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February 25, 2021


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I’m longing to be his episode 9

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Mirabel’s POV

It’s been a week since I heard am marrying Westley. I felt a little bit of sadness and happiness at the same time. I’m marrying a cold man. I don’t know if we would ever have a future together. I had made my research on him from the internet, I discovered he was ruthless.

I am scared of him. I heard door opening maybe mum is back. I went downstairs to check if she was really the one. Oh thank goodness she is the one.

“mum, your back, welcome” I said hugging her

“yes dear, how are you” she said

“I’m good” I replied with smiles

I got my mum a glass of water and sat beside her. I need to tell her how I feel about this marriage thing.

“uhm, mum” I said feeling tensed

“yes, what’s it dear?” she asked pulling my hair behind my ears.

“its about this marriage, I had made some research about Westley. Mum he isn’t a good person, he is heartless, he is a playboy. Mum he is going to cheat on me, he hurts women. Mum I’m scared” I said breaking down into tears.

“Listen to me dear, I know that you are scared of getting married. You only heard that from the internet, the truth is that you can change him, you should mould your husband the way you want him, the way it seems best for you. I did that with your dad, he was a playboy then, rude and arrogant jerk but ever since I got married to him he has never cheated onbme neither did he make me cry anyday, its so sad he’s gone now. You will have a happy home. I know you have a large heart. I know you will change him”She said wiping my tears away while encouraging me.

So I can change that rude guy? I thought

“I’ll give it a try Mum” I said with hope

“good, we have discussed the wedding date. Its on Saturday” My mum said

“what! You mean the day after tomorrow?” I said with eyes wide open.

“yes dear, we don’t have to waste time” She said smiling.

“your wedding stuff would be delivered here by tomorrow” she added

“Ok” I said. I can’t really believe this.

“I need to rest now” my mum said as she went to her room.

Oh my God, I dont even no what to expect in this marriage. I need to tell my friends about the wedding on Saturday. I picked up my phone and sent them an invitation message. After that I retired to my room to rest.


Mirabel will buh kee me😂😂😂




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