I have about $100 in my wallet. (He takes out his wallet and hands it to them) Here, Use it to buy yourselves some ice cream coupons or something.
Malinda: (she collects the wallet from Nathan) Give them nothing.
Thug 1: (he takes out a gun and points it at them) Hand over the wallet. Now!
Malinda: (to the thug) No, We’re gonna hold on to it. But there is something I want from you…. I want an apology for hassling us.
Thug 1: You must be damn crazy (he cocks his gun) I’m not gonna say it again, Hand over the wallet.
Nathan: (he whispers to Malinda) Malinda, Let’s just give him the wallet to avoid any harm. He has a gun and someone could get hurt.
Malinda: (smirks) Maybe I want someone to get hurt…
(The thug furiously shoots at her but she deflects the bullet with her shield)
Thug 1: What the hell….
(He starts shooting continuously at her and Malinda keeps on deflecting the bullets and the bullets hit his fellow goons. Malinda then walks to him and twists his arm then lifts him up from the ground by the throat)
Malinda: Well….
Thug 1: (choking ) I’m sorry
Malinda: (smiles) Apology accepted.
(She drops him back on the ground and he runs off, leaving behind his phone)
Malinda: (she stares at his phone) What is that?
Nathan: A mobile phone. (he takes the phone) And he has a message, It’s from one of his accomplices.
Malinda: Read it out loud.
Nathan: It says…. (reads) “Boss, You won’t believe this. While we were robbing Chen’s warehouse, We spotted a vampire and a woman carrying a spear…. You need to head over here, Quickly” (To Malinda) Looks like we’ve found your father.
To be Continued


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